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Chapter 1

Naruto watched the sun disappear. It burned with a luxerious light as it slowly vanished behind the majestic mountains. It gave him a warm feeling just by watching it glow divinely. He was now seventeen years old, his golden hair wild and untamed. His eyes that matched the sky sparkled beautifully. He was tall and slim with a healthy bronze colour touching his skin.

After all these years that had passed, he had slightly matured, but was still energetic, lively and hyper. The only change was that he was more serious about his life and those around him. He trained hard and studied frequently. As he stared at the heavenly sky, he pondered on how his life had developed.

Sasuke had been released from Orochimaru's grasp. He had recovered immensely. He was still quite cold, but the ice around his heart had melted drastically. Sasuke even acknowledged Naruto's strength and payed more attention to Sakura. That was rather strange to adapt to, but Naruto appreciated him very much. His thoughts dwelt on revenge from time to time, but he was convinced that it was the wrong path to take and would lead him to nothing but emptiness.

Sakura had bloomed. She had become even more beautiful and had evolved into a formidable ninja. He still had a big crush on her and they had become good friends. Actually, he had grown more fond of her. Maybe it was even love he felt for her.

And as for Kakashi? He had not changed in the slightest, still calm and relaxed. His appearance had not altered at all (or that is how it seemed) and he was still shrouded in mystery. Kakashi experienced a tough time after Naruto and Sakura had decided to walk different and individual pathes. His thoughts were plagued by guilt. He believed that his abilities as a teacher had faltered.

When Naruto returned after three years, he apologized to Naruto and Sakura for not focusing on them when they were younger. After that, they all struggled to save Sasuke from Orochimaru's clutches. In the end, they managed. They are uncertain of Akatsuki's whereabouts now, but are always on the look out. Orochimaru is still lurking in the darkness somewhere too.

He and the rest of his team had passed the chuunin exam with wonderful results. Everything was positive, except for one thing. He yearned for Sakura's love. He wanted her. He needed her. She meant so much to him. He would do anything to have her. But how would he act? At that moment, he devised a plan.

One peaceful day in the village, Naruto had arranged to meet Shikamaru. The boy had become a jounin already, for his intelligence and exceptional strategies never ceased to fail, even during the most dangerous hours. Naruto waited patiently for his friend to arrive. He was used to waiting after being under the supervision of Kakashi for so long. As the sun bathed Naruto with its sublime light, he merely noticed Shikamaru approach him boredly.

"Hey, Shikamaruuuuu!" He greeted, lively. He smiled brightly as Shikamaru stopped discreetly infront of him.

"Yo, Naruto." He answered back, cooly. He returned the smile. "You're as lively as ever." He commented, warmly. Naruto giggled boyishly.

"How are your missions?" Naruto asked. They walked along the glistening river as it reflected the mighty sun.

"Ah, they are quite troublesome." He muttered unenthusiastically. Naruto laughed again.

'Just like him.' Naruto thought as he ruffled his golden locks.

"Naruto.. Was there something important you wanted to talk about?" He asked, more seriously. He stopped and stared at the flowing water. It sparkled like a thousand diamonds. Naruto followed suit and stared at his earthy eyes.

"Actually, there is." He answered, clearly.

"Let's go to my favorite spot." Shikamaru suggested. He lead Naruto to a lush field, where the emerald grass was kissed lovingly by the wind. That is why it was so tender. Shikamaru lay down and let out a huge yawn. Naruto gave him a baffled look before lying down as well. The grass welcomed his back. It felt nice underneath him.

"This is where I like to relax and just do nothing, except watch the clouds." He stated, in his usual tone. Naruto nodded, for he knew exactly what he was talking about.

"It sure is nice here." He commented, excited. He grinned happily and stared at the sapphire sky.

"What was it you wanted to ask me?" Shikamaru asked, calmly. His coal-black locks were fluttering in the wind. Naruto brought his attention to his comrade.

"Actually, I need some advice on girls." He told him, lowly. Shikamaru's face became twisted with bewilderness and shock.

'Did he just ask what I think he just asked?'

He sat up hurriedly. Shikamaru was extremely surprised that Naruto, of all people, would ask him for advice on girls, a subject he really had no interest in. Girls were annoying, he always used to state, clearly. He still believed this.

"What?" Shikamaru asked, loudly. Naruto expected his confused reaction. He knew exactly how Shikamaru felt about girls. However, his friend was highly intelligent and knew many things about girls, for that is why he disliked them so much. Also, Naruto was clearly aware that Shikamaru had strong feelings for a certain girl.

