Author's Notes: Last chapter left us with a little suspense. Now we're going to find out what's going to happen and find a few surprises, too. Some of you are probably thinking that I got dark elves from Dungeons & Dragons. That's half-right. I see dark elves all over the place in fantasy now, and since they are one of my favorite evil races, I'm putting them in this story.

Chapter 7- City of Nightmares

Taichi sat quietly in front of the dying remains of the pyre. The whole thing had burned down quickly and now everyone was asleep, leaving Tai and Augumon to keep watch. The young knight kept suspiciously glancing around with an air of paranoia.

"What's wrong, Tai?" Augumon looked at his partner concernedly. The place was very unsettling, but Taichi was acting just a little too cautious, it seemed.

"I think we're being watched," the knight said in a whisper.

"What makes you think that?"

As if cued, over three dozen tall figures with the same blue black skin, bone white hair, and smoldering red eyes emerged from the shadows armed with swords, daggers, naginatas, spears, quarterstaffs, and an assortment of other unpleasant weapons. They were all grinning evilly as they surrounded Taichi, Augumon, and the sleeping digimon and digi-destined.

"Call it a hunch," the brown-haired lord said flatly. He leaped to his feet and drew his sword, letting out a battlecry to wake the others.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The dark elves moved in and beat everyone down into submission before they could fight back. Tai made sure, however, that their victory wasn't flawless. Just as he was being carried off with his arms held by a drow behind his back, he used the elf for a support, lifting his legs up and thrusting them out into the chest of another drow who was sent staggering back into his comarade's spear.


The group was lead in single file, bound by black ropes, with the drow leading them toward a cave. They all stumbled blindly around until Hikari spoke a silent incantation to grant them all the dark vision the drow possessed. The cave was nothing like the one the crests of Courage and Friendship were hidden in. There was a mysterious atmosphere, but it was out of sheer malevolence. Various beetles and spiders skittered across the ground, causing those with sandals to flinch and try to avoid the creatures without upsetting the others' balance. Cold water dripped from above into stagnant black pools filled with sightless fish or running streams with bizarre insects and crustaceans scuttling through the waters. The air got warmer as they went further down, but felt cooler as they passed an underground lake. Everyone saw the large black sillhouette moving underneath the surface, but no one had any desire to find out what it was.

After what felt like an eternity of walking, they came to a place dimly lit with phosphorescent moss that grew at certain places on the cavern walls. The stalagtites and stalagmites here were massive, bigger than a land owner's mansion, connected by stone bridges. Small holes from which faint light came through covered the rock extensions. There was a great circular theater in the center with a pit of blood-stained sand. Graffiti of dark and gruesome images was everywhere. A massive church of pure obsidian stood tall from the floor of the cavern to the roof, malevolent sounds and songs descending down its stepps and filling the caverns and tunnels. Dark elves came and went in throngs through this dark place, some of them dragging slaves of all different races. The group had reached the drow city. It was a nightmarish sight as they were all led across stone bridges to the biggest stalagtite of all and brought inside.

The inside was no more amiable than the outside. The walls were smooth and reflective, like obsidian mirrors. Engravings and tapestries of the most horrific images lined these walls and great spidershaped mobiles hung from the ceilings, as if ready to pounce on anything that got underneath them. The ceiling itself was covered in spider's webs, artificial ones made from materials one can only guess at. Finally, they were all shoved into a large hall with great stone columns at the sides and two twisted, hideous thrones. Seated on these thrones were the drow king and queen. They appeared more arrogant and regal than the other elves, with malicious smirks on their blue-black lips. "Well, well, well," the queen said. "What do we have here?"

"My lord and lady," one of the drow guards said. He stepped forward and sheathed his scimitar. "We found these humans and digimon at the site of last night's massacre. Our scout thought some of them would make good slaves while the rest could be used for target practice, so we brought them to you for you to decide."

"I refuse to be a slave to the likes of you," Davis shouted angrilly.

"That goes for me too," Veemon added.

The drow king laughed maniacally. "I don't think you have a choice." He surveyed the group with interest. "The tall one with brown hair and his little look-alike. And the young blonde one. I want these three to compete in tomorrow's games. You three are to become gladiators for my peoples' entertainment."

Taichi was now furious. "Absolutely not," he shouted. His voice echoed throughout with the volume of a thunderclap. "I will not play such a disgusting game! I am a knight, not a murderer!"

