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Chapter Eight

"It's called a walkie-talkie," explained Robbie as he slapped one each into Jack's and Will's hands.

Riley's eyes widened. "Oh, Robbie, you're brilliant!"

He beamed at her.

"How's it work?" asked Will. Jack, who'd been trying to examine his, accidentally poked himself in the eye with the antennae.

"Bloody 'ell!" he shouted, rubbing his eye.

"Simple," said Robbie. "You turn it on -" he flicked a switch on its side - "find the right channel -" he twiddled with a knob on the front of it – "and hit this button if you want to talk to one of us." He pressed a button on its opposite side. "How ya doin' Jack?" he spoke.

Jack, who'd had his ear right up to the speaker, let out another yell and jumped backward, sending the walkie-talkie flying straight into the side of Will's head.

"BLOODY 'ELL!" he roared. "Ye tryin' to kill me with this thing?"

"Another thing to keep in mind," said Robbie loudly, "is the volume."

Will glared at Jack, rubbing his head as Robbie showed them how to control the volume. "So, everyone good with how to work these? Ri, I know you know how to use these, and I've got two more. Charlotte and I can share one so Ri can have her own."

Everyone nodded.

"So, when do we leave?" Robbie asked Jack.

"Well," he scratched his head, "I should probably pick up some people in Tortuga, I sent Gibbs on a hunt fer more rum earlier, so we should leave as soon as possible. How's tomorrow sound?"

Robbie glanced at Will and Riley for a moment before nodding at Jack. "Aye, matey!" he said in the best pirate accent he could muster.

Riley tried to hide her laugh, she really did, but a small snort escaped her and she quickly stuffed her fist in her mouth, her body shaking with laughter and her face turning red. Even Will was smiling.

"What?" asked Robbie, unaware of how horrible he sounded two seconds ago.

Jack looked appalled, like he had never received a bigger insult in his life, and that was saying something, considering he was a pirate AND he knew Will.

"NEVER, EVER let me find ye talkin' like tha' AGAIN! Tha' was nothin' less than INSULTIN'!" He got right up in his face, Robbie's eyes widening in fear as Jack grabbed his shirt collar.

"Ye'll never speak like that again unless ye have the Captain's – MY – permission! Ye hear me!"

Robbie nodded vigorously. "Yes, sir!" he squeaked.

Jack was not about to let him off easy. "Ye'll 'ave hell to pay on me Pearl if ye screw up again! I'll set ye to work straight away! Scrubbin' the deck, cleanin' me rum bottles, washin' me hair…"

Robbie shuddered, for as Jack was listing all the ways to torture him, he thought he saw something crawling in Jack's hair. He grimaced. Riley thought this was the best day of her life.

In desperation, Robbie turned to his best friend. "Ri, can I stay with you and W –"

"NO!" said the couple together, Will coming from the kitchen and dragging a large bucket with him. He moved to the table everyone was standing around, winking at Riley on the way. There was no way Robbie was staying with them; they hadn't even had any alone time as a married couple yet. Charlotte's many injuries had dashed their plans for tonight, and they were not going to let anyone spoil even the slightest chance that they could be alone soon.

"Is that the trash, Will?" asked Riley as Will picked up the remains of last night's party from the coffee table.

"Yes, I was just going to take this to the dump." (Hey, they can have a dump… right?)

"Let us help you," said Riley and Jack together. They both grabbed Robbie by an arm and marched him out the door to the dump.

"Come on, Ri, what did I do to you? Jack, I was kidding, honestly! I won't do it again!"


Robbie had quite the job of cleaning himself off that night. Riley had considered letting him off easy, since it was his birthday, but Jack wouldn't hear of it. Insulting a pirate's ways to him were just as bad as insulting his mother. So, through the protests of Robbie and Riley (Will had stayed behind to look after Charlotte, just incase she woke up), Jack had unceremoniously thrown Robbie headfirst into the heaping pile of trash, shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IMBUCILE!" at the top of his lungs, followed by some very nasty swear words that woke up half the town, including Norrington. This caused Riley and Jack to flee back to the Turners' house, which was quite a job for Jack, considering how drunk he was and the fact that he'd been knocked out twice that night.

Riley made it back okay, Jack was miles behind her with the Commodore shooting out his door with the mind to put some unfortunate pirate behind bars.

Will was dabbing at one of Charlotte's wounds when Riley came flying through the door, slamming it and locking it behind her, panting heavily.

"What happened?" he asked her.

But still she shot through the house, shutting all the curtains, extinguishing all the candles and lamps, and locking doors and windows.

"Riley, you'd think the mob was after us –"

"They are," she said, out of breath as she ran into the kitchen. "Or, at least, something close. Jack woke up Norrington."

Will's eyes widened. "I'll get the back door," he said, running to it.

"Will! The living room's a mess!" she cried.

Will turned as fast as he could, almost running into the table, forgetting about the back door and following Riley to the living room.

He stood in the doorway for a moment in shock. How had he sat in there for hours, and not noticed how disastrous it was? But Riley was way ahead of him, picking up shreds of wrapping paper, empty rum bottles, presents, and bloodstained rags from Charlotte. Will snapped out of his trance and followed the suite.

"What are we going to do with Charlotte?" Riley asked in a panicked voice. The last thing they wanted was for the Commodore to find out that a half-dead woman was in their house.

