Only With You

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K/B/K. Set in AU. Kaoru's dad remarries and she comes to meet his new family. She meets her step-cousin Kenshin and accidentally sees him naked! Chaos ensues and she thinks he's the most annoying person she's ever met but as she gets to know him, she realizes there is more to him than meets the eye.

Warning: This is AU so there might be some OOC-ness. Their ages are different too.

Kenshin: He's 19 going on 20

Kaoru: 16 going on 17

Chapter One:

Kaoru tried to straighten out her hair, which had refused to be controlled by the mountain of gel she had dumped on it earlier this morning. She'd even used an amount of spray net that was even now, probably causing a new hole up in the ozone layer, for good measure. Alas, Kaoru Kamiya's hair had never been obedient and after almost seventeen odd years of dealing with it, she was already used to the mess it made on her head.

She caught her reflection on the window of the cab she had ridden in, and grimaced.

Her hair was cut short and layered in her mistaken fascination with the gamine/boyish look.

Unfortunately, the cut worked well for people with straight or obedient hair, Kaoru's hair was in a league all it's own.

Definitely, cutting it so short was a mistake.

At least long, she could have put it up in a ponytail somehow.

"Here you go Miss," the cab driver said, handing Kaoru the luggage he'd fetched for her from the trunk.

Kaoru smiled and thanked him, handing him the cab fare and a little extra tip.

She watched the cab drive off before finally looking at the beach house. All she could see from here was a large black gate with trees peaking out from above the gate. Most of the houses in this area were oriented towards the beaches. Placed more to take in the landscape, facing the view and beaches, instead of the streets, thus very few house owners bothered with more than a gate to keep their property private.

She took out her cellphone and searched for the number her father had given her to open the gate. There was an electronic keypad situated at the side and she punched in the number. The gate swung open and she and her rather battered duffel bag marched inside.


Kaoru smiled and rose on her toes to kiss her father's cheek. He was a handsome man, fit and physically active. His dark black hair was graying attractively at the temples and there were faint lines at the corner of his eyes when he smiled but aside from that, his age didn't really show. "Hi dad."

"I wasn't expecting you until next week! Your mom called and told me about your car. How'd you get here?"

"That's what cab's are for," Kaoru said grinning at her father as she looked around the house.

This was the first time she'd been here.

The house belonged to her father's new wife of six months, Hitomi. "This is a nice house daddy."

He smiled, "It is isn't it? I knew you'd like it here," and then he frowned, "But don't you take a cab alone again, okay? It's too dangerous."

Kaoru smiled and nodded, already used to her father's over protective tendencies. He really was a nice man and Kaoru's mother Ayaname was also a wonderful woman. It was just too bad that they couldn't be wonderful together. "Yes daddy."

Koshijiro Kamiya saw the amused look in his daughter's eyes and sighed. He knew she'd end up doing what she wanted anyway, regardless of his warning. She was a headstrong girl with a strong spirit. She was brave too but thank god she wasn't into taking undo risks or else he would have died of a heart-attack long ago. "Just next time try and find a friend who could go with you. Or carry a pepper spray or something."

"Next time…but by then my car will be out of the garage so…"

Koshijiro sighed and took his daughter's bag from her, "This duffel's all you've brought?"

"Uh-huh," Kaoru said following him past the entryway, the living room and up the stairs. "I didn't want to over pack and it's the beach, so all I really need are T-shirts and shorts. I'm not planning on attending any parties anyway." She wanted to relax this whole summer and unwind. "Not that I know anyone here…"

"Okay." her father said stopping at a door and opening it. "This is your room."

Kaoru stepped inside and gasped, "Wow…" she murmured as she took in the room.

The structure of the room was very basic and it had clean lines that were elegant in its simplicity. The lighting in the room was good too, very nice for painting and Kaoru could just imagine how spectacular the sunset would look like viewed from here.

She turned to her father, "Oh wow…"

He smiled. "I knew you'd like it. I also had someone buy an easel for you if you wanted to paint and there's also air-conditioning if you feel warm," he said pointing to the very obvious contraption.

Kaoru smiled at him and nodded, still taking in the room's furnishings. There was a large bed made from wood with intricate carving of roses and vines, it was a four poster and there were white gossamer fabrics floating from the top to the floor, making it look like some sort of enchanted bed. Aside from that there was a couch, a divan, a bookshelf lined with books.

One wall was made entirely of glass that slid open and led to a balcony that overlooked the ocean.

She went out to the balcony, taking in the view and the sitting arrangement of wrought iron chairs, painted white with removable cushions, positioned around a wrought iron table with a glass top. There was a white vase with a spray of lilacs, some fat white candles and a few seashells arranged on the glass-top.

Someone had gone into a lot of trouble.

"This is nice," Kaoru said, picking up a shell.

"Hitomi wanted you to feel welcome. She's been nervous all week about your arrival."

