Title: With Love From Harper, Doyle, and Trance
Author: Vee017
Archive: Ask Please
Disclaimer: There'd be 5 more seasons if I owned them...
Rating: PG
Setting/Season: Season 5, the crew are out of Seefra and "What Will Be Was Not" never happened.
Spoilers: Decay of the Angel, and some Season 4 episodes.
Warnings: None
Summary: Harper, Trance, and Doyle are determined to bring spur of the moment Christmas joy to the Andromeda, no matter what gets in their way. Whether its Doyle antagonizing Andromeda, Andromda complaining to Dylan, Trance making Christmas hats, blind-siding Beka, or finding that special gift for Rhade, they're going to do it.

"I think we should do Christmas this year," announced Harper. He, Trance, and Doyle were sitting at their new bar located in Andromeda's mess hall. The counter had been shined up, bottles and food added, and stools were pulled up. After getting out of the Seefra system, the bar had been the only thing greatly missed and it was decided that they needed a new place to hang. If Harper wasn't in the machine shop trying to get Rommie back, he was bartending. If Doyle and Andromeda weren't involved in another territorial dispute, Doyle was in the bar. If Trance wasn't wandering corridors or examining Hydroponics, she was in the bar. If Rhade and Beka weren't threatening or bickering they were in the bar. And if Dylan found himself abandoned on Command Deck or bored in his quarters; the bar was full of his old crew, doing nothing. As usual.

"What's Christmas?" asked Trance a bit confused.

"Oh Trance my amnesiac sparkly goddess, it's an old Earth tradition of family and squandered bits of food. I hear it used to involve actual presents and a fat guy named Santa."

"According to files it's a Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus from pre-ancient Earth," said Doyle referencing from Andromeda.

"See? What'd I tell ya? Squandered bits of food."


"What are you doing?"demanded Holo-Andromeda, she crossed her arms and glared at Doyle.


"Going into my files. They're not yours, they're mine. And you didn't have permission to use them."

"Hey Andromeda?" asked Trance, "couldn't you just think of her as...a blonde version of kind of you?"

"Seeing as how you're discussing Christmas Harper, you can get me a firewall to keep her out of my systems," said Holo disappearing.

"And for Christmas I want a way around those firewalls," said Doyle.

"You two won't quit will you?"

"What happened to your semi-truce?" asked Trance.

"Honestly, this is kind of fun, remember that one time we kept turning the lights on and off and..."

"As I said before," interrupted Harper, "Christmas? Huh? I think we should do it. It could, maybe I dunno, lighten this place up a bit."

"Especially for Dylan, Beka, and Rhade," said Trance.

"Yeah what's up with them? Dylan, never mind he's easy. His whole thing is trying to build another Commonwealth and keep Beka and Rhade from splitting."

"There's more," said Trance, "Not only that but I think the 'when' we came out of Seefra, but I think this is where we were supposed to be...something about the beginning, I think. Dylan has to build the Commonwealth all over again"

"Yeah hello CY 10087, only this time he doesn't have the most helpful little crew he used to have."

"He could use some cheering," said Trance. "What about Beka and Rhade?"

"Their threats of leaving are easy: Problems with Dylan's leadership. Though has anyone else noticed that Beka and Rhade are fighting a lot more often with each other?"

"They're more bicker-y."

"I think it's more than that."

"You getting some insight there Trance?"

"Future is hazy, please try again later."

"That's nice Trance."

"Oh!" she pipped.


"No, I just thought of some things we could do!" said Trance excitedly. "We could put decorations up, and get presents, and I could look through Andromeda's archives and make some hats or...something...yeah...that's it."

"Sounds like a plan, yeah it is a plan," said Harper, "everyone's been so tired and sort with each other lately, we all need some cheering, and relaxing."

"This all sounds good but I have one question," said Doyle. "What do we get everyone for presents?" She smiled happily.

This was going to be fun.


"Why can't this thing work right?"

"Maybe because it's..."

"Don't you dare say 'falling apart'."

"You said it, not me."

"Why are you here Rhade?" demanded Beka turning to the Nietzschean.

"I'm helping you."

"By what? Sitting around?"

"You ask for things, I hand you them," he said, "otherwise if I weren't here then you'd have to get up every time you needed a different tool."

"I could bring them right beside me."

"And fumble around for the proper one?"

"You can leave now."

"I'm happy where I am," said Rhade smiling. And he was. Really. Or he would be if Beka went back to fixing whatever had broken on the Maru. The broken part was wedged down and between wherever she was reaching, that combined with the angle caused her to bend over oh so nicely giving him a great view. And she either didn't notice or she wanted him to look. Either way worked for him.

"Honestly Rhade..." Beka was interrupted as a thump and crash was heard behind her as the repairs she just made unrepaired themselves.

"Your ship's broken."

"Shut up Rhade."

"Hey boss ya here?"

"Harper, wonderful," said Rhade.

Beka rolled her eyes, "In here."

The two turned and saw Harper followed by Trance and Doyle.

