With Love From Harper, Doyle, and Trance

Part 3

Beka sighed happily as she lay against Rhade's chest; said Nietzschean had worked his hand into her hair and was running his fingers through her blonde locks. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so relaxed and to think that she had actually been angry at this whole set up. All this time she had thought that Rhade's advances were simply his new and fun way of annoying her. Had she known he was serious it would have saved her many frustrated nights and cold showers, but at least now she knew that she wasn't the only one emptying the cold water supply. Beka smiled as Rhade moved his hand down her back to lightly trace her spine.

"I love Christmas."

Rhade's simple statement caused Beka to laugh and she leaned up to kiss him. He returned her kiss and pulled her on top of him. She moaned into his mouth and enjoyed the feel of firm muscle beneath her. He was absolutely perfect. Damn Nietzschean. It was among the top things that attracted her to him in the first place. All his tank tops and tight shirts revealing perfectly sculpted arms and torso. Hell even before Seefra with those skin tight T-shirts he used to wear…what woman could resist?

"And what reason could you possibly have?" she asked breaking the kiss.

"You're here aren't you?"

"Only after being kidnapped and tied up in your room."

Rhade smirked, "You know you liked it."

"I think I liked what came after a little bit better."

"Mmmm me too. And now we're all tension free."

"We are aren't we?" More kissing.

"Do you have any idea how long I've wanted you like this?" asked Rhade.

"Few months?"



"Before Seefra. But you weren't interested. At least I thought you weren't."

Beka groaned into his shoulder before lightly biting his neck. "You did flirt with me didn't you?"

"It didn't seem to get me anywhere."

"I didn't trust you."

"And you trust me now?"

Beka nuzzled and kissed his neck, "We're on the same wavelength now, you're not some prissy do-gooder claiming you have no secret plans like you used to be."

"Excuse me? I was never a--"

"Uh huh save it sweetie."

"I wasn't."

"I kind of liked him."


"You were cute."

"Oh." Beka smiled, he sounded so disappointed when she said 'cute'.

"But this whole bad boy image you have working for you now, it's very hot."

"Turns you on doesn't it?"

"Quit while you're ahead."

"…I had secret plans," he admitted, "before Seefra, I did."

"Plans of seducing me?"

"Had you been more receptive to my subtle baby-I-could-lay-you-good vibes then this would have happened a long time ago."

Beka laughed, "'Baby-I-could-lay-you-good'? And when was this exactly?"

"You didn't notice my smirks and little smiles? What did you think I was thinking about?"

"You have a dirty mind."


"That's your excuse now for everything isn't it?" asked Beka running her hand down his arm and across boneblades.


"This was a good Christmas."

"I don't think I've ever been this satisfied with a gift before."

"Well I'd hope not." Beka squeaked as his hand smacked her bottom.

"And I'm the one with the dirty mind?"

"Birds of a feather."

Rhade pulled her down to kiss her as his hand caressed her thigh.

"I've been having thoughts…" said Beka between kisses.

"Dirty thoughts?"

She gave him a look and kissed him again.

"You. Me. The Maru. Strategically placed bows."

That made him smirk.

"Maybe next year…" he said before flipping her over and pinning her beneath him. "And maybe we'll try blindfolds…"


Harper, Doyle, and Trace had gone all out on the Obs. Deck decorating. Lights and garland were strung everywhere and they had even managed a fully done up tree. Tables had been set up with food, drinks, and pastries, which the crew unmercifully dug into. Dylan was still going on about how great the place looked and was lost in memories as Trance listened to him intently. Andromeda had shown up smiling happily and thanking Harper for the firewall. The AI had been completely Doyle free for a few hours since they watched the hall security footage of Harper telling Rhade where to find his gift together. After that and some small talk of what was happening, Doyle found herself promptly locked out of Andromeda's systems with her holographic self smiling happily to the blonde android wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Harper had been caught trying to spike the eggnog by Doyle and was claiming that it was in case two certain pilots came in and could be persuaded to drink some before they started a massacre. Doyle had then pointed out that it had been a few hours since either had been seen so things had obviously went well. Harper had then made the counterpoint that Rhade was dead and Beka was deciding upon how best to dispose of the body before coming after them with a fool proof plan of murder.

"Wait a minute," said Trance, "I got Beka's gift, did you get her something too?"

"We needed her help with Rhade's present," said Doyle.

"Well if she was helping then why would she want to kill you two?"

"Well she didn't exactly know what was going on…"

"So what did you two end up getting Rhade?" asked Dylan. He was curious, he really was. If not alcohol or plans of mutiny what did you get a Nietzschean?

