disclaimer: These characters and they world they live in belong to JK Rowling. I wish they were mine, but they aren't. I just borrow them sometimes and then put them back where they belong. But their thoughts and words in this particular story are mine.

A/N: Pure fluff, uninhibited by any plot at all. Just how I like it. The idea came to me while watching the third movie.


"Oh, yes, Hermione, you know everything. Of course! How silly of me. Leave me alone!"

Hermione sat on her bed, curtains closed, crying. She had only been trying to help. Ron DID need to study, but he never did it on his own. Sometimes she had a little luck in getting him to study, but it was really always a gamble. Because most of the time her efforts ended in some silly fight like this. She didn't understand him. He had become a Prefect (and she didn't think anyone was more surprised than he was about it) and he still wouldn't take anything seriously.

She was tired of fighting with him all the time, but she couldn't see any way to change things. No matter what was going on they'd find something to argue about. Why were things between them so voilitile? They always had been, and if she had to guess, she'd say they always would be. And that really upset her. She didn't want to be always fighting with Ron. There were many things she wanted with Ron, but this was not one of them.

Crookshanks jumped onto her bed. There was another thing. She was at least glad that Ron seemed to like Crookshanks now. It had been horrible how many times they'd founght over him in third year. And it had upset her more than it should have, she knew. But she couldn't explain to him why. She buried her face in Crookshank's beautiful ginger fur and continued crying. It was very silly, really. But it was when he'd launched himself at Ron's head in the pet shop that she'd decided she really wanted him instead of an owl. She hadn't realized until later why that was, though. It was so strange, but it made sense, in an odd way. She sat up and pulled Crookshanks into her lap, smoothing his ruffled fur. His ruffled, Weasley red fur.