Summary: A Season Six Christmas? And all the scoobies INCLUDING Spike staying at Buffy's house? Ooo how interesting! Especially since Spike and Buffy are still together with noone knowing…. Set post 'Older and far away'

A/N : Hehe can I just first say that this is supposed to be a bit of Christmas fun since I was inspired by all the great Christmas stories on here. I highly recommend Baby, its cold outside by Addie Logan (In fact I recommend anything by her!) Anywhoo, here's my story, Hope ya like it. And to all those who are waiting for an update on Stronger Together, I'm sorry! But a very bad case of writers block is killing me here!

Also, those of you who read this story before the eighteenth of December will find that I have changed the structure to meet the problems some people had understanding the dialogue.

Disclaimer: Look at the website you are on. FAN FICTION. Point made.

The vampire kicked her straight in the jaw. Great, she thought, that's gonna be a massive bruise tomorrow. Like her colleagues didn't think she was weird enough. The vampire interrupted her inner moaning by kicking her in the stomach. Ok, her brain said, this is getting annoying. She punched the vampire in the face and before he had time to bring back his head she punched him again before treating his chest as if it were a punch bag, all the while visualising the stupid school kids who had flooded into the Doublemeat today and ordered a thousand different things at once. After she had finished with the punches she laid several kicks in the more painful areas of his anatomy. The vampire she was fighting toppled over and a crack and a squish could be heard.

"My eggs!" she squealed.

She then looked at the vampire with pure fury. "I was just gonna stake you" She lifted him up with one hand.

"But now" She threw him across the cemetery and he crashed through a nearby headstone.

"I am gonna kick your ass" Buffy's inner voice kicked up a little protest at the lack of pun but the rest of her brain told her that she was way too tired for pun's. Another niggling part of her was worried about that. She walked over to the vampire and proceeded to beat him up. He tried to get a kick or punch in somewhere but Buffy was on a roll.

Finally she put the limp and beaten demon out of its misery and staked him. She waited a moment to catch her breath and the annoying yet ever present part of her brain told her that she hadn't beaten anybody up that bad since Spike. She shook her head, Spike and that beating was an uncomfortable place she was not ready to go yet.

"Looks like you took out all your frustration on that poor guy" Buffy turned round to see a face that her top half really didn't want to see and the bottom half was screaming out for.

Spike pouted, "I'm all upset now, thought that's what I was for" He smirked wickedly. She sighed and walked past him and picked up her shopping bag, which had been discarded during the fight.

"Spike is that all you ever think about?" She challenged him determinedly, she knew she needed to put as much distance between them as possible otherwise she would never get home and she was trying to be there more for Dawn.

"You should count yourself lucky I am even looking Slayer, that orange outfit is enough to stop traffic, and not in the good way" Spike said. She looked down self-consciously at her painfully bright Doublemeat outfit.

Spike smiled to himself as he watched her take the bait, he knew she hated that outfit but it was always a good place to hit her because it meant he could do this… " Kidding luv, I couldn't give a toss what you wear, you still look amazing to me"

Buffy crumbled and smiled. She loved how he could look and say things like that to her because it made her feel all warm inside, made her feel safe, loved. Spike watched as she smiled at him and knew how it made her feel when she let him compliment her. He could tell her that if she would let him, he would spend eternity telling her how utterly amazing she was and just how much she meant to him, but he knew if he did that it would push her on the wrong side of the fine line their relationship was on. She would run away, leave him, and he would rather have his tongue cut out then let that happen.

She looked straight into his eyes and felt her well-intentioned resolve slip; things were just so simple with him, so clear.

Spike covered the distance between them in record time. He bent down and whispered in her ear " Promise I wont touch your eggs pet, no harm of that don't worry" he chuckled slightly, a low sexy chuckle that sent shivers everywhere in her body.

But something niggled at her, something he had said… " My eggs!" She pulled back from him and opened her shopping bag.

Spike peered in. " Was wondering what you were going on about with that vamp, why you so stressed about egg's for?"

"I'm making breakfast for Dawn tomorrow, sort of a make up meal, you know?" Buffy spoke quickly while trying to get the egg box out without causing any more damage. She got them out very slowly.

"Oh to make up for the recent house arrest issue? Shouldn't that be the other way around? I mean she did keep us in a house for 24 hours, not that being so close to you for that long was a problem" Spike smirked again but she was busy trying to open the egg box and talk at the same time

"She was tricked into that by a vengeance demon, and she only made that wishbecause she felt I wasn't spending enough time with her, so that's I have these please-forgive-me-for-neglecting-you eggs"

Buffy gave up. " Can you open them? I'm too scared they're all squished and I've had to carry these things like they were china doll's all day. Really don't want to lose them now"

Spike sighed, "Come on hand them over you silly bint, looks like you need a big strong man to help you after all" He secretly liked the fact that she needed his help on something other than sex and fighting

"1. I SO do not need a man to do anything for me" Spike raised an eyebrow but Buffy ignored him " 2. It's an egg box, hardly a challenge 3. Open the damm box!"

"Geez calm down will you, I'll open the bloody thing!"

Spike prised open the box ever so gently to reveal three crushed eggs and three unharmed ones.

Buffy squealed and jumped up and down " They're not squished! Yay!"

Spike looked at her and was sure she had never looked more adorable then she did right now. Buffy took the eggs off Spike and gave him a long kiss, which she only broke off from for air.

"Guess I can see the big part of big strong man" Buffy gasped.

Spike grinned wickedly at the compliment and pulled her closer " I'm sure you can do more then just see"

Buffy pulled away, and Spike had to restrain from pulling her back again.

"No, tonight is about me and Dawn and I can't let other things screw that up" Buffy shook her head to try and rid it of where things would have gone if she hadn't pulled back

"Well I was hoping to screw something" Spike muttered under his breath, and he knew he was extremely lucky that Buffy didn't hear that. Buffy walked away muttering to herself about self-control.

Spike felt like sighing again but since he didn't breathe it was always more of a chore then it was when he was alive. Instead he shook his head, getting anything from that girl was like getting blood from a stone he thought. Actually scratch that, he was there when that stupid vampire had started that saying. It was really funny watching him try to do it, he was obviously as mad as Drusilla and didn't have a clue what he was doing but after what seemed like ages he got something out of it. He chuckled to himself as he realised that that vamp had done it quicker then he had even managed to kiss Buffy. Spike watched her until she was out of even vampire sight and walked back to his crypt as he wondered if he still had that guy's number. Desperate times call for desperate measures.