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Severus Snape stalked through the halls of his family's home, his patented scowl in place. This was the first time he decided to visit the estate left to him by his parents and that damn Potter boy had to join him. Dumbledore's orders. The potions master snorted to himself. The old fool. Voldemort had been defeated barely weeks prior to the Christmas break, so it was definitely safe for Potter to stay wherever he desired. He'd chosen the school, and the Headmaster had denied it to him. Another snort escaped Severus. Potter had looked positively horrifiedat the thought ofbeing turned away.

However, it wasn't this that appealed to the darker side of Snape's sense of humour. (Or, rather, to his inner cynic.) It was the notion that he and Potter had become somewhat neutral with each other during the months before the final battle. In fact, at the time, Severus had considered the boy as a confidant of sorts, and had thought that he had been seen in the same light. What with their constant time spent mulling over battle plans and tactics of the enemy and the like. Obviously, though, in revelation of the boy's frantic pleas to send him elsewhere –anywhere but Snape's-, this wasn't the case.

However, the old codger had still forced him to go. To leave Hogwarts and spend the Christmas break with Severus. Neither of them could fathom why. It was the boy-who-refused-to-die's final year of school. He had barely 5 months until he graduated. He was almost a legal adult. It was, simply put, not logical.

Yet, here they were, both staying at Snape's manor.

With minimal conversation, the Hogwarts professor had shown Harry around the estate, directed him to a spare bedroom and instructed him on what he was to do in order to call a house-elf or Severus himself. That had been four days ago. The boy spent the time in his room, only emerging to eat every-so-often.

Snape sighed. He didn't blame the young man for becoming reclusive. Barely a month had gone by since he'd lost friends and teachers to the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. The Weasley girl had been the first to perish, then the Finch-Fletchly boy from Hufflepuff. Severus' house had even suffered its losses –mainly the Death Eaters of 7th year- but was shaken most by the loss of one Draco Malfoy. He had been one of the only Slytherin 7th years on the side of 'light'.

Severus shook the thoughts from his head, and stopped himself at the sound of a groan. He turned and frowned in the direction of Potter's room. A few seconds passed before another muffled groan came from behind the door. Snape's scowl deepened. If the boy was pleasuring himself in HIS bedroom….His thoughts stopped again as a short cry erupted from the room.

Severus sped over to the door and waited for something, anything, to give him a bit more basis for bursting into the room. Another groan signalled that Potter was experiencing pain and not pleasure, and Snape didn't know whether to be relieved or concerned.

He knocked on the oak. "Potter?" He queried, "Is everything….alright in there?"

There was a moment's hesitation, then, "Ah….Yes….I'm…urgh….." Another pause. "Everything is fine…." As if that hadn't been convincing enough, his drawn out answer was punctuated with another short exclamation of pain.

"Potter," Snape tried again, "I won't hesitate to knock the door down."

A moan followed this statement from inside the room, and then the boy's voice, sounding extremely frustrated and bordering on frantic. "Damnit, Severus, I'm fi….ine. "

At use of his first name, Snape was on alert. Potter had only ever used it during moments of true comradeship. When they were being completely serious and open with each other. Then there was the infliction to his tone….That was it! He was going in.

"Harry?" He asked, swinging open the door.

The sight that greeted him, though, stopped him in his tracks.

There was Po…Harry, writhing in pain on the bed, blood drenching his lower-body, trousers and all, seeping into the sheets. He was shirtless and clutching at his abdomen. Shaking off his stupor, Severus rushed to the young man's side. He looked into those eyes, which were laced with terror and pain.

"Sev…." Harry hissed up at him. "I told you-"

"You are clearly anything but fine, Harry."

The saviour of the wizarding world cried out in pain again, before gazing into his professor's eyes, tears suddenly brimming forth. "Make it stop." He pleaded. "Make it go away."

Severus, thinking that the broken man before him was suffering under a backfired spell or something similar, waved his wand. "Finite Incantatum." His eyes widened as the charm took over.

He'd been correct. Harry was under a spell. A self-placed concealing charm, to be precise.

At least Severus knew what all the bleeding was about now.

He swallowed.

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, was currently sprawled out on the bed, in the throes of giving birth. He fought to keep his shock in check, forcing himself to aide the younger man instead. He didn't ask any personal questions, but formulated the answers in his mind.

Now Harry's strange behaviour made more sense. His withdrawal from everyone around him. The way he frantically begged Dumbledore to be allowed Christmas alone. The way he had panicked at the final battle whenever a spell came near him….he had obviously wanted to avoid the rest of the world finding out.

After another contraction passed, Severus found himself looking into Harry's eyes, "Does anyone know?"

The younger shook his head, more tears threatening to break loose, "No-one….I….I thought that…..this isn't normal."

"No….I can't say it's normal….." The older man shook his head sadly, "But it does occur-"

"I've read the bloody books, okay? I've done my research. It's not normal…." A short, cynical snort escaped his lips, "But then, I've never been able to be 'normal'. What did I expect?"

Snape swallowed again, formulating a response, but was cut off as another howl of pain flew from his student's mouth. He grimaced, realising that the process was too far along to have help appear in time. It seemed that the only chance Harry and his child had of survival rested in his hands.

That wasn't a promising situation.

But then, what choice did either of them have?

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