"It makes no difference what you are down here," the queen said. "In our world, you are a slave." She chuckled evilly and snapped her fingers, causing the guards to ready their weapons in attention. "Now, you will fight tomorrow along with the other two boys, or your friends all die now." With that the guards grinned wickedly and watched their prisoners with bloodlust in their eyes.

"My wife raises a good argument. Now, are you ready to play in our games," the king asked arrogantly.

It was at this time that Taichi did something ubelieveably bold. He let loose several of the only existing insults which could get a reaction from the otherwise perpetually calm dark elves. "You spider-kissing, ink-faced, cave-scratching, orcspawn!"

That was all it took to have the king and queen seeing red. "Take them to the dungeons and throw them each in seperate cells," the queen shrieked.

"If they complain, kill them," the king added. "Your death will be slow and painful you surface-dwelling slime," he growled at Tai.

"I wasn't aware the drow knew any other kind of death," the young knight shot back. The guards were dragging Tai to his cell kicking and screaming the whole way.


The cells in the dungeon were damp, cold, and weren't furnished at all. Spiders and rats occasionally scuttled through, but Takeru was able to put up with it. He was more worried about everyone else than himself. If he didn't fight, they would die. But if he fought, he would undoubtedly be killing slaves who didn't deserve any of this. He would be no better than a murderer. At the same time, he couldn't allow himself to just die, or the prophecy would never be fulfilled. The mental anguish was almost unbearable.

By morning, a dozen armed guards came to the blonde lord's cell escorting Taichi and Daisuke. Takeru was just glad that the drow had underestimated his older borther's ability as a fighter.

However, TK wasn't the only one who had been troubled that night. Hikari couldn't stand this darkness. She couldn't quite explain it, but the sorceress felt that the darkness was all the more powerful without Takeru beside her. Hikari spent the whole night huddled in a corner, but refusing to cry, refusing to give her captors that kind of satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Tai and Davis were going through the same moral dilemna as Takeru. Daisuke tried to rationalize each possible choice one way or another, but he couldn't think after a while and he fell into an uneasy sleep. Tai on the otehr hand, kept shouting the few obscenities and insults that could upset dark elves while staying conveniently out of reach of the guard's polearms.

However, of all the humans and digimon, no one was more upset by all of this than poor Iori. The boy was too young to be exposed to such dark concepts and sights. He found it impossible to sleep with the disturbing images he had seen in the past twelve hours playing in his mind. He was greatly unnerved by the fact that one of his guards had a recently preserved dwarf scalp and face, no doubt from the recent massacre. How the drow could get their "trophies" so well-preserved so quickly was a process Cody had no desire to learn of.


Taichi, Daisuke, and Takeru were led out into the great theater in the center of the city and were forcefully tossed out into the bloodstained sand with their weapons thrown in shortly afterward. They still wore their armor and brought their blades to bear. That was when the throngs of drow patrons began cheering and shouting madly in anticipation of the coming bloodshed. The three warriors drew their blades in preparation. Soon, three drow warriors armed with scimitars came out into the arena. But they were not real warriors. They were scrawny and gaunt, almost emaciated. They had insane grins on their faces and their eyes burned maniacally. These dark elves were obviously slaves forced to compete in these games. "This is no battle," Tai said with no effort to conceal his contempt. "This is butchery. Look at them. They're ill, they're starved. I could fight all three of them at once and not even break a sweat."

"This is just sick," Takeru hissed.

"Like we have a choice," Daisuke said grimly. He raised his greatsword and got into a fighting stance. His friends soon followed his example, though with some reluctance.

The drow warriors charged forward madly, foaming at the mouth as they screamed with maniacal rage.

Takeru simply side-stepped the one going for him, holding one foot out and tripping him. The dark elf fell to the ground, impaling himself on his own sword.

Daisuke jumped aside and swung his greatsword into his attacker's back, killing him instantly.

Taichi simply held his longsword out once his opponent got too close and let the dark elf skewer himself as he ran straight into the blade.

The crowd was upset. Though the scene was very bloody, it was too short for their liking. The surface-dwellers had won, each one felling his opponent in one strike. Hardly entertaining th the bloodthirsty drow.

And so it continued for hours. Slaves of every race trying to win and all the three digi-destined could do was kill them quickly. The audience wasn't very happy with this. It was all too merciful and quick.

