She was ever so pretty, and ever so fair:

Her beauty was such that none can compare.

No one saw me when she was near

And so I say with cocky sneer:

For the want of the beauty I sold the King's crown

I was ever so loyal, a confidante true;

I did whatever she asked me to do.

But I was not royal and never could be:

This much was always made clear to me.

For the want of Respect,

I sold the King's crown


He was so grand-the mighty warlord.

Where mortal man walked, the immortal soared:

The power of shifting to hide from your eyes-

This wonderful gift- - He offered to I:

For the want of the power,

I sold the King's crown.

I sold the King's crown, his country as well-

Solely that I in splendor could dwell.

I gave my best friend-her children too-

Thanks to them, my power grew-

Sorry my friend, but I - - I

Have sold the King's Crown


Well, do you think that I wrote Lady Kylie well? Them me so that I know how to write her in my story. My thanks to all.