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Chapter 1: OH MY GOD!

"I said NO!"

"You think you can boss me around?!"

"Ye- NO!"

"Then let me go!"

"To the Caldron? To him?"

"'He just happened to know me for 1,400 centuries!"

"It- AUGH! Fine! As long as I can come with you!" Ashe finally growled.

"Thank you! I want to see Elysian again." Rhapsody sighed.

"I just got the letter Yer' Majesty, she's coming." Grunther grinned happily.

"Finally! We still need to discus political matters with," A low growl came from Achmed's throat, "Tristan Steward."

"Bad news, 'Ochmed. The Duchess is bringin' 'er 'usband."

"Wonderful! Now we can watch them pretend nothing's going on between them and pretend everything's ok !" Achmed growled, voice dripping with sarcasm.

Rhapsody and Ashe arrive

All of them sat at the table quietly in a silent tension web.

"So, what is it that Tristan wants this time?" Rhapsody asked.

"Well, he seems, from my sources, wants to start Spring cleaning again."

"WHAT!" Grunther roared, leaping from his chair. "I'll find 'is bloated 'ead and squash it into a pile of"

"Enough, Grunther." Rhapsody said calmly. "I'll simply go to his office and-"

"Seduce him." Achmed finished, eyeing Ashe.

"What?!" Ashe exclaimed.

"Ha ha, very funny Achmed. I'll just give my points of view and he will understand, as always, and get him to resign the agreement." Achmed opened his mouth to say something when the door slammed open with a CRACK!

"Father!" a kid screamed and ran through the doors and in front of the table. "I-"they paused. "You didn't tell me Auntie Rhapsody was coming." The kid turned out to be a girl in mid-teens. Her hair was black and ran down to her middle back. But it's the eyes that struck everyone. They were a sharp piercing blue that seemed to be an endless pit of dark sapphires.

"Who the hell are you?" Grunther finally asked.

"It's me Grunther. You know, Raven." She received blank stares.

"Why's he here?" she demanded pointing at Ashe. "I thought you hated him, Father." All stares pointed to Achmed.

"Whose daughter are you?" Rhapsody asked calmly.

"What the hell is wrong with you people? Achmed! King Achmed! Duh!" There was a dull silence.

"Oh my God!" Ashe exclaimed.

"Bloody hrekin!" Grunther and Achmed yelled.

"What?" Raven asked, looking around. "What is it? Do I have something on my face?"

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