Playing House By. Jenniebo Title: Playing House Disclaimer: Same one, different story.
Summary: The reapers get moved to a new city away from George's old life and are the only one's in this little town in New England. Once there they are told that they will all be needing new identities, and that they are to use their first names but will all be sharing a last name. They are to pretend to be a family.
Chapter 1 The Move "But I don't wanna move." George whined, as they packed the last of Daisy and George's things into the U-Hal. "I'm sorry peanut, but we have to, its orders. You'll make new friends, I promise." Rube told his youngest reaper. He was always trying to make things easier on her, she was only 18 when she died and not very ready to take on the responsibilities of reaping. Maison slammed the door of the U-Hal down, "We're never going to pull off being a happy family, or any family at that"
George looked up and very confused, "What do you mean family?" she was now glaring at Rube.
"Yes, George, we are going to be a 'family' to make it easier of a transition for us when we get there." he told her calmly.
"Your fucking with me right"
"Langue young Georgy." he told her, "Now, everyone get in the car its time to go." The reapers looked around one last time, this was the only place George had ever known, she had lived here, died here, and spent all of her after life here. But that was all over now, she would have to go to this place she had never heard of before and start all over again.
After 7 hours of driving Rube pulled the U-Hal into a driveway in a small row of houses on a quite street. He got out first and smiled fakely, "Well, kids, here we are." the 4 reapers got out and looked rather unpleasant at their new environment. It took them several hours to get all of the boxes out of the truck and inside the garage. Rube walked about the house deciding who should go in which room and if they were to have a room mate. It was a 4 bedroom home, 2 would have to share. Rube gave Roxy her own room since she was very independent, and truth be told she had a tendency to piss off the other girls with out meaning to. Maison would have to have his own room to keep up appearances because no father would put his daughters with his son, so that left George and Daisy together. They took it well, they had lived together for over a year any way they could do this now. After everyone's boxes had been moved to their respective rooms Rube called out for pizza. He got George's favorite flavor, he wanted her on his good side for what he would soon be telling her.
"Georgy, can I see you in the hall for a moment?" he didn't wait for a reply but got up and walked to the dark hall way, George followed him and gave him a puzzling look. "Your not going to like this"
"That's not the best way to start a sentence." she told him.
"Well. You have to go back to high school. But just for one year, you'll be a senior so its not like you'll be a little freshmen"
Georgia was very close to slapping Rube and screaming, but she didn't, she did however manage to get out, "Fuck"
"Once more watch your tongue George." he was slipping into the Father part fast. In a way he had always been the father of the group, giving assignments, protecting his merry group of soul suckers.
"What? Rube look this isn't going to work."