"I'll put her in our room, that way if Norrington wants to search the place we can say that… your cousin is visiting and she's sleeping, he wouldn't intrude on that," said Will. Riley nodded, her arms full of trash.

They ran off in opposite directions, Riley shoving the trash out into the bushes outside the kitchen window, and Will picked up Charlotte carefully and went quickly up the stairs. He put her in their bed, throwing the covers around her, making sure her back was facing the door. He blew out the candle, then ran out the room, slamming the door behind him. He bolted down the stairs, and crashed right into Riley at the foot of them.




"Ah, no time for apologies! Are we done here?"

"Riley, your nose, it's bleeding," said Will, taking out his handkerchief.

"What! Oh, no… Will, Norrington's going to know something's wrong now!" She hurriedly put the cloth up to her nose.

"Ssh, don't worry," he said quickly, extinguishing a nearby candle. "Go upstairs and clean it up the best you can. I'll hold off Norrington if he comes by."

"Okay," said Riley just as fast. She was breathing very heavily; if she had asthma, she'd probably be on the floor choking by now. Will's breathing was just the same. For a moment, things froze between them, and they just stared at each other, both of them forgetting that Norrington was coming to their door, Robbie was in the dump, Jack was God knows where, and Riley's nose was bleeding. Then, at the same time, their faces both sprung together like magnets and they shared a heated, long awaited kiss.

Then, at the same time, they broke away. We're so perfect for each other, thought Riley.


"Double-check house."

And they both ran off, having no time for full sentences.

No sooner had Riley reached the top of the stairs, they heard a knock on the door.

Will planned this carefully as Riley crept around upstairs. He took his time, he needed to make it look like he'd been sleeping since it was well past midnight. He ruffled his clothes a little, threw the sash in his hair to the side and shook out his hair, then grabbed a nearby candle and opened the door.

Sure enough, it was the pompous pig, and even through the angry look on his face, he still managed to look smug.

"Good evening, Mr. Turner," he said.

"Commodore," said Will, nodding slightly. Right on cue, the clock chimed 1 AM. Will silently thanked it for choosing his side. He gave a false yawn just to add to the effect. "It's very late."

"Yes, I'm terribly sorry, but a disturbance woke me a few minutes ago, and I have reason to believe it was Jack Sparrow."

"Sparrow, huh? Are you sure it was him?"

"With the number of profanities I heard, how could it not be?" Norrington asked matter-of-factly.

Will gave a short nod. "And that brings you here because…?"

"Because I know you and Sparrow are –" he pulled a face " –mateys, and I was just wondering if he was staying with you…"

"Oh, no, sir," said Will, shaking his head. "Nope, just me and my wife, sir."

Right on cue, Riley walked down the stairs, her nose blood-free, and she'd even managed to change into her nightgown, it looked like. She was just fastening her robe when she asked, "Will, who's at the door at this hour?"

"It's the Commodore, dear," Will replied.

"Oh," she glanced at the clock. "Good morning, sir."

"Hello, Mrs. Turner. Sorry for the disturbance."

"Oh, not a problem, not a problem…"

"I was just asking your husband if he'd seen Jack Sparrow around," said Norrington in that same pompous manner. Will tried to hide his smirk. He knew Riley hated that about him.

"Jack's in town?" she asked casually. "No, I didn't know… Might I suggest checking the local taverns? No doubt he'd be there – if he were in town, that is…"

"Yes, good thinking, I'll check there –"


All three heads whipped to the stairs, directly visible from the front door.

"What was –" Norrington began, but Will cut him off.

"Oh, don't mind that, its just the… cat –"

"A wedding present, dear Charlotte found him by the docks –"

"Ooooh, me 'ead…" came Jack's voice from upstairs.

"I say, was that Sp –"

"The cat's got a special talent, sir!"

"JACK SHUT UP! – We named the cat Jack, sir," Riley finished quickly.

"Well, Commodore, it's very late, I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow, good night!" said Will extremely fast, shutting the door on a skeptical looking Norrington.

Will leaned against the door as he locked it. "Whew, that was close," he said to Riley.

"Hello, Mrs. Turner, sorry for the disturbance, Mrs. Turner, have you seen Jack Sparrow, Mrs. Turner? I'm going to go powder my ass, Mrs. Turner…" Riley mimicked in a squeaky but quiet voice.

Will laughed as Jack came swaggering down the stairs. "Woah, that was quite a chase back there –"


"Jack, you idiot, Norrington was just at our door!" Will hissed angrily.

"How'd you manage to get away?" asked Riley.

"Yeah," continued Will, "And better yet, how'd you get in here?"

"Well, I doubled back so I was a good distance behind Norrington, then climbed through yer bedroom window."

Will and Riley glanced at each other, neither of them wanting to know how he got up there in the first place. Jack waltzed into the living room and plopped down on the couch.

"Jack, what about Robbie?" asked Riley.

"That scumbag?" asked Jack, frowning. "I hope 'e got thrown in the slammer… but I mustn't get me 'opes up…"

No sooner had Jack said that, they heard a door open and close from the kitchen; the back door that Will had forgotten about. Robbie trudged back into the house, with him came a horrible stench. Flies were swarming around him, and he had trash stuck to him everywhere.

"Where's your bathtub?" he asked glumly as he picked a fish skeleton off his shoulder.


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