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Author's Notes: Alright this is the first chapter of a long story. Violence and swearing in this chapter, just fyi. I'm testing you, my readers to see if you can spot all the scenes and lines that I borrowed from other movies and books for a bit of comic relief. In your reviews, name the scene/line and where it was from. By the way, ages in this story: Tai, Sora, and Matt are all 18; Davis, Kari, and TK are 14. That's all.

Chapter 1- The Amazon of the Winds

Somewhere, in the land of Odaiba, was a ruined fortress, and on this particular day, two young people were there. The noises of wooden swords clashing together rang out through the air. The first of these people was Lord Taichi Kamiya, one of the heirs to this kingdom. He wore his usual blue breeches and doublet, boots, and his trademark blue silk headband. He held a wooden longsword and was sparring with his squire, Daisuke Motomiya who held a wooden greatsword and wore an almost identical outfit to Tai's except with a black vest and a headband made of cloth instead of silk. Tai was trying to give the young knight-in-training some combat experience, and quite frankly, the brown-haired lord found it all too easy to beat the boy.

"Easy Davis," Tai ordered as he blocked an incoming strike to the ribs. "You have to stay loose." With that, Davis raised his arms for a downward slash, only to have Tai's free hand grab his wrists and the young lord spun around and held the edge of his practice weapon to his squire's throat "See?"

As practice resumed, Davis became more determined to beat his master.

Tai simply laughed as he ducked a horizontal slash and came up holding the tip of his sword at Davis' stomach "Fighting with your heart is fine Davis, but be sure to use your head so your bravery doesn't become stupidity."

Later, Tai casually munched on a small red apple as he effortlessly dodged and blocked Daisuke's slashes and stabs. "Hope you don't mind me having lunch," Taichi said between bites. "I don't have your energy."

Davis backed off then charged at Tai as if to impale him.

Taichi sighed and stepped aside, holding one foot out and tripped his brash squire, who fell face-first to the ground. "No one ever found victory in the dirt," Tai said casually.

As Davis picked himself up, two white horses rode in. "Hello there," a young man's voice called out.

"Hello Tai, Davis," the other rider said, this time a young girl.

Tai laughed and went to greet the new arrivals "Hikari! Takeru!" The riders were his younger sister, Lady Hikari, and Lord Takeru Ishida, his sister's betrothed.

Davis was beyong delighted to see Kari as she dismounted her horse. "Hello, Lady Hikari!" Davis had been taken with his master's sister since he first saw her, and constantly tried to prove himself to the father of the house of Kamiya that he was more fit to hold Kari's hand in marriage than Takeru, though with little success.

Kari hugged her brother and both kissed each other on both cheeks once. She wore her favorite outfit of a scarlet skirt and buttoned-up shirt under red robes with sleeves that tapered into triangles covering the backs of her hands and fingers and extended six inches past her fingertips and always hung limp. Around her neck, she wore a small scrying mirror threaded on a leather thong.

TK dismounted his horse and shook hands with Tai. He was wearing his usual green doublet, trousers, and buckskin boots, but had left his armor at home along with his green cape. He still carried his longsword over his back, his shortsword at his hip, and absolutely refused to leave behind his leather cap with neckguard.

"How have you two been," Tai asked his sister and Takeru.

"Tai, you saw us at breakfast not more than four hours ago, we're fine." Kari giggled at her brother who smirked in response.

"I'm your older brother, let me be protective," he retorted. He turned to TK "How are you doing with your sword technique? I haven't seen you spar in a few months."

TK smiled "I'm getting better. I've finally gotten the defensive spin right. It's not too hard once you get the hang of it."

Davis, eager to endear himself to his master through flattery, chided in "I'm sure Taichi can do it great. There isn't a single weapon I've seen that he can't use. He's a master, a real knight-"

Davis was cut short when a voice rang out from somewhere in the ruins "Yes, but can he dance?"

