Point Zero

By: Lost-Remembrance


Final Chapter:

Heero raised the gun at Relena, a cold look in his eyes as he tensed his trigger finger, readying himself to fire. He blinked…so why was his finger frozen?

"Heero…" Relena whispered, the name resounding through the silent room as she stood slowly in her chair. The gun never wavered from it's course.

"I'll kill you." But why couldn't he pull the stupid trigger! Heero glared at her, daring her to move for a weapon so he would have to defend himself and kill her at the same time.

"Heero?" His eyes darted back, lowering until they landed on Sora's face, who was staring at him with confusion.

"Sora." Heero looked at her, "Get out of here." He turned his attention back to Relena.

"Big brother…!" She pouted, wanting attention like what little children needed when they were young. Heero narrowed his eyes.

Relena blinked in shock when her ears hear Sora's words. "B-brother?" She sputtered, mouth gaping like fish as her eyes darted between Heero and Sora.

"I want you to pay attention!" Sora stomped her foot angrily and Heero turned around to shoot a glare at her. Her eyes turned watery with this.

"Go. Away." He bit out, growling at her before turning his attention back at his target.

"Sora…" Relena looked at the child with hope, body frozen. "Did you do this to Heero?" The girl nodded.

Taking a deep breath, Relena decided to put her hope into Heero's little sister. "Don't you miss how Heero used to be? When he was around me, he used to smile and be happy… to me it seemed. Would you rather have the fighting and killing machine that he hates?"

Sora frowned, blink for a few seconds as she pondered this, "Heero used to smile for me." Her face formed into a pout.

"Can you stop the system from holding him even more?"

She nodded, "Sure! All you have to do is say 'Odin'!" She blinked, taken aback, "Hey!"

The gun fell from Heero's grip and clattered to the floor. Heero took a step back, eyes slowly gaining focus on the world around him.

He looked down at the girl near his side, staring at him with wide eyes, "Sora…?" His brows knit together in confusion.

Sora ran forward, hugging his legs while reaching for the gun unbeknownst to the others in the room which were Relena and Heero. "I missed you, big brother!"

Heero shook his head, putting a hand up to press against his forehead, "What's going on?"

"That girl, your little sister…is part of a group trying to take over the world by using you, Quatre, and Milliardo."

Heero turned his now stony gaze down to his little sister, "Sora…" She looked down with sadness.

Biting her lower lip, she mumbled, "I just wanted…"

"To cause trouble? Sora, the world was at stake." He crossed his arms.

"Heero, everything happens for a reason." Relena said, trying to make light of the situation as she walked over to him, gently placing a hand on his forearm.

"That man will come for you again, knowing that you know everything about me and the other's now…" He ran a hand through his hair angrily.

"I'm sorry…" Sora took some steps back, stepping away from them slowly.

"Sora?" Heero looked up, noting her gaining distance. He froze when he heard the sound of his gun's safety being switched off. "Sora!" He hissed.

"Remember what I told you, Heero? Odin?" She questioned, gun loaded and raised.

"Sora, what are you doing?" Relena's voice was full of worry and she took a step forward.

"Don't come any closer!" Relena halted in her footsteps. "Remember Odin, that everything happens for a purpose." She raised the gun up to her temple. Heero's eyes widened.

"Think of the greater things, brother." The gun fried and Relena screamed. Heero fell to his knees as his younger sister's body dropped to the floor, limp. He closed his eyes and felt the tears sting his vision. When was the last time he had cried?

"Heero…!" Relena sobbed, falling to her knees also and wrapped her arms around the brunette's shoulders.

And like that, everything was over. Nirimu was sent to prison, him, Quatre, and Milliardo were freed of the Zero's grip and they killed the system once and for all. And, only one person died…one person by the name of Sora Lowe.


"I still don't understand what happened exactly…" Duo questioned as he scratched the back of his head, yelping when Hilde pulled on it with a happy grin on her face. "Don't say it--!"

"Baka." Heero muttered, knowing Duo thought Hilde would say it. He'd save her the trouble.

