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Red Tail

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Point Zero by Lost-Remembrance (RT)

The war was over and the Preventer's organization was doing quite well for itself, good funding from the UESN and stopping many "fires" as the agents called them.

For assurance, the Gundam's had been destroyed along with all evidence of their plans or the destruction that described them in more detail. Of course they would live on in stories and some texts, it was a lesson human's had to remember.

Everything was back to normal, a few uprisings but that was about it. Peace felt great for the first time in a while. Human's didn't go around pointing fingers at the colonies or earth. Finally, people looked like just people. No colonists or earthlings.

Just people.

Well, not all people. There were soldier's too and then there were the Gundam pilots.

One pilot, Heero Yuy to be exact, was somewhat confused over how life had turned out for him. After all, despite his skill he always imagined himself dying in the battlefield like so many others. Maybe the little saying Duo Maxwell, another pilot, had always said had truth about Gundam pilots never dying.

Heero shook the slightly amusing thought from his skull, he had better things to concentrate on and besides, everything dies in the end. Some just live shortly longer than others. There was a novel once from before the colonies were built, that quoted something about peace. It was wise but to say something like that might encourage terrorists. It quoted; 'there is no such thing as peace. Peace is merely a time to train more troops to prepare for war.' Wise but dangerous.

Heero blinked his prussian eyes and then sighed heavily as he let his form relax into the slightly plush chair. His stiff posture sometimes got the best of him and today was one of those days. He didn't show it, but something deep down inside of him was warning him of something, something that might change everything.

He quickly shook the feeling off and grabbed the Preventer's jacket that was slung over the chair and got to his feet, all moments of weakness now forgotten. He stretched slightly, enjoying the slight bit of time he had to himself before getting back to the Vice Foreign Minister.

The Minister was a teenager, his age surprise as it may be. A pacifist too, quite the opposite to the "perfect soldier". She had long locks that shone like honey and were at times braided in the familiar style that she had done since he first saw her a year ago. She also had aquamarine eyes that complimented her angelic face and her shiny hair.

He was sixteen and one of the top agents and current bodyguard to Relena Peacecraft or Darlain, the Vice Foreign Minister. She had abandoned the name Peacecraft after she became Vice Foreign Minister again, not wanting to live up to the famous Peacecraft legend or something of the sort he assumed.

He walked out the door and some lesser agents in the lower ranks spotted his authority and scuttled quickly out of the way. Heero didn't even spare a second glance at one slightly cowering figure next to the water tank. He just walked by as if nothing was wrong.

"Heero." Another teenager said quietly, one piercing eye watching the brunet haired pilot. The teenager nodded in response to the greeting. Words weren't needed in the friendship that the two quiet men held for one another. People had grown used to their silent assurance and presence.

"Heero!" A cheery voice said an Heero nodded at the voice of a blonde boy with baby blue eyes who grinned back. He was wearing a suit to fit the occasion. He turned and looked at Relena as he walked over to her, being her bodyguard and all.

Today for the next meeting, she wore a business suit that complimented her body and the skirt came down a little higher than her knees. It was a periwinkle color and made her hair shine even more, bringing out the rich colors and the rosy color in her cheeks. She smiled slightly as she nodded in his presence.

"Heero," She greeted. "Thank you for accompanying me to this meeting." She said sweetly and Quatre looked at him gratefully as well to both Trowa and Heero.

"It's no problem." Heero said as he shifted slightly, mentally noting the time and thinking it was about time to leave when something hit him mentally like a hammer to a nail head.

Relena saw his gaze falter slightly before he blinked away all emotions and his eyes reverted back to normal. He scowled slightly and seemed to be berating himself inwardly. 'What's wrong with him?' She questioned inwardly, not daring to ask the soldier if he was all right out loud. He would most certainly say "it's nothing" or something of the sort. That was his typical manner, looking after everyone except himself. 'Almost like me…' she gasped mentally, not knowing where the thought had come from. She shrugged it off and glanced down at her watch slightly, trying to quell her concern for the reckless boy she had found herself infatuated with.

"We should be going," Quatre said, speaking the words that Relena was about to say. Said girl nodded to this and looked back at her bodyguard for the day. The meeting wasn't that important so she couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed to take the day off. Sadly, Une insisted unless she had a good reason.

None came to her mind.

After taking a few steps, the same mental assault attacked him and green digits flashed and danced across his vision as he stopped walking.

Relena turned, noting the absence of the stoic teenager she was thinking of and blinked in surprise. Heero was just standing there, eyes unfocused as they seemed to grow dull and lifeless in an instant. She saw his body begin to collapse and rushed forward towards him, concern etched into her and the other two pilots' features.


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