"Where is Hitomi anyway Dad?" Kaoru asked. Aside from the wedding, Kaoru hadn't really had a chance to speak to and get to know Hitomi very well. But the woman seemed nice and Kaoru's mom liked her a lot.

"She's out with Sakura on the beach."

"Sakura? Who's she?"

"Sakura's her daughter Kaoru. Didn't I tell you about her?" Koshijiro asked.

"Not that I recall, no." Kaoru said surprised that Hitomi had a daughter as well. "How old is she?"

"She's eight years old…and Kaoru I have to tell you, Sakura is a special girl..."

Kaoru smiled at him and nodded, "I'm sure we'll get along well dad, don't worry," she assured him. "You know how I love kids."

"It's not just that…it's…"

Kaoru spotted two figures coming in from the beach. She squinted her eyes to focus leaning over the railing of the balcony to get a better look and pointed, "Is that them dad?" she asked.

"Yes…that's them," Koshijiro confirmed.

"Let's go meet them," Kaoru said smiling and starting for the door. She turned to her father who hesitated as if wanting to tell her something but then apparently changed his mind and nodded. "All right, let's go."

A sloping, beautifully landscaped lawn stretched out the two-hundred-yard distance from the beach to the house where it ended in a broad limestone terrace with three levels. Umbrella tables, chaise lounges and white wrought-iron chairs with bright blue cushions with seashells and other marine creatures as it's motif were invitingly arranged on each level. Koshijiro and Kaoru both waited for the two to reach them at the second level.

Hitomi finally noticed them. "Kaoru, you've arrived!" she said. "It's so nice to see you!"

Kaoru smiled and walked forward, down another level to meet Hitomi. "Hi Hitomi, I hope you don't mind my arriving early…" Kaoru said a little shyly. She didn't know Hitomi that well at all yet but by all accounts she expected them to become very close.

"Of course I don't mind! Not at all!"

Kaoru smiled and turned to Sakura. Half the girl's face was covered with her inky black curls. "Hi, I'm Kaoru, it's nice to meet you…" she said thrusting out an arm.

To her chagrin, Sakura sort of positioned herself behind Hitomi and hid her face behind her mother's back.

Kaoru blinked and her blue eyes sought out Hitomi's in confusion.

Hitomi had to coax Sakura out from behind her, "It's okay love this is Kaoru…"

Kaoru turned to her father who had walked towards them and had put an arm around her reassuringly. "Sakura," Koshijiro began, "it's only Kaoru. Remember how I told you about the new sister that you have?"

Kaoru turned to Sakura who was peeking shyly at her from behind her mother.

Kaoru flashed the girl her brightest, friendliest smile she could muster. "Hi, there…" she hedged with an encouraging grin, "I'm Kaoru, what's your name?"


"I see you came from the beach. Did you have fun?"

A small nod was all the response she got.

Kaoru didn't stop trying, "What did you do out there?" she asked and then noticed the bucket pilled with an assortment of seashells. "Oh wow, did you collect those?" she asked squatting down to inspect them.

Sakura finally moved from behind Hitomi and she reached down and took a seashell from the top of the pile and handed it to Kaoru.

Kaoru took it, smiling with genuine gratitude. "Thanks…these are pretty aren't they?"

Hitomi wanted to cry as she watched her daughter interact with Kaoru and she and Koshijiro retreated to a distance to talk.

In her room, Kaoru unpacked and when she finished, stood back to look at her clothes in the walk in closet. The closet was large and the few clothes she'd brought took pathetically little space. Just one drawer for her underwear and swimwear and another one for her shorts and shirts and the few jeans she's brought. There was also a full-length mirror in the closet and she stopped to look at herself and finally noticed that a few locks of her hair were sticking up in frizzy strands despite her best efforts. She sighed and decided to take a quick shower to wash the gel and spray from her hair. They weren't working anyway.

She walked out of the closet and into the bathroom door and let out a shriek when she caught a glimpse of a naked male body amidst the steam blanketing and thankfully, obscuring the bathroom when she opened the door. She slammed it shut once more and rested her back on the door breathing heavily.

This could not be happening.

It was probably all a mistake.

Some sort of hallucination brought on by being in the beach…

She hesitantly opened the bathroom door again only to face angry violet eyes. "Do you mind?" the guy asked while in the process of wiping the steam off of the mirror. Thankfully there was a towel riding low on his lips and he was significantly more covered than when she'd first seen him. She gaped at him, "Who are you…?"

"I'm Kenshin and I'm guessing you're Kaoru, my aunt's new step-daughter…right?"

Kaoru continued to gape at him disbelieving that this was all actually happening to her. She was traumatized for sure!

Kenshin's hand closed on her shoulder as he steered her backwards into her room, "We're going to be sharing this bathroom so next time, if you don't mind…knock, okay?"

The door slammed shut in her face.

Kaoru blinked and then something occurred to her and she knocked.

"What?" he looked exasperated.

She glared at him, "Next time learn to lock the door."

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