Once the games were over, the three were thrown back in their cells and given mushrooms and some kind of fish with a glass of water for a meal. They knew the process was going to repeat itself again soon. Without contact to the other digi-destined, forming an escape plan seemed nigh impossible. For now, all they could do was play the sick games and pray for a miracle.


Patamon lay in his cell huddled in a corner. It had been nearly a week now since they were all taken to these dungeons. The winged digimon didn't know what to do, but he ate the poor meals he was given and stayed inactive as much as possible to conserve energy so he could digivolve if the need arose.

His seperation from Takeru was almost unbearable. He felt like he had lost a part of himself. If he could get some idea of how to escape the Underworld, then he could just digivolve to Angemon and fight his way out with hte others. But that wasn't very realistic. Besides, with four guards around constantly, it was impossible to make any kind of plans except in one's mind.

The dark elves were no fools. They really knew how to keep someone locked up well. Even the guards were situated on the wall facing the cell so they would never have their backs turned for even a minute. The situation was very bleak.


Day nine of imprisonment came around. The three digi-destined were once again standing out in the arena over their fallen opponents. In the past several days, they had been fighting real warriors. Now hte fights were actually challenging and often resulted in a number of minor wounds at least. Tai spit out a few drops of blood and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "I can't take this much longer. This goes against everything I stand for."

"Don't worry," Takeru said. "Something will happen and we'll get out of here." Even in these dismal conditions, the blonde lord had managed to retain hope. It was admirable how strong his faith and optimism could be.


Day eleven started and Hikari sat in her cell miserably. She couldn't stand this seperation. Takeru, Gatomon, Taichi, all of them pulled away from her. The way the guards looked at her mockingly was torture as they slid her meager breakfast in through a slot in the bars.

The sorceress ate without objection, feeling lucky that the dark elves gave prisoners this much food to begin with. She dreamed of a daring escape and rescue, knowing the ideas she envisioned were ridiculous, but it kept her going.


It was now the fourteenth day of captivity, but the digi-destined clung to their hope of escape desperately. The only contact they had with each other was when Taichi, Daisuke, and Takeru were escorted down the halls to the arena. This day, however, they got a surprise. The guards stopped at Yamato's cell, gave him his sword and brigandine vest, and dragged him out with his brother and friends. Apparently, the dark elves wanted more competitors in their games.

The four walked out into the arena stoicly. They all kept their faces emotionless, standing tall and defiant. It was then that the audience cheered as four drow stepped into the arena. However, these were not the usual gladiators and slaves the digi-destined had been fighting recently. These drow were more muscular than any other they had seen. They wore chain shirts of indigo metal and carried finely crafted counterparts of the weapons the digi-destined were holding. "Drow elite soldiers," Yamato said flatly. "Delightful."

The soldiers rushed forward to meet their counterparts. The digi-destined knew this battle was different. They weren't fighting reluctant slaves, they were figthing unfeeling killers. They would have no problem fighting these elves.

Tai parried an overhead slash and circled around for a stab to the stomach, which his opponent jumped back from. The two came in with opposed diagnol slashes and the blades met with a loud ring, each trying to out-match the other in strength. The warriors glared at each other with hatred and leaped back simultaneously, releasing their swords. Taichi went into a low sweep kick which the drow jumped over. Tai rose up with an upward sweep of his sword which managed a shallow cut in his opponent's side.

Yamato was in a fencing match with his opponent and the two appeared evenly matched. They were moving so fast it was difficult ot tell what was happening and the audience was watching excitedly. Yamato suddenly made a jump snap kick, hitting his opponent in the jaw with a crack. He landed and ran off, with the angry dark elf in hot pursuit. The blonde bard ran up to a nearby wall and kept on going, running straight up the wall and using a back flip to land behind his opponent. Matt thrust his rapier towards his opponent's unguarded back, but the dark elf ducked and kicked back with both feet like a horse, using his hands for support. The blow connected with Yamato's chest, knocking him onto his back, but his brigandine vest softened the impact a little. Using what momentum he still had, the blonde bard rolled backward onto his feet but was immediately attacked by the dark elf. Matt managed to drop backward and kicked out, connecting with the incoming drow, and using the elf's momentum to throw him back, head first into the ground.

