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Since my first Outsiders fan fiction utterly flopped, I thought I'd try another to see if it doesn't crash and burn.

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- - - - -

Chapter 1

- - - - -

"Danielle, what are you doing?" Gemmy Farber asked her 15 year old best friend who was sitting on a chair with her ear practically attached to the radio.

"…it is the second year anniversary of the large church fire in Oklahoma where three boys saved the lives of many young ones in the large fire, none of the students were dead. But one of the saviors, Johnny Cade, didn't survive the fire…one of the other gentlemen, Dallas Winston, died later that evening from a gunshot. The other Ponyboy Curtis, survived all together…the three will be remembered for saving the lives of a second grade class…"

Danielle gulped and then turned to Gemmy, turning down the radio, "It's nothing," she said, wiping her eyes.

"For the past two years on this day you always listen to that, as if it has to do with you, when you heard it the first time, you were crushed,"

Danielle looked up at her friend, "It does have to do with me,"

"Why?" Gemmy asked.

"One of those boys is my brother,"

"Who? Ponyboy?" Gemmy asked, only because it was a weird name.

Danielle nodded, "Yeah, and Sodapop and Darry,"


Danielle nodded-she hadn't ever told Gemmy anything about her life or her brothers, "I ran away when I was twelve, I never even said goodbye…just left, and it happened a few months after that, only I didn't know until the year after,"

"Why'd you run away?"

Danielle gulped, "My parents died, I couldn't take it. That night I stayed up until around 2 AM when I was sure my siblings would be in bed, I rolled out, grabbed my suitcase from where it was hidden in the back of my closet, left a note for them and left, caught the 6 AM bus here to NYC and I've been here since," Danielle had saved up every inch of money that she had since she was four years old for that trip to New York to go to a gymnastics academy for girls, it was where she met Gemmy who let her stay with her family until she found a home, the Farber's ended up being her home..

"Did you tell them where you went?" Gemmy asked.

"No, just said I was sorry I had to do it," Danielle said, "Then all of this other crap happened,"

"You should just go back…" Gemmy said.

Danielle brushed a strand of her straight and long honey blonde hair behind her ear, "I don't know if I can,"

"We can, I'll come with," Gemmy said and hurried into the kitchen of the Farber's large house.

"There, we've got 200 bucks… that should cover it, the tickets are fifty each and then we'll still have an extra hundred,"

Danielle shook her head in disbelief, "Your family is loaded,"

Gemmy grinned jokingly, "I know,"

- - - - -

"Do you think they'll even recognize me?" Danielle said as the bus came to a halt at a bus depot in Tulsa.

"Probably not, but oh well…how old are your siblings now?" Gemmy asked.

"Umm," Danielle said, "I think Ponyboy is sixteen going on seventeen, Soda is eighteen going on nineteen, and Darry is twenty-two or twenty-three,"

"Damn…"Gemmy said, "Seeing them will do well for you,"

Danielle turned towards her friend, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You barely remember anything!" Gemmy laughed.

Danielle rolled her hazel eyes as she grabbed her luggage and followed Gemmy off the bus, jumping off.

"Wow…" Danielle said, looking over her hometown in surprise. It hadn't changed a bit.

"This place is…nice…" Gemmy said warily, checking the town over.

Danielle laughed as she looked around, trying to find something near familiar.

She saw the DX, "C'mon," she said grabbing Gemmy's hand and dragging her across the street and down a corner to where the DX sign stood.

"What are we doing here?" Gemmy asked, staring at the gas station.

Danielle didn't listen to her best friend babble. She glanced around, finally seeing someone familiar…Steve.

"Oh my God, he looks so different…yet the same," Danielle whispered.

"Uh huh…he's cute, hey you!" Gemmy yelled, running over to him.

Danielle rolled her eyes at Gemmy and brought the luggage over to where she stood and dropped it on the ground, next to Gemmy's Keds.

"I'm going inside," she said.

"Yeah sure D, whatever," Gemmy said, still paying attention to whatever Steve was telling her.
Danielle rolled her eyes, she couldn't believe that even Steve, whom she had known since she was two years old, couldn't place her face.
She stepped inside the DX and glanced around.

"Two orders? Three orders! …yes ma'am, I just thought you said…uh huh…alright…yes…thank you," the cashier said, hanging up the phone.
Danielle spun around quickly, nearly fainting, that was indeed her older brother Sodapop Curtis, he had a baby doll face and was adorable…she knew it was him.

"Can I help you?" Soda asked, looking up at her.

"Uh…uh…um…" she stammered, not being able to find words.

"Dani!" Gemmy exclaimed, running inside, "Steve is so gorgeous!"

Sodapop looked back from Danielle to Gemmy and back to Danielle, "Yeah, he's a friend of mine," he finally said, shaking the idea of Danielle being his baby sister out of his head.

"Wow," Gemmy said, staring at him, "You're cute too!"

"Gem!" Danielle exclaimed.

"I'm Sodapop Curtis," Soda said with a soft smile.

Gemmy's face turned cold and she glanced back at Dani apologetically, mouthing 'oops'.

"Are you two alright?" Soda asked.

"Yes," both answered in unison as the bells on the door swung open and someone else walked in with a DX uniform on.


"Shit," Danielle whispered, "Gem we better head out, places to go, people to see,"

"Wow, why'd you ever leave here, Dani?" Gemmy asked, looking Pony up and down, "The guys here are so much better than the guys in New York,"

Danielle winced, "Yeah…sure, let's go,"

"Hi, I'm Gemmy," Gemmy said, walking up to Pony.

"Ponyboy Curtis,"

Danielle sighed, "Gem, we gotta go,"

"You used to live here?" Soda asked, directing the question at Danielle.

Danielle nodded, "Grew up here, doesn't matter,"

"Soc or Greaser?" Sodapop asked.

"Greaser," Danielle nodded.

Sodapop watched her suspiciously as she went to Gemmy and practically drug her away.

He knew that was his baby sister.

Danielle Curtis.