The other chapters are longer… this is just kind of an intro. This is just a fun, silly little Christmas story. Hope you like it! (I tried to fix the formatting problems of this chapter).

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Robin stopped in front of Starfire's door, linen sack in tow. This was the last stop. He had already snuck into Cyborg's, Beast Boy's, and Raven's rooms (though that last trip was not made without a little apprehension) to fill their stockings. Now, for the first time, he would extend the tradition to his favorite alien, who had joined his team nearly a year before.

Of course, no one on the team still believed in Santa Claus. They were all sixteen, after all. Beast Boy had gotten Starfire believing in the legend for a full 3 hours a week ago, but Robin had found her afterwards and set her straight. He adored her childlike innocence, but felt it his responsibility to keep her aware of the truth. She had been rather disappointed, of course, but her heart had lightened when she discovered that the gifts would be given amongst themselves rather than by "an over-nourished stranger who steers flying caribou and enters domiciles through smoke ventilation systems."

In any case, despite the team's awareness of the nonexistence of Santa, it was tradition for Robin to slink about the tower on Christmas Eve, entering bedrooms, filling stockings, and eating the milk and cookies in the kitchen without getting caught on the security cameras (Cyborg had invented the challenge; if Robin could avoid getting caught, the team made chocolate-chip waffles and fruit salad for his Christmas breakfast the next morning. If he could not, he was responsible for cooking breakfast, as usual). So far, in all three years, Robin had never been caught on tape for a single instant on Christmas Eve.

'It's a gift,' he whispered to himself with a smile, ducking just as a camera swiveled his way and punching the pass code into Star's keypad at lightning speed. He was in, with the door closed, before the camera made its second round.

'4 years running,' he thought smugly, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He glanced toward Star's round, pink bed, perceiving a soft bulge near the center. Not even one of her luxuriant strands of auburn hair was visible from underneath the voluminous comforter. He smiled to himself; she must have been freezing when she went to bed that night, to have bundled herself up so completely. Stealthily, he made his way to the foot of Star's bed, where he had placed a purple velvet stocking earlier that day. One by one, he loaded his gifts to her into her stocking: a DVD of Breakfast at Tiffany's, a warehouse-sized bottle of mustard with a green ribbon tied around it, a small bottle of perfume (the light, vanilla-citrus scent had instantly reminded him of her), and her ornament.

The tree in the Titan's common room was decorated in white lights and silver tinsel, and adorned with plain silver bulbs. The only feature that made it unique was the fact that 4 ornaments hung on its branches that did not match the silver ones – a special ornament for each Titan. It had become a sort of Christmas initiation ritual for them. Beast Boy's was a glittering green reindeer with wire antlers; Cyborg's was an onyx-black train engine with frosted-glass smoke; Raven's was a blown-glass, lavender dove holding a tiny black rose in its beak; and Robin's was a wreath made of dried vines, wrapped in burgundy and gold ribbon and sprinkled with white glitter. Robin had had a difficult time finding the perfect ornament for Starfire; and now that he held it in his hand, crouched in the dark on the floor of her room, he wondered if he should give it to her at all. Losing his nerve, he examined her ornament.

An angel, of course. A porcelain angel, with shimmering red hair (he had searched every mall in the city for an angel with that hair color), a white satin gown, and a golden crown of innocence. It was perfect. Starfire was perfect.

The angel would not hang, like the other ornaments. It would go on top of the tree. It would hover over the others, protecting them. Robin could think of nothing more fitting. He worked up his courage and deposited the gift, hoping she would like it as much as he thought she would.

Finally, he was done, and he crept back toward the door, keeping close to the thick carpet as he did so. It was easy to be sneaky in Star's room; the floor cushioned his weight and silenced his movements. As he passed by her bed, which was eye-level in the position he was in, he let his gaze linger over the gentle swell in the blankets that he knew to be Starfire. Without really knowing why, Robin was suddenly overcome with a need to see her face on last time before he slept. He went up onto his knees, leaning lightly on the mattress. Haltingly, he reached a hand toward the top of the comforter to pull it down off of her face…

To be continued!