"You heard me, silly. I want you to help me." He admitted. His cerulean eyes were twinkling brightly.

"But, why me? I mean, I think you should ask an adult like Kakashi-sensei." Shikamaru moaned.

"You are right on that one. I was thinking of asking him. But Shikamaru, you are really smart. Also, is'nt there something going on between you and Ino?" He asked, curiously. Shikamaru became calm. He pondered over this strongly. Lately, he had found her very attractive. She had shown him affection when he needed it the most. She would make him laugh. They had shared moments that indicated more then friendship.

"You have experience." Naruto added, brightly.

"I don't know about that, but I do have feelings for her. Sometimes, she holds my hand when I am tired. That means something, right?" He questioned, seriously. It meant something to him, at least.

"Of course it does. I've seen you with her." He stated, his golden locks swaying from side to side. He sat up enthusiastically. Shikamaru changed the subject. He was willing to help Naruto, which obviously would please him.

"So, who's the girl?" He asked as he lazily changed his position. He could feel the wind carress his face.

"I knew you would help me." He whispered, gratefully. He was very glad. "It's Sakura-chan." Naruto revealed, smiling. Shikamaru was not surprised.

"You still like her?" He asked. Naruto nodded slowly. He closed his eyes, letting the sun lick his face.

"Is she still interested in Sasuke?" Shikamaru questioned, bringing up the possible hinder first.

"I'm really not sure. She does not treat him the way she did before. Besides, I've noticed that she treats me differently. She does not hit me so much." Naruto admitted, grinning. He laughed awkwardly. Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"Well, first you need to find out if she is still in love with Sasuke. Then you have to basically tell her how you feel. Just you and her." He suggested. Naruto nodded energetically.

"That sounds good." Naruto whispered. Shikamaru shook his head. He would never be able to fully understand where Naruto's spirit came from. He was always so positive, smiling widely and glowing like the sun itself.

"Hey, relax." Shikamaru said, chuckling slightly. Naruto suddenly grew silent. Shikamaru noticed that his face was stern.

"Shikamaru.." He whispered. "Hm?" He replied, lazily.

"What if she rejects me?" He asked, sincerely. He looked at him, his eyes hard like steel.

"Then you just have to keep on looking out for her, like you have always done." He answered, rather quickly. Naruto smiled warmly. Shikamaru knew exactly what to say.

They lay in the lush grass for a long time, just staring blankly at the floating cloads that covered the divine sun. The powerful rays broke them easily.

"Naruto, want to go find her now?" Shikamaru suddenly said, breaking the silence. He gave Naruto a cunning smile. Naruto's eyes glowed with surprise.

"Yeah!" He replied, loudly. Confidence was painted on his face. He jumped up gracefully and began to dash towards the humble village.

"Hey, Naruto. Wait for me!" Shikamaru called. He slowly got up, before running uneagerly through the grass. It tickled his legs.

'Is this going to be troublesome? And it was my suggestion too!'

Shikamaru caught up with Naruto, who had begun to walk stiffly. His magnificent eyes were travelling from left to right, searching eagerly for Sakura.

"Where is she?" He asked, lively. Shikamaru flinched.

"I don't know. Calm down." He said, urging him to relax. His tone was bored.

"Where is who?" A sudden voice rang in their ears. Naruto turned swiftly around.

"AHA! Sakura-chan." Naruto greeted, surprised and nervous at the same time. Shikamaru smiled uncomfortably, raising a hand. Her long, pink hair blew enchantingly in the wind, tickling her shoulders. Her bedazzling eyes pierced Naruto's heart.

"Hello." He said, laughing weirdly. He had forgotten what to say. Shikamaru nudged him softly.

"What are you doing?" She asked, giggling slightly. Naruto looked at her, nervously. His blue eyes were glistening.

"Uh, actually, there was something I wanted to ask youuuu." He said, awkwardly. He grabbed her gently by the arm in order to lead her to another place. She blinked, surprised by Naruto's behavior and actions. He began to walk quickly and Sakura unwillingly followed, confused.

"Hey, where are you taking me?" She asked, bewildered. Naruto looked back at Shikamaru. He uneasily gave him a thumbs up. Naruto returned it, smiling widely. Soon, Shikamaru's eyes became more confident..

'You can do it, Naruto.' He thought, boldly.

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