TK and Tai laughed heartily as Kari giggled. Davis looked around confused "Who said that?"

Taichi straightened up "I know that voice anywhere." He looked up on top of a moss-covered wall and saw a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes looking down at them. "Yamato, you old son of a dog," Tai shouted to his life-long friend. "What are you doing here?"

Lord Yamato Ishida leaped into the air, doing a half-twist, and landed on the ground ten feet from the group "Just thought I'd stop by and say 'hello' to everyone." He wore a green doublet and dark brown breeches with a leather pauldron on his left shoulder. He had a mandolin slung over his back like a weapon and had a fancy rapier sheathed on his hip.

Tai put a hand on Davis' shoulder. "Matt, I don't believe you've met my squire, Daisuke Motomiya. Davis, Lord Matt. Matt, Davis."

Matt and Davis shook hands. "It's a pleasure to meet you," Davis said politely.

"The pleasure's mine," Matt responded and looked back to Tai. "So he's training to become a knight? How's he doing?"

The young Lord Kamiya sighed "We've got a long road ahead."

Davis laughed uneasily and put his hand behind his head with a sweatdrop, knowing his master was right.

Matt chuckled "Don't worry about it. Even a thousand mile journey begins with the first step. Of course, that doesn't take into account the weather, the condition of the road, obstacles..."

"We get the point," Kari giggled.

TK unloaded the saddlebags on his horse "Well, Kari and I brought some lunch, so how about the five of us eat here?" Takeru was wearing one of his usual optimistic grins. It was sometimes unsettling how difficult it was to shake the boy's composure.

"Great idea," Matt cheered.

For the next hour, friends and family sat around a wooden table Tai had dragged out to the ruins a few months ago for such occassions, eating and talking. Matt always had another joke or anecdote to tell at someone's request and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Tai got up and took out a katana and greatsword, real ones of cold steel. "Davis, we have to resume practice. We're going to review the basic techniques."

Everyone got up. Davis took the sword and got into a stance. Matt finished his wine and was about to leave with his brother and Kari.

However, no one was able to leave as over two dozen men appeared from hiding places in the ruined fortress. They all looked scruffy and disreputable with cheaply made weapons.

Tai scowled "Brigands!" Before he could draw his sword, one of the bandits came up behind him and put a knife to his throat.

"Anyone move, and he dies," the man rasped.

Everyone grudgingly stood stone still as the brigands advanced. Just as Tai was beginning to realize that these men obviously had no idea who they were attacking and tried to come up with a plan, an arrow flew from an unknown source, and struck the scruffy bandit threatening Taichi's life in the left eye, causing a small spray of gore.

The man fell dead almost instantly. Taking advantage of the bandit's temporary surprise, Tai drew his katana in an upward slash, cutting open the belly and chest of a bearded man to his right, spilling his intestines on the ground. He brought the sword down into the neck of another bandit to his left, cutting the jugular and causing a spray of blood then turned the katana point-down in his hand, thrusting it backwards and thus impaling another assailant who tried to attack him from behind.

Meanwhile, two brigands flanked Kari and TK, who had his swords drawn. "Back off or taste my steel," Takeru said in a serious voice, though it was apparent he was still keeping a level head.

The two men with rusty swords went in simultaneously. TK parried an over-head strike from the man on his left with his longsword. The man on the right tried another over-head slash only to have his blade stoppped by TK's shortsword. The young boy swung the longer blade in and hit the second man's ribs and severely damaged his side. Takeru swung both blades simultaneously into the flank of the first man causing him to howl in pain. TK crossed his arms so that his longsword stabbed the second brigand through the heart and he swung both arms out to their respecive sides, striking both bringands in their heads. The last blow nearly cleaved open their skulls as they dropped dead.

