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"Grandfather!" Callisto Snape yelled, struggling free of her Daddy's grasp to run into the visitor's arms.

Lucius Malfoy smirked as the four year old threw herself into his embrace. "Happy Birthday, child." He spoke, moving to stand up straight. She giggled with glee as she rose into the air with him, before settling against his side while he supported her above his hip.

"Lucius," Severus greeted him from across the room, "Early for once, I see."

The older Slytherin sent his fellow housemate a grin. "Naturally. It is for a good cause, after all." And it was. It was his granddaughter's fourth birthday, and he refused to miss the important occasion. Ministry matters could wait, and if certain issues were urgent, he had no doubts that Acting Minister Shacklebolt could handle them in his absence.

Snape nodded, a small smile on his lips. "Indeed it is." He agreed.

Callie, by this stage, was becoming bored with the lack of attention she was receiving. It was her birthday, so it wasn't fair that her Daddy was monopolising her guests' attentions. "Daaaaaddy!" She whinged from her Grandfather's arms, earning herself a scowl which she shrugged off with ease. "He's here for me!"

The blonde man chuckled, whilst Severus continued to narrow his gaze in his little girl's direction. "Callisto," he began in a reprimanding tone, "What have I told you about whining?"

She sighed indignantly, and pouted. " S'not an… at- track- tive… thing."

"Exactly." Snape agreed, apparently satisfied with her phrasing, whilst internally noting that her pronunciation was beginning to improve. Shaking the thought away for the moment, he continued on his chastisement of her behaviour. "It is not becoming for a young lady of your stature-"

"Merlin, Sev." Harry's voice interrupted as he entered the room and, in natural succession, the conversation. "She's only four, and you're talking to her about stature again?" He shook his head in amusement, "You've been spending too much time with Lucius." At that, he turned to look at the blonde man in question, a wry smirk gracing his lips. "No offence intended, of course."

Malfoy smirked in response. "None taken."

Harry's eyes darted amusedly over Lucius' position. "I see Callie found you quickly this visit." He mused, "You're barely out of the hearth."

The aristocrat nodded, jiggling the girl on his hip lightly. "Indeed she did, though I wonder if she wants to be put down." Her head swivelled sharply, causing them to appear nose to nose. He shrugged, and looked into her accusing eyes. "I can not give you your present while I'm holding you, now, can I?" He asked her.

With a squeal of excitement, Callisto began to squirm. "Presents!" She cried happily, attempting unsuccessfully to slide down her Grandfather's body. With a bark of laughter, the older wizard let her down gently. She bounced up and down in front of him. "Presents!" She trilled again, this time more demanding.

Severus pinched the bridge of his nose, and eyed his fellow Slytherin. "Fool." He hissed, "We'd only just managed to deter her…"

Harry laughed openly, and bent down to pull Callie into his own arms. "Callisto…" He began, his tone somewhere between soothing and reprimanding, "No presents until after lunch."

A small scowl took over her features, and she crossed her arms over her chest. "Presents!" She demanded, stomping her foot for emphasis. "NOW!"

"No." Harry levelled his gaze, "We're still waiting for Sirius and-"

"NOOOOWWWW!" She howled, tears beginning to form.

Her father remained unperturbed. "I said no, Callie."

"But I want them!"

"And I want you to behave."

She narrowed her eyes, "I will be good if-"

"You're not getting your presents early, and you will not continue to bargain with me." The Gryffindor cut her off. "And you will stop this behaviour at once. What will your Grandfather think if you keep on acting like this?"

She paused, seemingly to consider her father's statement. Her bottom lip started to quaver. "Please?" She asked timidly.

Harry shook his head.

Callisto scowled; her storm cloud eyes darkening with her tantrum. "PLEAAAAAASSSEEE!"

"Your father has said no, Callisto." Severus began, deciding that he had allowed for his husband to play the bad guy for long enough. "And if you continue to act like this, you won't get any presents at all."

Again, the little girl fell silent in contemplation. After a minute or so, she sighed, and looked towards her feet, shuffling them sadly. "Sorry." She said, sounding genuine, before bursting into tears.

With a sigh, Severus relented, squatted down to her level and pulled her into a hug. "It's alright, Love." He muttered, as she sobbed against the crook of his neck. "Just try not to behave like that. You're a big girl now, remember?"

With a sniffle, she nodded, before reluctantly pulling away to look at her Father sheepishly. "Sorry." She offered, causing Harry to smile back at her and ruffle her hair.

"It's okay, Love." He told her, "But your Dad's right. You're a big girl now."

She grinned, "Yep!" She agreed, "It's my birthday!"