"Hey!" He stuck out his tongue at Heero who simply glared back at him.

"Maxwell, would you like for me to remove that tongue for you?" Wufei questioned with a devious glint in his charcoal eyes, smirking down at Duo from where he was standing, hovering over Duo with his katana unsheathed. Sally stared at him before sighing and shaking her head with a small laugh.

"Down boy…" Someone muttered, most likely Sally. Wufei glared at Sally who looked back at him innocently.

"Wufei…" Quatre said with a worried look in his eyes, moving forward to stop his friends from fighting before Trowa placed an hand on his shoulder, stopping him. "Trowa?"

"Let them figure it out." Trowa suggested, "They'll have to solve it themselves. Besides," his emerald eye looked at Quatre, a small smile on his face, "I wouldn't want them to hurt you in each other's place." Quatre smiled back at his friend.

"Thanks, Trowa."

Duo remembered his question and piped up once more, "So…what happened, really?" Zechs sighed and shook his head, not really wanting to know exactly how everything had happened indeed.

"Basically, Nirimu used Sora so she would help exploit all Heero's weaknesses and…" she glanced at Heero who was staring back at her. Letting out a small blush, she returned her mind to the topic at hand, "She also had the codes for activating, and using, the ZERO system."

"So what, she kinda hacked into you guys' minds?" Quatre nodded his head. "Something like that, huh?" Zechs nodded his head with Quatre this time. "Well I'll be." Duo shrugged, sinking back into his chair.

"Why did Sora do all this?"

Heero's muscles tensed, and, turning his head away from the others to stare at the wall, "She wanted my attention."

Noin stared at him with sympathy, not knowing what it would feel like to loose someone so close in blood and relations. She let her hand drift to her stomach once more. "Aren't you sad, Heero?" She whispered, "She was your sister…"

Heero looked at her, surprise flickering through his prussian eyes before shaking his head, "I never even knew I had a sister."

"How can you not know?" Duo muttered under his breath, getting a glare from Heero, which he merrily grinned back at.

"She was a puppet, used like Mariemaia."

"So…" Quatre looked at everyone, "That's it?" Everyone nodded to him.

"Well…" All eyes of the people occupying the room turned to look at a blushing Noin and Zechs, who held her hand in his grip. The purplish haired woman stood, gaze on the ground.

"What is it, Miss Noin?" Quatre questioned with worry evident in his bluish green eyes. He brushed some of his bangs out of his gaze and stared at the woman, then at Zechs.

"You see, I'm pregnant…"


Author's note: XD End of Point Zero, somewhat abrupt I thinkish. I don't know why…but I felt like killing Sora…oh well :)

Blooper for the end:


"I'm pregnant."

"Woo woo! Looks like Zechs got busy over there on mars!" Hilde smacked Duo upside the head with her face turning red like a tomato.

"Wish she'd do that with me…" Duo muttered under his breath, wraping an arm over Hilde's shoulder.

"What? Take you to Mars and back…?" Hilde leaned forward and planted a passionate kiss on Duo's lips.

"Looks like that's Mars for you Duo."

"Dishonorable." Wufei muttered.

Sally looked over at the Chinese, grinning widely. "Would you protest if I did that to you."

Wufei's red turned bright red and Sally laughed, Wufei muttering curses in all the languages he knew.

"You're pregnant!" Relena couldn't help but exclaim after getting over her shock.

"Yep!" Noin said proudly, "About two months in my now!" The girl's in the room squealed in excitement, crowding around the expecting mother.

"So…" Zechs looked over at Duo who was still rubbing his sore head. "Would you be made if Heero did that to Relena?"

"Omae o Korosu."

"Perhaps you shouldn't…."

"Don't deny it, Quat! We all now you got down and busy with Dorothy!"

Quatre turned red and sputtered, before glaring at the braided baka. "Okay, now you can kill him."

Grinning, Heero pulled out his gun. "Five seconds to add to the fun?" The other boy's nodded in agreement, counting down.


Let's just say that Zechs never knew how much like a girl Duo was when he screamed….


Love, Red Tail