"Oh…just a little something in red."

"And that means?"

"Well if they show up at out little party it'll mean that all is well."

"And if they don't show up," said Doyle, "aren't things even better?"

"You don't want them here?" asked Trance puzzled.

"Oh no it's just that they'll be…busy."

"Very busy."

"They? Wait a minute what does Rhade's gift have to do with Beka? Busy? Why…oh no…" Dylan braced himself to the assault of mental images that came bubbling to the surface as he realized what Rhade had gotten and Beka's role in it. There was no way in hell would Beka ever sleep with Rhade…would she? It wasn't possible. Was it? Why the hell did women all of a sudden start flocking to him?

Dylan rolled his eyes. At least he still had Trance.


Beka and Rhade had sauntered into the Obs. Deck arms wrapped around each other after deciding that they should make an appearance at the very least. As much fun as it would have been to stay in bed with him all day, Beka was glad that they had managed to untangle themselves long enough to walk down to the deck. It looked even more beautiful than it always did. Harper and Co. had done an amazing job, decorations, presents, food, the works.

"Place is looking great guys."

"Beka?!" Dylan's eyebrows shot straight up in shock. "What are you wearing?"

"Do you like it?" asked Trance.


"Trance made it," explained Beka swishing her skirt. "It was my Christmas present from her."

"A dress? You're wearing a dress. A short dress. And how come you two got red hats…I have a green hat…"

Rhade smiled widely. He felt victorious. He had Beka. Beka in a short, red dress. Beka out of that short, red dress and wrapped in his bed sheets. Oh yes, life was good. And all Dylan got was a green hat! This was the best Christmas ever.

"They liked our present," said Doyle nudging Harper. "They look happy. Don't they look happy?"

"This isn't a trick to get close enough to hurt us is it?" asked Harper cautiously as Beka and Rhade walked closer to the group.

"You did good Harper."

"Hey! It was my idea!" protested Doyle.

"Knocking me out too?" asked Beka.

"Of course!"

"Though Rhade will probably be the one knocking you up someday down the road. And you'll both have us to thank."

"Shut it Harper," said Beka looking at Rhade with suspicion as he smirked.

"Harper didn't know what to get Rhade," continued Doyle. "All he could think of was alcohol and slaves."

"Well Beka's--"

"Not your slave."

"…not my slave."

"Sheesh a few hours together and she's already got him whipped," said Harper. When Rhade started to growl, Beka hugged his side and ran her hand down his chest causing the Nietzschean to preen with a superior 'she's all mine' smirk on his face, completely ignoring Harper.

"See what'd I say? Whipped. Wipshsh."

"I don't believe I'm seeing this," said Dylan.

"The universe's greatest matchmaker," said Doyle, "is me. Though it was something Trance said that led me to the gift idea."

"I did? What did I say?"

"That there was something more to their bickering."

"I had a feeling."

"Could someone please stop them?" asked Dylan. He pointed to Rhade and Beka who were starting a make out fest.

"Hey Andromeda are your sprinklers working?"

"If they start at it in my corridors they most definitely will be," said Holo-Rommie popping up.

"That is just mean Andromeda," said Beka trying to disengage herself from a very reluctant Rhade. One more kiss and they went back to being arm in arm.

"Are you two sure there's not some other place you'd rather be?" asked Harper.

"Oh there is, we just thought we should show up."

"You might not see us for a while after this."

"Isn't this great?" asked Trance, "we're all getting along."

"All thanks to me and my ingenious idea."

"Beka and Rhade were my idea."

"Yeah well I helped patch things up with you and Andromeda."

"We're getting there."

"I love me firewall Harper," said Holo-Rommie.

"You've said that already," said Doyle.

"Only because it's true."

The blonde rolled her eyes as the ship's hologram smiled with glee.

"Well now that we're all here how about we have a toast with my non-spiked eggnog?"

"Non-spiked?" questioned Beka.

"I caught him in time," explained Doyle.

As the crew got their drinks, and Andromeda with a virtual one, they actually toasted to togetherness. It was at this time that Dylan couldn't help but seeing his old crew. United together without any of the fighting. Everyone was getting along. Harper, Doyle, and Trance had worked together to do something to make everyone else happy. Beka and Rhade had effectively stopped fighting, and Doyle and Andromeda were finally starting to work out their differences. Everyone was getting along. He looked around at them and ended up catching Rhade's eye. The Nietzschean shot Dylan a glare before pulling Beka closer and smirking his high and mighty smirk.

Dylan shook his head.

Well almost everyone.



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