Daisuke made two crossed horizontal slashes which his opponent dodged and swung his greatsword downward once the momentum from the last slash had brought the blade behind him. The overhead slash however missed as the drow side-stepped. He appeared to be struggling a little with his greatsword. Dark elves were not used to such heavy weapons, but they would adapt quickly. Davis brought his sword parallel with the ground with the point forward and thrust out at his opponent. This time, the strike impacted with a loud clash of metal on metal. The drow was sent backward and his chain shirt was ripped, revealing a breastplate of indigo metal underneath. The brown-haired squire shouted a short string of obscenities at this discovery and resumed his attack. He figured he could get the edge in the fight if he kept his dark elf opponent on the defense enough to distract him from adapting properly to his weapon. It was a simple strategy Taichi had taught him early in his training, and Daisuke was thankful to have that knowledge now.

Takeru was going through the fight of his life. The drow warrior seemed to practice a style of combat nearly identical to the blonde lord's. He blocked a downward slash with his longsword and stopped his oppoent's shortsword from cutting his waist by using his own sword. TK then executed a butterfly kick, landing both strikes to the drow's head successfully. He stepped forward into a hook kick, catching his opponent in the hollow of the knee and sending him falling onto his back. TK then turned his blades point-down, raised them above his head, and made to impale his drow counterpart. But the dark elf rolled to the side just in time and leaped up, delivering a hard headbutt into TK's chest, knocking him backward. Takeru touched the ground for an instant before swinging his legs in a windmill maneuver and was lifted off the ground to his feet by the momentum, ending in a defensive stance, both blades ready.

Taichi swung his sword down, hitting nothing but air. He turned the sword point-down in his hands and brought it back up, this time clashing with the drow's longsword. The brown-haired knight was quick to react, however, and delivered a powerful thrust kick into his opponent's ribs, causing him to stagger backward with his wind knocked out. Tai came in with two diagnol stabs, flowing in an X pattern. Both strikes hit and cut the drow's left arm and shoulder, making them all but useless. The dark elf retaliated with a hard stomp on Taichi's foot, distracting him for the instant needed for the drow soldier to put the tip of his sword through the knight's armored right shoulder. Tai cried out in pain, but felt lucky he had trained himself to become ambidextrous in combat. He switched his longsword to his left hand and slashed up, lopping off the drow's hand holding his sword at the wrist. The blade twisted painfully in Taichi's flesh but fell out soon.

Yamato managed to make a few shallow cuts in his opponent's face by grabbing his swordarm and sweeping his rpaier over the drow's face. The dark elf gritted his teeth against the pain and flipped both feet up, striking Yamato smartly upside the head. With his balance off-set and his arm twisted by the dark elf's spin, the blonde bard was flipped over onto the ground with his opponent grabbing his wrist in turn. The drow tried to keep Yamato from escaping by keeping a vice-like grip on his arm and tried to skewer him, but Matt refused to hold still. He suddenly swung his legs up and wrapped his ankles around the drow's neck, flipping him forward and getting him to release his grip on the blonde bard's arm. Their fight was fast becoming less of a fencing match and more of a grappling fight that just happened to include swords.

Daisuke managed to grab his counterpart by the throat and brought the pommel of his sword down hard into the drow's face, breaking his nose. He let go of the dark elf's neck and slammed the pommel down again, knocking his opponent flat into the sand of the arena floor. Daisuke jumped up with the greatsword lifted above his head. He came back down, his sword going with him ready to cut the dark elf soldier open, only to strike the ground as his counterpart rolled away into a crouch. Before his opponent could get a second wind, Davis took a huge step forward from his own crouch, lifting the sword up to slash the dark elf. But the drow reacted quickly and stepped on the blade. He spun on his heel and smacked Davis hard across the jaw with the flat side of his own elven blade.

Takeru's opponent leaped above him, doing a half-twist in mid-air and landing behind the young lord. TK responded by pivoting and slashing down with his longsword in a great circular cut, which the drow successfully blocked. Instantly, TK followed up with another circular slash with both blades, managing to overwhelm the drow so that when Takeru came in for a third attack, his swords imbedded themselves in his counterpart's shoulder. The drow howled in pain, but reacted by swinging both sword's into TK's right side, cutting through his armor and striking vulnerable flesh. The young lord cried out and took several staggering steps backward, trying to clear his mind of the pain.