As TK, fought, Davis spotted one of thee brigands sneaking up on Kari as she was casting a spell. She was a powerful sorceress but needed time to cast her magic. Davis charged forward, throwing caution to the wind and slammed his shoulder into the bandit, knocking him over and making him lose his grip on his rusted mace. Davis quickly recovered and thrust his greatsword point down before the man could recover his senses. Daisuke's sword went straight through the downed assailant's chest and came out his back into the ground. His eyes wide with shock, the brigand let out a slow death rattle before he knew no more.

Matt had his rapier out and nimbly managed to stab each attacker who came near him in the heart. They didn't have his experience in battle, but they still slowed Matt down form helping his friends. He cursed loudly as he ducked under another attacker's flail and slashed him through the chest, piercing his lung and heart.

Kari finally finished her spell and sent several bolts of fire at the brigands, each one finding its mark. Two brigands were lucky and died quickly. Others howled in pain as the fire struck them then ignited their hair and clothing, leaving them to burn to death in magical flames.

As all this transpired, several more mysterious arrows were fired, striking their targets flawlessly. It wasn't long before the ruins were littered with gored bodies and stained with blood.

The last brigand tried to make an escape but Tai charged after him, his katana sheathed and ready for a draw slash. Taichi leaped high into the air, he pulled a half-twist at the peak of his jump and drew his sword, he slashed at the fleeing brigand who blindly ran towards him as he came down to earth. The slash amputated the man's left arm and a quick circle up and a diagonal cut later, Tai stood in a monkey stance (AN: That is a real martial arts stance) with his sword point to the ground as the unfortunate bandit's head rolled along the ground next to his body. With a grim scowl, Tai stood up straight and sheathed his sword three-quarters of the way before lifting the scabbard to meet the hilt of the katana with a click. "Dirty bastards," he growled as he surveyed the dead bodies. "At least our people are a little safer now."

Everyone nodded in silent agreement and put away their weapons. All eyes looked around for the source of the mysterious arrow that had probably saved Tai's life.

"Whoever fired those arrows," Tai called out into the ruins, "show yourself. I am in deep grattitude to you as are my friends and my sister."

Stepping out from an empty doorway inside the fortress, a yellow-cloaked figure with bow and quiver in hand stepped out. The hood of the cloak was drawn up concealing the person's face. Seconds later, a small pink bird-like digimon about the size of an eagle, but with characteristics of both a raptor and a parrot, joined the cloaked figure.

Tai bowed deeply in respect and appoached the mysterious archer. "I am in your debt. Thank you for your help. I am Lo-"

The figure drew back their hood and interrupted Tai. "I know who you are, Lord Taichi Kamiya," she spoke, for the archer was in fact a young woman. She had eyes of the most unique shade of brown, almost red. She had shoulder-length red hair and, upon closer inspection, Tai realized that she was wearing men's trousers and a tunic, obviously tailored to fit her instead of who they were originally made for. She smiled brightly at Tai. "My name is Sora Takenouchi. And this is Biyomon," she said as she gestured to the bird digimon. "I am honored to meet you."

Tai was surprised to see it was a girl who fired those arrows, since not many women in the kingdom had taken to a warior's life. However, he found this tom-boyish behavior to be...charming. Try as he might, the young lord couldn't take his eyes off the girl.

Matt noticed this and walked up to his friend giving him a nudge in the ribs with his elbow. "Now there's a girl to take home to the folks, eh?"

Tai felt his cheeks turn a little pink and he shot a quick glare at Matt before regaining his composure and facing Sora again. "Would you like to come with us? The houses of Kamiya and Ishida are holding an anniversary dinner tonight. I would be honored...correction, delighted to have you and Biyomon as our guests of honor."

Sora smiled. "I accept your invitation, Lord Taichi. May I ask what the anniversary is for?"

Matt spoke up, "The anniversary celebrates five years since the day that my brother Takeru and Lady Hikari were betrothed to unite the royal houses."

As Matt said this, Davis quietly growled in jealousy.

End of Chapter 1

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