Ranma Mortis Black

By Silverscale

Ranma½, Neverwinter Nights, Harry Potter and Oh My Goddess Crossover

Matchups: Ranma/Bastet, Harry?.

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Change of Scenes

Necromancy/The Language of the Dead

Draconian/The Language of the Dragons

Time Lines and Spells

Chapter Five: When the Cat Plays With Death.

Ranma almost leaped up and hugged the owner of the beautiful voice which had whispered to him but he stayed put and said jokingly. "Pamela Anderson?"

"No." The voice replied softly.

Ranma chuckled and spoke again. "Is it Brittany Elin Diggers?"

"Close but no cigarrr." The voice purred in his ear.

Ranma got a small shiver in his spine as her hot breathe reached his ear. At that point he had, had enough and grabbed the hands covering his hands with his right hand and flipped the one behind him into his lap, uncovering his eyes in the process. He smiled as he looked down at the beautiful goddess in his lap and spoke softly. "Is it Bastet Nekotama the most beautiful and most sexy goddess to ever be seen upon both the mortal and the kami plane?"

The cat goddess blushed softly, thought her fur covered most of it, before she chuckled softly and responded. "Correct Ranchan." She then removed her hands and sat down next to Ranma. "So how have you been since the last time we saw each otherrr?" She purred the last part and snuggled into him and rubbed her head against his shoulder.

Ranma suddenly felt very nervous, he didn't know how Bastet would react to the fact that he was the spectre of death now. He scratched his neck and mumbled. "Well… um… its' like… um…" He had a really hard time to even get words out of his mouth, and that's pretty amazing since this is Ranma. So his brain adapted at the only way it could to solve this situation… yes you guessed right it let all the information out in one line. "Ilookedforawaytomakeusstaytogethermoreoftenandfoundamagicalbeltthatsentmethroughtimeandsentmehere,Hogwartsinthepast,andIwasabletoenterSalazar'ssecretlibraryandfoundamagicalartifactthattookmyleftarm'smeat,skin,fleshandveinsandmademetheGrimReaperandIamcurrentlytheDADAteacherofHogwarts." He covered under his arms and waited for his almost girlfriend's reaction.

The reaction of Bastet was… unexpected.

She was silent for two minutes before her eyes rolled up and she fainted, lucky enough caught Ranma her. He looked at her and muttered softly. "She took that better then I thought she would." He then carried the fainted goddess to the quest room and kissed her on the forehead and placed a Cat Rose, a blue rose that smells like catnip and is Bast's favourite flower, by her bed with a note next to it. He then walked out from the room and walked to his kitchen and began to cook food, he did that when he was depressed. Nightmare came into the kitchen and rubbed against his father to comfort him as he felt his depression. Ranma smiled and petted his son on the nose and gave him a chocolate cookie which the Ghost Unicorn munched slowly so the wonderful taste wouldn't disappear.

Ranma then continued his cooking and when the clock was 10:00 had he made a complete feast. He used his magic to put the food on the dinning table in the dinning hall and then sat down and picked on his food, he was too nervous to eat. He sat there for what seemed hours when a soft voice spoke up behind him. "You know… you should save the surrrprrrises until the quest is prepared." He looked over his shoulder and smiled as he saw Bastet dressed in the same dress she had worn on that ball at heaven. She walked over to Ranma and hugged him by the shoulder and whispered into his ear. "I won't push you away if you don't push me away." She then kissed him on the cheek and sat down next to him and they began to eat.

That Evening

Ranma was sitting on a bench with Bastet leaning against him watching the sunset. Ranma wished they could be together forever and not just a few weeks every year. But the only way he could think of was to… wait a minute… that's a PERFECT IDEA! Ranma suddenly smiled like a newly born sun and almost jumped from the bench but held himself calm. He would do what he needed to do after Bastet's visit but now he would just enjoy her visit and tell her what he had wanted to tell her for many years. The cat goddess was snuggling against his shoulder and nearly asleep.

Ranma decided that it was time to take action. He leaned his mouth near her ear and whispered softly. "Bast-chan… I love you." His response was a purr and then suddenly was his mouth covered by the eager mouth of a cat woman who was crying tears of joy. The surprised necromancer relaxed after three seconds and responded the kiss. They then rolled of the bench, teared of their clothes and went wild all through the night right there in the garden.

Two Weeks Later

Ranma and Bastet went on like a pair of rabbits for the entire visit and there was not a single moment without loud noises coming from the bedroom, sometimes from other places. The young necromancer and the cat goddess had, had a final nookie round before she had to leave to heaven. Ranma was back in class soon wearing a smile on his lips that scared everybody that knew what he mostly did when he smiled. The shock came to the school that Ranma only gave them light works, compared to what he usually did, and was starring into space playing with a bundle of clothes in his skeletal hand all the time.

It took a week before someone dared to ask the necromancer the two questions everybody wanted to ask, it was one of the seventh year students, a Gryffindor boy, who did the deed, at lunch in the great hall. "Sir Black um why have you been acting weird lately? And what is that you have in your hand?"

The necromancer smiled at the student and responded. "I have been making love with my girlfriend for two weeks straight, that's why I am acting this way. And the thing in my hand hehehe is her panties." He then held up the bundle of clothes by its edges so everybody in the hall could see and it showed to be a pair of blue panties with cute kitty faces all over it.

The students and the teachers got beat red when he pulled the panties to his noose and sniffed them and got a silly smile on his lips and muttered. "Mmmm it still smells like her." The younger students that didn't have any ideas what was going on just asked he older ones and just got stammering and stuttering, including the Slytherins.

To Be Continued

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