YES! IT'S HERE! FINALLY! ABOUT TIME! Well after talking to a few readers (thanks for your ideas!) Ideas finally started to piece together in my mind. Before I show you chapter one, however, I decided to leave you guys with a sort of 'trailer' thing first...I even have the background music for you guys to listen to! If you've got Windows Media Player, type in 'Requiem for a Dream' in the guide and click the one that says 'Lord of the Rings: Two Towers trailer'. (Really fitting for a POTC fic... lol) Skip to like 2 min 15 sec and then boom you're there!

Will VO: They say that love can never be broken... that it is eternal... (Will's voice slowly begins to blend with Riley's until it is her voice speaking) that love is the strongest thing on the earth... it lives inside us... it breathes life into us... that the human race would be nothing without it...

We see an image of Will and Riley looking at each other lovingly and then they kiss. Then we see a hand writing in a diary. Riley's voice begins to speak. "Dear Diary, it has been a few months since I've been back here in the Caribbean. It's been amazing! Will and I are still together and I love him deeply. But I miss Robbie... he's been gone along with my past that lies in the future."

We see someone open a door and Robbie is at it. Robbie speaks: "I'm back!"

Riley VO: But, as they always say, there's trouble in paradise... We see a shot of a woman's profile, blacked out an unable to see because of the darkness, then the screen turns black. We see a ship sail in from the distance, unable to see the name or who is on it. Next shot: Riley turns around.

We hear someone say: "What happened to you? It's almost like you're a different person... Don't I mean anything to you anymore? Does what we went through in New York mean anything to you anymore?"

Jack VO: "Somethin's not righ'... e'ryone's actin' strange..."

Anamaria: "Wedding jitters?" (We see Will and Riley look at each other in a funny nervous way.)

Jack: "Yeah, that's gotta be it."

Flashes go by of visions: Will grabbing Riley's hand; Riley opening her mouth and screaming something; a closeup of Will's eyes becoming slowly wider; Robbie laughing and smiling; the blades of two swords crossing; Jack saying "Ah, drink up me 'earties yo ho!"; the shot goes black and we hear a knock on the door. The vision comes back and we hear Will open it. "Who's there?"


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