Chapter 1-Saturday

It was going to be a beautifully sunny winter's day in stars hollow. It was only nine o'clock and already the sound of melting snow dripping off the house could be heard. Lorelai rolled over in bed and reached for Luke. Nothing. She opened her eyes and looked around. Then she remembered that he had gone to work that morning. Pulling her self out from under the warm blankets she pulled on a sweater and headed downstairs to make some coffee. When she got to the kitchen she found that coffee was already made and a little note from Luke that said "See you at breakfast" She poured her coffee and grabbed the paper and sat at the kitchen table to read it. Today was going to be a wonderful day. She hadn't had a whole day off in over two weeks and now she had the next two days off. She didn't even have to go to last night's Friday Night Dinner because her mother had called her and told her that something had come up, and that they wouldn't be home. So she had spent the evening with Luke instead.

After finishing the paper she picked up the phone and called Rory.


"Hello this is Lorelai…your mother…the person who raised you and fed you…remember?…. I have dark hair, blue eyes….

"Mom, I told you I was coming home this weekend. I just have to get a couple things here sorted out then I'm on my way."

"A likely story. Ooh you do remember that it's the Stars Hollow Pre-Christmas Party tonight, right?"

"Yes I remembered. So why are we having a pre-Christmas party again?" Rory asked.

"Because Taylor thought that Jackson could use the practice." Lorelai explained.

"Poor guy." Said Rory. 'Knock' 'Knock' "Someone's at the door, I'll see you tonight."

"If I'm not home call my cell, I'm going to be doing some running around today." Said Lorelai.

"OK, love you."

"Love you too." Said Lorelai hanging up the phone.

Lorelai's Jeep was acting up again, so she decided to walk to Luke's for breakfast.


Lorelai entered the diner. All the tables were taken so she sat herself on a stool at the counter. Luke came out of the kitchen with a couple plates and smiled when he saw her. "Hey, I'll be right back." He said before taking the plates to the respective customers. On his way back up to the counter he gave Lorelai a quick kiss then asked, "Coffee?"

Lorelai smiled, "Do you have to ask?"

"Well I'm hoping one day you'll surprise me and say, 'No Luke, but do you have any orange juice?"

Lorelai giggled, "You're a dreamer." Luke went behind the counter and poured her a coffee.

Lorelai finished eating her breakfast and waited for Luke to return to the counter. He came back and removed her plate and asked, "So what are you up to today?"

"Well I am going to go home, have a bath, do a little Christmas shopping, a little junk food shopping, and then wait for you to come over so we can go to the Christmas party." She looked at him with puppy dog eyes.


"Come on Luke, you don't have to dress up or anything, this is just like a rehearsal. You just have to come and eat and maybe smile, but I'll do all the socializing for you."

Luke looked at her with exasperation, "Why do you insist on dragging me to all these crazy-town meltdowns, when you know how I feel about them?"

"What can I say, I like to show you off." She flashed him her best smile, and inwardly reveled as she watched him slowly cave.

"Fine, but I'm not helping with the decorations, and I'm not joining in any group Christmas carols, or holding hands and dancing around the tree with anyone." He sighed.

"Not even with me?" she asked teasing him. "Not even one lap? Or what if we don't dance around the tree, like maybe just off to the side and dance in a circle or something?"

Luke put both hands on the counter and stared at her, "You should really quit when you're ahead."

Lorelai smiled and picked up her purse, "See you at five?"

Luke nodded and leaned over and gave her a kiss. "Good-bye crazy lady."

"Bye Luke." And then she left.


The weather was cool but mild as she walked home. She stopped at the post office and sent off her Christmas cards, then stopped at the bakery and bought herself a cinnamon bun. She was humming jingle bells as she entered the house, kicked off her boots and hung up her coat. She decided to microwave her cinnamon bun, but as she headed to kitchen she suddenly noticed someone sitting at her table.

"Oh my God!" she jumped, nearly dropping her cinnamon bun. "Mom?"

"I didn't mean to startle you Lorelai." Said Emily.

"Why are…How did you…What are you doing here?" Lorelai stuttered confused.

"You weren't home so I used the emergency key from outside." Emily explained. "I can't just come visit my only daughter in the holiday season?" she asked innocently.

"I didn't even see your car outside." Lorelai said walking to the cupboard and grabbing a plate for her bun and putting it in the microwave.

"I brought a taxi." Emily said simply.

"Oh, I'd give you a ride home later, but the Jeep is acting up, so until Luke gets a chance to fix it…" Lorelai kind of trailed off as she looked at her mother who was now looking at the floor, and looked as if she might burst into tears. "Mom?"

"Your father has kicked me out." She said lifting her head to try and gauge Lorelai's reaction.

"What? W-Why? What happened?" Lorelai asked sitting down across the table from her mother.

"He found about that date I had with Simon Mclaine." Emily looked back down at her hands, which were folded on her lap. "I tried to tell him that I had made a mistake, that nothing happened, and that it didn't mean anything, but…" Emily looked up at Lorelai. "He was so angry Lorelai. I've never seen him that angry. And hurt."

"Oh mom." Lorelai didn't know what to say. She wasn't used to dealing with her mother when she was like this, all vulnerable and stuff. "Just give him time to cool off, and then talk to him again. I know you can fix this."

"I don't think so Lorelai. We fought all night, which is why your dinner was cancelled, and this morning I woke up and he was waiting downstairs to tell me there was a taxi coming, and that he's send my belongings once I let him know where I was staying."

Lorelai stared at her mother for a moment in shock. She couldn't think of what to say, so she got up grabbed her cinnamon bun and another plate and went back to the table. She ripped the bun in half and put half on a plate for her mother.

Emily looked at her exasperated, "I don't need food Lorelai, I need advice." She pushed the plate back towards Lorelai.

"Well mom, I'm all out of advice right now, so the bun will have to do." She responded pushing the plate back to Emily. They both quietly started picking at their food. Then suddenly a strange panic came over Lorelai as she glanced at her mother. "So why didn't you go back to the hotel?"

"Your father has cut me off from all of our bank accounts. I only have a very limited amount of cash." Emily watched the color drain out of Lorelai's face, and decided that she might as well lay it all out on the table. "Lorelai, I'm going to need to stay here for a while, just until I can figure some things out."

Shoot me.