For a moment, Lucius thought that the entire 'presents' debate would begin again, though was thankfully proven wrong when his Granddaughter became distracted by the arrival of more guests.

"Well," He began, as he observed her enthusiastic efforts to greet her visitors, "It appears that we have our work cut out for us."

The other two men nodded in agreement, before moving to greet the new arrivals themselves.


"I never want to go through that ever again." Severus stated later that night, before flopping down onto the welcoming softness that was his and Harry's bed.

Harry frowned slightly. "It wasn't that bad…" He started, slipping in beside his husband.

"Wasn't that bad?" The Potions Master repeated, incredulously. "Harry, Love, there were hundreds of children running amok in our house!"

The younger man's frown deepened and he sighed. "There were 6, including Callie. 5, really, considering that Fred and Angelina's boy is only a month or so old. And they were on their best behaviour."

"It was bedlam!"

"You're over exaggerating." Harry snapped, and punctuated his statement by rolling over, his back facing his husband.

There was a span of silence before Severus spoke next. "Alright, what did I do?"


"I've upset you." Harry moved to protest, but Severus shushed him. "Don't deny it. You keep your heart on your sleeve."

In the dark, Harry scowled, but made no move to either correct his husband, or even move to face him. "Go to sleep, Severus."

"No." The Slytherin grasped his young lover's shoulder, and forced him to turn back around. "Not until you explain you're suddenly so upset."

"It's nothing."

Moonlight hit their faces, betraying Harry by displaying the tears that welled in his eyes. Snape scoffed.

"Liar." He said softly, reaching out to cup his husband's face. Gently he held Harry's chin, so that they looked eye to eye. "The truth now, Love."

With a defeated sigh, the Gryffindor replied. "You don't want more kids."

Severus' eyebrows leapt up in surprise. "I beg your pardon?" He asked. "I've never said that."

The younger wizard shrugged, and tried to look away. "You didn't have to." He explained. "Especially after today."


"I know we never really discussed it…But I do want more…"

Severus leant forward to capture Harry's lips with his own, effectively silencing his husband. As he pulled away, he smiled. "Love, despite my frayed nerves from today's activities, I do want more children. I-"

"Oh," Harry interrupted, "Good."

The older wizard hadn't heard him, as he continued. "….at the moment, though, you are still studying, and-"

Harry winced. "Yeah, but-"

"…As it is Callisto keeps us all on our toes…"

This time it was Harry's turn to silence his husband with a kiss. "I know Sev, but…"

Snape shook his head in amusement, and tenderly brushed a lock of Harry's hair away from his face. "Sometimes I wonder about you, Potter." He muttered, forgetting momentarily that Harry was legally a Snape. "You manage to raise issues at the strangest of…"

Severus trailed off, an obscure thought hitting him directly in the gut. "Unless…" He looked sharply into Harry's eyes. "Love?" He enquired, "What brought this on?" Harry's continued silence only served to increase his suspicions. Heart pounding in his chest, the Potions Master braced himself. "Are…Have you seen a Mediwitch or wizard?"

Harry took a breath, and looked away. "Poppy."


Silence reigned between them, before Severus began to override his shock and warm to the idea. "And?" He prodded, "How far along are you, then?"

"Around 2 months, she reckons." The younger responded, forcing himself to meet his husband's gaze. "I'd suspected it for a couple of weeks…my magic was off…" At Severus' small frown, he continued quickly. "I know I should have said something to you, but I was worried…and I still don't know why the contraceptive potion didn't work…"

By this stage, Severus was wide-awake and in researcher mode. "Did you eat anything that you did not know the full ingredients of?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "I can't remember. I might have…It's a high possibility, as I've had lunches at the university common rooms a few times when we've run late…but I almost always made sure…" He looked sheepish, "I'm sorry. I was careless."

Severus, surprisingly, chuckled and drew his husband closer to him. "It was bound to happen sooner or later, I suppose." He smirked, "In fact, I'm surprised we made it this long…" He kissed the younger wizard's forehead tenderly. "This child will be loved, Harry, despite its surprising timing."

"I know," The younger man replied. "I just worried myself stupid, is all." He frowned a moment later, "Will I have to give up my Degree?"

Snape shook his head. "We'll work things out in the morning, Love. I promise."


Severus had remained true to his word, and had sat down with his husband the next day to discuss their plans. Harry was able to continue earning his Degree, though, when he began to show, it was suggested that he complete his studies externally, rather than exhausting himself with the travelling and lengthy lectures. In July the next year, their second child, Adria Nicole Snape, entered the world.


