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Under the Mistletoe

Chapter Three – In Which the Closet Becomes a Thing to Be Feared, and Fuji and Tezuka are Still Chained Together

Kirihara looked like a cornered hamster huddling at the bottom of a cage. It was with great reluctance, and only due to Yukimura's gentle prodding, that he muttered 'dare'.

"Good, good." Atobe leaned comfortably back in his chair. He sipped at a new wineglass supplied by one of his maids. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to get drunk before playing this game, but he was Atobe Keigo, after all, and could do whatever he liked.

Silver eyes flickered briefly to Yanagi, who was watching with a rather complacent air. (Either that, or he was asleep; it was hard to tell with the closed eyes and all.)

Kirihara licked his lips, looking even more like a lost rabbit as he tried to act like nothing Atobe said could possibly faze him.

Atobe casually gestured towards one of the maids. "Kirihara…go put on a maid outfit and allow Fuji to take a picture of you."

Fuji's smirk widened fractionally, and Tezuka, stealthily reaching towards Fuji's pocket to see if he could find a certain key, shuddered.

Kirihara gazed thoughtfully at the very frilly maid outfit with the very short skirt. There was silence for a minute before he signed resignedly. He was not going to give anyone the chance to say he was a coward.

Twenty pairs of eyes watched him trudge towards the maid, who was beaming at him. She led him out of the room.

Ten minutes of silence passed.

The door was opened again - the maid having turned a rather amusing shade of pink - as Kirihara was pushed in and the door, his only means of escape, slammed shut.

It was quite possible that Sanada choked. At any rate, he was a bizarre green color for a few seconds while Yukimura sympathetically rubbed his back.

Fuji, tilting his head and smiling innocently, remarked, "Kirihara-kun?"

Kirihara, already in a state of semi-paralysis, blinked owlishly at him.

"Nice legs."

This just about pushed the junior to the breaking point. He was not pleased with how he looked, and he was not pleased with the way Yukimura – his own captain – was laughing at him. Furthermore, he was a bit offended at the fukubuchou's gagging, and not at all happy with the way Yanagi had a hand over his mouth. (Whether to prevent himself from laughing or throwing up, no one was quite sure.)

His eyes were slowly turning red. And while he may have made a nice maid – Atobe was considering asking him to keep the outfit permanently and work in the Atobe household – an angry Kirihara was not a thing to be trifled with.

"Wait," Atobe drawled lazily, pointing to Fuji. "You still have to get your picture taken by Fuji."

Fuji, fingering a new digital camera which was his present from Atobe, nodded at Kirihara. "Pose, Kirihara-kun."

The junior, crouching behind a couch, adamantly refused.

The tensai sighed. "Atobe?"


"Can you make Kabaji…you know…"

Atobe snapped his fingers. "Kabaji."

"Usu." The giant trudged over to the couch and dragged out the shrieking Kirihara, then dumped him in the closest available space.

Needless to say, Sanada was rather shocked when he found Kirihara, dressed in a maid outfit and flailing wildly, deposited in his lap. Both of the victims were petrified for three seconds.

Until, of couse, they heard the 'click', and a bright flash blinded them.

"Awww." Fuji leaned over and showed the picture to a twitching Tezuka. "Isn't that cute?"

Tezuka refused to look at the camera. He was going to excersize his self-restraint, and ignore the picture shoved in front of his face, and override his curiosity. Yes, he could do that. He was absolutely certain of the fact…

He looked at the picture.

The first thought that ran across his mind was 'I pity Sanada'.

The second was 'I pity Kirihara'.

The third, helpfully supplied by his subconscious, was 'Fuji has nicer legs'.

The fourth, coming from the rational part of his mind, was 'Must kill subconscious.'

"Don't worry," Fuji called to the other people all pressing in around them. "I'll make copies for everyone."

Atobe chuckled. "Kirihara, your turn."

The junior, having managed to situate himself as far away from Sanada as possible, glared at just about everyone in the room. "Can I change back now?"

"Oh." The diva glanced at the doorway. "Chieko."

The maid entered, curtsying. "Yes, master Keigo?"

"I believe Kirihara-kun wants his clothes back."

"But…" Atobe winked at her, so quickly that no one noticed. She nodded. "Master Keigo, I'm sorry, but because I didn't want those disgusting, common clothes to contaminate your cottage, I asked Amano-san to burn them."

"Ah." Atobe waved his hand at her, and she drew away. "Well, it seems my butler has burned your 'disgusting, common clothes', so you'll just have to wear that for the rest of the party."

Perhaps a slight smile appeared on Yanagi's face. However, the data specialist's pleasure was counteracted by the mortified expression on Sanada's face as the vice captain desperately tried looking in the opposite direction of the elf.

Kirihara twitched. "Fuji."

"Yes?" the smiling boy asked, still holding his camera.

"Truth or dare."

"Well…dare, of course. Do you really need to ask?"

Kirihara's eyes narrowed. "I dare you to go find the highest cliff in Japan and jump off it."

"Saa, it seems I'll have to refuse." Fuji turned to Atobe. "Well, I'm the first to experience your closet, apparently. Who shall I be paired with?"

Atobe motioned to Mizuki.

Yuuta squeaked, Tezuka blinked, Fuji's eyes opened, Kikumaru muttered something about pitying the St. Rudolph strategist, and Jirou snored.

The last was a bit anticlimatic, but, after all, it was a very loud snore, and worthy of mentioning.

Mizuki's face had basically returned to normal now – the puppy was currently prancing off in the woods somewhere, trying to find its way back to Azerbaijan – and he let off one of his soft cackles that was both irritating and death-insult-provoking.