Taichi thrust a powerful side kick into his counterpart's stomach. When the drow doubled over in pian, wrapping his arms around his solar plexus, Tai hit him with a hard uppercut using the last ouce of strength in his right hand. Before the drow could stagger, Taichi used his right hand once more to grab the dark elf's htroat and keep his face upward while the brown-haired lord fed his opponent his longsword. The young knight heard a satsifying gurgle from within the drow soldier's throat and he withdrew his blade, now dripping with blood, and let the body fall to the ground, blood flowing like a river from the now dead elf's still-gaping mouth.

Yamato butterfly kicked his drow opponent in the sides and followed up with a slash aimed towards his counterpart's rapier. With a ring of metal on metal, Matt successfully disarmed his opponent. He threw a swing kick into his opponent's jaw, sending him staggering backward into the wall and Yamato lunged in before the dark elf could react, stabbing quickly and repeatedly with his rapier and soon puncturing at least a dozen holes in the soldier's torso which began to spout blood like a grotesque parody of a watering can.

Takeru was being put on the defensive with each relentless strike his opponent made. It was then that TK found a weak point. The dark elf was striking mostly toward the upper half of the body, and his legs were practically forgotten for everything but stepping forward. As his counterpart made two crossed slashes, the young lord ducked below the blades, and swung his own swords into a scossors cut that tore open the drow soldier's legs. With a scream, he fell to the ground, and TK once more turned his blades point-down and thrust them downward, this time successfully impaling the drow through the stomach.

The audience was practically orgasmic at the bloody spectacle before them. Their only regret was that it was the surface-dwellers who won. The kind and queen stood up and applauded. "Well done," the queen shouted from her balcony in the arena stnads. "We'll get you cleaned up and see how well you do against tougher opponents once you have your strength back."

"No," Taichi said defiantly. The crowd fell silent and all eyes were upon the young knight. Tai sheathed his sword and put his left hand over his slowly bleeding shoulder. "I refuse to continue with your sick games."

"How dare you," the queen shrieked.

"I'm not afraid of you," the brown-haired knight said in return. "I don not fear torture or death. I fear nothing from you."

The king and queen were now livid. No one had ever defied them like this.

"You've lost one of your greatest weapons against me," Tai continued. "Fear."

"Very well," the king said. He snapped his figners and several guards walked out of the arena. It wasn't long before an entire squadron of soldiers came in, escorting the remaining digi-destined and digimon. "As punishment for your defiance," the king barked, "all of you will compete in the games. If you successfully beat everything we send against you, then we will make you fight each other." With htis, the drow king grinned evilly and chuckled low in his throat.

"Barbarians," Koushiro shouted angrilly.

Patamon stood up on his hind legs. "No more," he squeaked. "This ends now! Patamon digivolve to..." A white light enveloped the little winged digimon and his body began to morph into a winged humanoid figure. "Angemon," the angel digimon shouted as the light faded, revealing his champion form. Angemon took to the air, twirling his staff. "Hand of Fate," he shouted, and blasted away a whole section of the arena, and dozens of drow with it. "Everyone," he shouted down to his friends, "get out now! I'll hold them off! Hand of Fate!" Angemon continued destroying the drow city.

A dozen guards took out crossbows and fired at the champion digimon. Their bolts left only minor wounds in Angemon's body and he contronted them with his staff.

It was then that a drow sorcerer emerged from the shadows, threw open his billowing black cloak, and launched a fireball of black flame at Angemon, successfully striking him.

Angemon screamed in pain and fell forward on his face. His helm was cracked, nearly split open. Most of his long, blonde hair hand been burned away, along with the pure white feathers on his wings, which were now charred black and half destroyed. His skin was burned and bleeding, smoke rising off his body.

"Angemon," Takeru Shouted. "No!" Tears were welling up in the blonde lord's eyes, but with the sorerer there he was powerless to help his bonded partner.

Taichi was shaking with rage. "That's it," he said in a voice not his own. From underneath his doublet, a patch of fire burned a hole in the garment, revealing his crest of Courage, now glowing a bright orange and enveloped in fire. Taichi threw his head back and cried out as loud as his lungs would allow as blood red flames erupted from the ground and wreathed his body. The young knight's hair danced in the burning winds, seemingly unaffected by the aura of fire, like the rest of his body. The young lord opened his eyes to show they were glowing blood red, pupils merging with the rest of the eye. All eyes were on Taichi as he slowly turned his head to face the drow sorcerer who was now staring at him in shock. Tai raised his right arm, now completely healed, and launched a stream of orange fire from his palm right at the unfortunate dark elf, who was immersed in flames and burned down to a charred, brittle skeleton in seconds.