Several years later found Harry escorting Callisto and Adria onto Platform 9 3/4, bidding them goodbye for their 6th and 2nd years, respectively. Severus was already at the school, having left for Hogwarts a few days earlier to prepare his old quarters for living once more. Harry had been asked to join the staff as the Mediwizard after Poppy Pomfrey's departure at the end of the previous year, which Harry accepted immediately, selling the remaining half of his muggle medical practice to his partner, who gladly took over the entire business.

Severus and Harry had both been delighted with the twist in events, however their daughters were less than impressed. They did not like the idea of having both their parents as staff; they received enough attitude from their friends due to Severus' teaching methods as it was. And with their Grandfather still in office as the Minister of Magic, they rarely got a moment's peace from other members of the community.

"You'll keep an eye on your sister, won't you?" Harry pleaded with his youngest daughter as they walked along the platform.

His eldest had grown up into a stunning young woman, and Harry was forever worrying about her. After all, he had been only 16 when he and Draco discovered a purely physical attraction between themselves, and the very product of said 'discovery' was now gaining the attention of many young men.

Callie had also taken it upon herself to refuse to listen to Harry's advice and talks, claiming that they were embarrassing and she already knew all about the facts of life, thank you very much; another thing that irritated the Gryffindor to no end. He hoped that Adria would grow up differently, and listen to his advice. Merlin only knew that in a few years the dark-eyed beauty would need it.

"Yes, Dad, I will….." Adria replied, glancing in her older sister's direction. "Even if it is kinda hard with us being in different houses."

Damn it all, Harry thought. He had forgotten that one minor set back. Callie had, as expected, gone directly to Slytherin, while her little sister had surprised everyone –including her parents- four years later, when the hat had cried out 'Ravenclaw'.

The hat's decision had been surprising, not because Adria was unintelligent –far from it, in fact. She was a regular 'Hermione' when it came to books and knowledge- but because the little thing was incredibly cunning and manipulative; more so than her older sister had ever proven herself to be.

"I know, but try where you can." Harry responded to his daughter's previous statement. He glanced at his wristwatch, and decided it was time that he left his daughters with their peers. "Anyway, I'm heading to the staff carriage. Love you, kiddo." He pulled Adria into his embrace, "Good luck, and don't forget to come visit your Dad and I once in a while, okay?"

She rolled her eyes and feigned a put-upon sigh. "If I must…" She said, before grinning and hugging her father back.

As she skipped away –Severus had already transported their possessions to the school- Harry turned to bid goodbye to Callisto, only to find that she had disappeared into the throng of people. He frowned. Was raising a teenager really supposed to be this hard?

"Oi! Harry!" Ron's voice called from somewhere to his right, stirring him from his musings. "Over here, mate!"

Harry Snape looked over to see the other ex-Gryffindor leading a troupe of redheaded children his way, and sniggered. Severus had complained for the past 4 years that Hogwarts was being overrun by Weasleys, and that none of them 'respected' him. Harry, of course, had countered that they did not fear him, because they had grown up knowing 'Uncle Severus' and not the 'mean, old Potions Master' of Hogwarts. Severus had refused to speak to him for hours due to the comment on his age.

"I see you got to do the official Weasley run this year." Harry observed as his childhood friend came closer.

"Yeah. I quite enjoy it, though. Brings back memories, y'know?" He turned abruptly to chastise Fred's oldest son, who was attempting with little success to feed some sort of candy to one of his cousins. "We went over this on the way here, Cain. You're not allowed to test your Dad's experiments on your cousins while you're on my watch." He grinned, and added as an after thought; "Their mothers would kill me."

Harry laughed and then found himself bidding goodbye to each of the mini-Weasleys in turn as they left to find their friends. Ron and Hermione's son, Jason, was a first year, though, and looked extremely lost within the crowd.

"Jase looks somewhat helpless," Harry observed.

Ron shrugged. "He'll be fine. With that hair of ours, someone will be bound to notice him and pick him as a Weasley. And from there he'll have no problem meeting people…"

"Fair enough." Harry said, walking with his friend towards the staff carriage. "I'll keep an eye on him for a couple of days anyway, just to see how he gets on and all that. Hermione will probably appreciate it."

Ron nodded. " 'Course she will."

The old friends spoke for a few more minutes before it was time for Harry to get on the train. He wished Ron luck for the next few months, and sent his love to the other Weasleys via his aforementioned best friend, before taking a seat in an empty compartment and staring out the window.

He could only wonder now what the rest of his future held, though he supposed he should expect the unexpected; the theory had gotten him this far, after all.

18 years earlier, he would have laughed if someone had told him that he'd be married to his Potions Professor, and that they would have two children. But that was the future that he had walked into, and he doubted that he would have it any other way.

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