"Lady and Nietzschean how are we all today?" Upon seeing their tired glares, Harper continued quickly, "Uh, we were just wondering if we could take the Maru out for a while."

"If you want it you get to fix it."

"Her ship's broken."

"It's not broken, and stop calling it that she can hear you. You know that's probably why I've been having so much trouble fixing it, you're here."

"It's not my fault you get distracted by my rugged good looks."

"I'm not staying here with him," said Beka to Harper.

"Actually you have to," said Doyle, "we're getting a surprise."

"Oh come on I won't look."

"The Andromeda's a big ship."

"He'll follow me..."

"I'm sitting right here Beka."


"There, it's as good as new," said Harper walking into the cockpit. Doyle was doing a great job piloting, a job that a concerned Beka had asked about, Harper hadn't piloted in three years and there was no way Trance was going to do it. So that had left Doyle who took to it naturally. The three of them had gotten Beka off the Maru by bribing Rhade to carry her off. Upon shouting that they were no way in hell taking her ship, they threw her first words at her 'If you want it you get to fix it.' which is exactly what Harper set about doing. It had taken a grand total of twenty minutes and had nothing to do with flight control.

"So how close are we?" he asked.

"Pretty close, we were lucky Andromeda was passing through here," said Trance.

"Lucky? These past months have been reminding me non-stop of the old days, though without Beka rolling her eyes and Rhade refusing to work fire controls because of Dylan's 'obey me' voice."

"Anyway, when do we give everyone their presents?" said Doyle.

"I was thinking about that," said Trance, "and I liked that one idea we came up with about giving them their separate gifts whenever we catch up with them and then we can do a group thing on the Obs. Deck later."

"Yeah that's a good one."

"I agree."

"This is hopeless."

"I found a lot of pretty things," said Trance looking in her bag.

"Me too."

Trance had found some nice green and red fabrics, along with some lights and garland, for her presents and the ship; on top of that she had decided to make Santa hats for everyone. Doyle, it was decided, should get something for Andromeda as a Christmas present and peace offering, that stuck Harper with...

"Rhade? Whose bright idea was it to stick me with Rhade?"

"Harper, we drew lots remember?"

"Oh yeah..."

"I got Beka and Dylan and you and Doyle are doing Andromeda and Rhade."

"Yeah well, Andromeda's easy and Rhade would have been too except guess what? He quit drinking last week. Go figure."

"I'm sure you can come up with something a little more creative than alcohol."

"I'm kind of with Harper, what do you get a Nietzschean?"

"You'll think of something."


Dylan stared forlornly at his Go board. He hadn't played it in over two years. Though he found he had a very bad habit of playing it with people who ended up betraying him...maybe the board was cursed...

Dylan groaned and put his head in his hands, they had gotten out of Seefra, landed four years in the past, and he was stuck with rebuilding a New New-Commonwealth. Though this time around his trusted crew had fallen quite far and he didn't know if they'd truly every be back to the way they were. After everything he went through one thing was certain. If he managed to get the Commonwealth back once again he was definitely taking that First Triumvir offer, he didn't need the Collectors splitting the Commonwealth apart with the Magog looming so close on the horizon. Things would go differently this time. If they even made it that far.

"It's never easy..."


Dylan looked up to see a highly annoyed Andromeda.


"Dylan make her stop."

"Make...who stop?"

"Doyle, she's...she's...just look!"

Andromeda lit the view screen to different parts of the ship. Corridors were strung with garland, ladders had lights running up their sides, and then there was a shot of Doyle hanging more garland.

"Make her stop."

"What is she...it's like Christmas."

Andromeda looked at Dylan's slowly growing smile with suspicion, "Dylan?"

"Andromeda, have you asked her to stop?"

"Well...not yet..."

"So ask her."

"She won't listen."

"I thought you worked this all out?"

"She's violating the treaty. She did so earlier too when she logged into my files."

"What am I going to do with you two?"


"Stop decorating me."

Doyle turned to look at Holo-Andromeda as she appeared.

"You didn't have a problem with Trance and Harper decorating the Obs. Deck."

"It's confined, you're branching out. I don't need this in my corridors and it's a safety hazard."

"I don't think it is."

"Stop decorating."

"Make me." Doyle yelped and jumped as Andromeda activated her internal defences and narrowly missed Doyle's foot.

"Did you just shoot at me?"

"I told you to stop."

"Oh two can play at this game."

"Hey!" Andromeda let out an indignant yell as Doyle turned the defences and fired on Andromeda.

"You shot me!"

"You shot at me!"

"You shot me!"

"You shot at me!"

"Stop decorating!"



"Stop it!"


"What happened to you?" asked Harper as Doyle walked into the Obs. Deck. She had burn marks in her clothes and the holes that went with them.

"Andromeda and I shot each other. I think we're bonding."


"I hope she likes your present," said Trance, "but on a lighter note, I'm done!"

"Done what?"

Trance smiled as she handed Doyle and Harper what she had made.


A/N: Part 2 coming as soon as I can write it! This idea popped into my head and then turned itself into a story. Happy Holidays!