Nameless Song Of My Soul

By Mithostwen, believe it or not.

I just randomly started writing after youth group one day, trying to describe how I felt...

It's the song that's deep down in the core of my soul,

So much higher and purer than words.

And it calls out to me even when I don't hear,

Crying, "This is who you really are."

It lifts me up so high that I can see it all;

One perfect moment in the tides of time.

Something stirs in my heart and I'm laughing with joy,

And I know that my Father's nearby.

It holds me so close that all else fades

In the peace that surrounds my mind.

It whispers, "You're home, and I'll always be here,

Even though you'll forget it at times."

All of nature knows this better than I,

And cries, "Why can't you understand?"

As it praises his name in the cool, healing rain,

And the pure snow that blankets the land.

The trees radiate bold green life at its core,

And the sea draws me into its rhythm.

The mountainsides sing of the sun, and the power

Of the wilderness in its true form.

So ancient, so strong, and the source of all life

Is the earth we so treasure, some say.

But there's something still higher than what we can see,

Breathing life into us every day.

An unquenchable fire that burns without end,

Even when it appears to fade.

Pure light in our souls, so much stronger than shadows

That threaten to take us away.

And we try to hold on for all we're worth,

But sometimes it's just too much.

Even then, we won't fall, for the ruler of all

Is always there holding us up.

And the song doesn't cease; it's the story of life,

And it changes and shifts like the wind.

But through all that may come, I will never give up,

Because my hope is rooted in Him.