"Go on. Chieko." Another snap of the fingers. The maid reentered and gently slid open the giant door at the far end of the room, revealing a closet the size of Seigaku's clubhouse.

"Shouldn't I be unchained?" Tezuka asked hopefully.

"No, you can just stand outside the door," Fuji chirped cheerfully, and dragged the protesting captain towards the closet. He entered with Mizuki, and the door slammed shut, a tiny crack showing where the chain of the handcuffs extended.

There was silence for a few minutes, before a violent curse was heard. Seconds later, Fuji's voice purred, "Sorry, Ha-ji-me. I didn't mean to do that. Oh, you're all wet, how dreadful."

There was the sound of something being licked, and everyone watched with amusement as Tezuka's face grew progressively redder.

Then something that sounded like a yell issued from the closet. Fuji's laughter followed. "Why, you're all wet again. That seems to be happening a lot. My, you have wonderful endurance to keep up – I mean, put up with me." There was a short silence before the tensai added, "It really does taste quite good, though. Would you like a lick, Hajime?"

"All right, that's three minutes," Atobe called, visibly shaken. "Tezuka…open the door, if you will…"

Tezuka was in no state to move, let alone open anything.

So once again Chieko was summoned, and she opened the door, then quickly withdrew.

There was silence for a minute before Fuji strolled out, licking a brightly colored lollipop – Jirou's gift to him – and smiling sweetly. A few seconds later, a sopping wet Mizuki left the closet, looking quite pissed, and ready to kill.

Yuuta's eyes flickered from one to the other. "A…aniki? Mizuki-san? Er…?"

"It's really a good thing I helped put up the decorations, Atobe," Fuji remarked. "Otherwise, I'd never have known about that miniature Jacuzzi in the back of your closet. Pity Mituli-san wasn't aware of it; he fell in twice."

"You pushed me!" Mizuki snarled.

"Did I? I forget." Fuji returned to his position on one of the couches, forcing Tezuka to sit beside him. "Tezuka, are you all right? You look a bit, um, startled."

Emotionally scarred would have been more accurate, actually.

"Oh well. My turn." Fuji's eyes landed on those of a certain redhead. "Eiji!"



Kikumaru nodded. "Hi." He continued watching the tensai warily

"Yuuta!" Fuji called.

His brother squirmed. "Yeah?"

"Yumiko-neesan says 'Merry Christmas', and to keep warm."


The blue eyes scanned the crowd, many of whom were fidgeting. "Hmm…"

"Choose someone already," Atobe growled.

"Right." Fuji turned to the boy sitting next to him. "Tezuka, truth or dare?"

Tezuka shifted. "Dare."

"Move about three feet to your right." Fuji's eyes lingered on the sprig of mistletoe perched on the ceiling.

As luck would have it, the tape used wasn't particularly strong, and the mistletoe fell just before Tezuka moved. Only two people noticed its descent – it'd been a rather small sprig, after all – and Atobe laughed, whereas no one else could understand why Fuji looked so amazingly pissed off.

Tezuka gave the tensai a strange look, inwardly sighing with relief. At least nothing bad had happened to him. "Yukimura-san, truth or dare?"


Not being too used to this game, Tezuka turned to his companion for inspiration. Fuji smiled. "Saa, it seems Tezuka can't come up with anything. Atobe, any suggestions?"

"I'm getting bored of this," the diva replied. (He may have been gorgeous, and relatively intelligent, and talented, but he had the attention span of a goldfish.) "Yukimura, I dare you to spend twenty-one minutes in the closet with Sanada."

Needless to say, Yukimura didn't refuse, and somehow summoned up the strength to drag a protesting vice captain into the closet. There was a bit of splashing, laughter, and an undeniably low, throaty moan that sounded more like Sanada than the other boy.

Atobe raised an elegant eyebrow and gazed thoughtfully at the gold-plated clock perched on the wall. "Ah, look at the time. I believe the cooks have finished dinner by now."

Right on cue, the butler entered. "Master Keigo, the meal is ready."

Two maids held the door open to the next room, which lead to the next, and the next, and the next, so that they were practically given a tour of Atobe's 'cottage' while trying to find the dining room. They discovered it at last – more of a banquet hall than anything else – and blinked for a while at the long table in the center of the hall.

"It can seat a hundred people," Atobe remarked, rather smugly. "For now, however, just sit at the far end. Oh…and don't forget to save seats for Sanada and Yukimura. It's quite possible they'll show up in a few hours."

Everyone filtered in on either side of the table. Naturally, Atobe seated himself at the head of the table, which coincidentally rested on a small dais so that he was literally looking down on everyone.

A new group of maids carried in serving dishes, a few of them looking slightly revolted. The reaason was soon disclosed as Ryoma, poking through his salad, shoved his chair away from the table with a singularly uncharacteristic shriek. "There's something moving in my salad!"

"Ah, yes." The diva smiled, while calmly eating from one of the two normal salads in the room. (The other was in front of a smiling tensai, who had bribed Atobe to escape from this torture. Actually, Fuji had been the one to suggest the game in the first place.)

Atobe gestured to Fuji. "Would you like to explain the game?"

"Sure." Fuji stood, facing the rest of the group (who'd all huddled in a corner, away from their infested meals.) "I'm fairly certain that Echizen will understand this. At any rate, this is a variation off the American game 'Fear Factor', and, for the first round, the challenge is to consume your salads. The winner of all six rounds will receive five million yen."

Five million yen? The number was as bright in their minds as the ringing of silver trumpets, and the sound of people crying out 'the Stewards of Gondor have returned!'

…except that was the wrong image for the Tenipuri cast to have. At any rate, everyone was quite optimistic, until they heard a choking noise behind them.

Looking at Ryoma's bright green face, they suddenly weren't sure whether they wanted to play anymore.

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