The crowd's cheers of excitement became screams of fear. Dark elves began trampling each other trying to escape from the burning creature down on the arena floor. "What the hell is going on here," the queen shrieked.

The digi-destined and digimon watched Tai with awe and fear. The brown-haired lord turned to Augumon and soon, the lizard digimon's eyes began to glow the same blood red. "Augumon digivolve to... Skullgreymon!" Everyone watched with horror as the little orange lizard became a massive skeletal dragon. "Dark Shot!" The powerful blast headed straight for the balcony where the drow king and queen were seated. They had just enough time to scream in terror before they knew no more.

Taichi drew his sword. Instantly, the blade became wrapped in yellow and orange flames. A dark elf guard raced toward him, but Tai lazily batted his sword away. He made two crossed horizontal slashes, first destroying the guard's weapon, then amputating his arm above the elbow, the flaming sword burning the wound dry. He then brought the sword in and thrust it forward, impaling the drow soldier through the chest. A second later, the guard's body above the waist exploded in a shower of burning body aparts that had been cauterized by the heat of the young knight's blade.

Another guard made to attack Taichi with a halberd, but the brown-haired lord just side-stepped and grabbed the soldier by the neck. The dark elf screamed wildly in pain before the flaems surrounding Tai's body burned away the unfortunate guard's flesh, leaving his smoldering skeleton to fall apart into a heap on the ground.

The others were watching helplessly, petrified by the sight of the slaughter before them. Skullgreymon's Dark Shot attack was quickly decimating the arena and the surrounding city, while Taichi brutally killed every soldier who tried to stop him.

A group of dark elves armed with crossbows fired on Taichi, but moved faster than sight and dodged their bolts. Enraged, the archers fired again, once more, hitting nothing but air. "Damn you," the leader shouted. "Hold still!" He fired another shot right at Taichi's chest, and the young knight did not dodge, but instead caught the bolt in his hand several inches from his ribs. The wooden missile burned to ashes in Tai's grip and he narrowed his glowing eyes at the archers. The flames surrounding his body leaped out and engulfed the dark elves, burning them to cinders in mere seconds.

"Taichi," Hikari shouted pleadingly. "Please stop! This isn't the knight's code! This isn't you!" Tears were streaming down her face as she watched her brother continue his massacre.

Takeru watched the whole scene with blurred vision through tears. "No, this isn't right. We can't give in to anger! We have to keep hope!"

As if summoned by the two children's words, two flashes of white nad green light came speeding through the darkness of the caverns and rested on Hikari's and Takeru's chests respectively. The lights formed pendants bearing the runes of Light and Hope. The two had found their crests in this dark hour.

Hikari and Gatomon became sheathed in white light and their eyes glowed golden, while Takeru and Angemon were surrounded in a bright green glow with dark green flashing eyes. Angemon, stood up, his wounds healed and he began to change with Gatomon.

"Gatomon digivolve to... Angewomon!" Angewomon looked the same for the most part, but with the pure light surrounding her, the angel digimon looked more powerful than ever.

"Angemon digivolve to... MagnaAngemon!" MagnaAngemon looked more regal than Angemon, and seemed to practically radiate divine power. He activated his glowing sword and turned to face Skullgreymon with Angewomon.

Meanwhile, Hikari found two daggers of pure light held point-down in her hands. She was never good at fighting, but she knew how to use these weapons as if she had training and experience beyond her years.

Takeru felt faster, stronger, and more skilled than ever before. His swords had also chnged. The hilts were made of mithril and jade, while the blades were transparent crystals, perfectly shapen and smooth as glass with edges sharper than razors.

The sorceress and her betrothed turned to face Taichi as he cut a drow guard in two at the waist, his blade cauterizing the flesh instantly. They knew they had to work together to stop him. The young knight had unleashed the power of his crest, but the anger and hatred burning inside of him had been greatly magnified beyond his control. Somehow, the two dig-destined and the ultimate digimon were going to have to stop Taichi and Skullgreymon before their unbridled power was turned in the wrong direction.

End of Chapter 7

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