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A/N-This was originally from Hogwarts Staff, After Midnight. I've split it up into a one shot ficlet. I hope you like it!!

McGonagall, After Midnight


Two cats sat, face-to-face with one another, by a suit of armor. One cat was a scruffy gray color, with evil eyes. The other was a tabby with square markings around her eyes. To the passer by, it would almost seem as though these two cats were having a conversation. And that they were…

"Men are absolutely brainless!" the tabby exclaimed. "Wouldn't you agree, Mrs. Norris?"

"Yes, Minerva, but we only think them brainless because our men have not noticed our affection for them," Mrs. Norris replied.

"Yes, I meant to ask you, how are you and Crookshanks?"

"What do you mean, me and Crookshanks? There is no 'me and Crookshanks.' I wish there was a 'me and Crookshanks', but no."

"But surely he's talked with you?"


McGonagall licked her paw, disdainfully.

"So," Mrs. Norris began, "how are you and Dumbledore?"

"About the same as you and Crookshanks," McGonagall sighed.

Suddenly, a bow-legged, ginger cat walked by.

"Hello, Ladies," the ginger cat said.

"Hello, Crookshanks," Mrs. Norris swooned.

Crookshanks walked on by without a response. Mrs. Norris looked heartbroken.

"Jerk," McGonagall said.

Mrs. Norris sighed.