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Sunlight was already streaming through the panoramic windows of the tower when Beast Boy and Cyborg came tearing into the living room clutching their empty stockings, arms filled with gifts and miniature Snickers bars.

"Dude, candy." Beast Boy had two bars in his mouth already, and was attempting to unwrap another without releasing his armful of presents.

"Just put them down, B," smirked Cyborg. Hearing a giggle from over near the television, he turned and noticed for the first time that Starfire was watching them over the back of the sofa.

"Friends, I have been waiting to express my thankfulness for the lovely quilt!" she cried, holding it up from her lap so that they could see it. Cyborg grinned modestly, but Beast Boy didn't even look up.

"Dude… candy…"

Star giggled. "Robin shall be thrilled that his offerings are being appreciated," she said happily. Turning around briefly, she aimed the remote and paused the movie that had been playing. "He was very concerned that you would not be satisfied," she explained, tossing her hair over her shoulder and leaning comfortably over the couch cushions. Her blue nightgown still drooped over a shoulder on one side, the area hidden slightly by her now-loose hair, which was curled and kinked from being in braids. Draped around her slender neck, she wore a long, blue fleece scarf.

Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "You talked to him this morning? Usually he sleeps in on Christmas, since he's up for so long the night before… Rob gave you a blue scarf?"

She colored slightly and smiled. "I like this color. Yours is nice," she complimented, pointing to the cobalt-and-gray plaid scarf that Cyborg had draped around his shoulders.

"Thanks! I don't really need it, not having actual skin on my neck to keep warm, but… you know, Robin and his traditions."

"I know indeed," Star said, smiling in a strangely mysterious way. Cyborg was a little perplexed; when he looked questioningly at Beast Boy, however, he was obliviously gnawing on a candy cane while playing with his new Hot Wheels car, verbally making engine noises. Cyborg shook his head and looked back at Star.

"So, wanna go wake up Robin? Let him know breakfast will be ready in about fifteen minutes?"

She laughed hysterically then. He had to wait a good while before she was able to calm herself down.

"Robin… will not be in his room." As soon as she had forced the sentence out, she was lost in laughter again.

Cyborg was agitated. "Not in his room? Well, where is he? He knew he didn't have to get up today; we get his breakfast today…"

"He is not in his room," she explained, "because he is in the kitchen, preparing the waffles of the chocolate chips." Cyborg's confusion caused another peal of impish laughter.

"But… he doesn't have to do that… unless…"

"Unless he is caught, yes," Starfire agreed gleefully. "I have been informed of the terms."

"But that's impossible… he wouldn't be…he's never been…"

"First time for everything," said Robin cheerfully, entering the living room with a plate of waffles garnished with fruit in each hand. He gave the first one to Starfire, and Cyborg was so bewildered that he completely missed Robin's hand affectionately brushing Star's bangs out of her face. Robin then turned to the two boys, giving the other plate to Cyborg. "Even I have to lose sometime." But he was grinning, as if nothing could make him happier..

Cyborg gaped. "The cameras… I checked the cameras…"

"Well I wouldn't be on the cameras, would I? The cameras in Star's room are deactivated. Want some syrup?"

Cyborg just stared at him. "Star's… room…"

"Yeah, she got me. Clever of her, wasn't it?" He looked at her with exaggerated pride and she giggled, swatting his shoulder playfully.

"I should not receive so much credit. It was not overly difficult," Star quipped, earning a playful shove in return from Robin, who was trying to look offended.

Cyborg was eyeing them with furrowed brows. "What are you both doing up so early, anyway?"

"Watching a movie," answered Robin, cutting a small piece off of Starfire's waffle and feeding it to her. Cyborg glanced at the screen, and his eyes widened.

"Audrey Hepburn, Robin? Audrey Hepburn!"

Robin shrugged. "Breakfast at Tiffany's is a great movie, Cy."

"But… you must have had to start it before six this morning…"

"That was pretty easy. Neither of us went to sleep last night," explained Robin conversationally, taking a bite out of the strawberry that Starfire was holding up to his lips. At that statement, even Beast Boy looked up from his new walkman, his jaw hanging open. Cyborg looked from one to the other, seeming to realize for the first time that Robin was playing with a strand of her hair, and she was wiping strawberry juice from the corner of his mouth with her thumb.

"What is going on!"

"No need to shout, Cyborg" said Raven reproachfully as she came through the doors. She held her stocking to one side, every item neatly replaced. Every item, that is, except for one.

"Robin," she began, her tone eerily calm. "What do you call this?"

She was holding out the scarf.

For the first time that morning, Robin's comfortable demeanor faltered for a moment. Starfire was looking a little nervous; she removed her scarf hastily, stuffing it between her knees and hiding it with her hands.

"I call that a scarf," answered Robin.

"A scarf. And what color is the scarf?"

"It's pink," he sighed, meeting her eyes and smiling apologetically.

"I see. And do you have a good reason for giving me a pink scarf?"


"Are you going to tell me what it is?"


She studied him for a moment. "Alright then," she said lightly. She unfolded the scarf, tossing it rakishly about her neck. Beast Boy was staring at her as if she'd just caught fire. "What?" she said defensively, a ghost of a grin on her face. "It's Christmas, isn't it?"

Cyborg was staring at them all desperately. "Have you all lost your minds?"

"Where's your ornament?" Raven asked Starfire, choosing to ignore him. Beaming, Star reached over to the table beside her and took the beautiful angel, admiring how the red cascades of hair caught the morning sunlight. Suddenly, the angel was incased in glowing black light, and gently rose up and settled over the tuft of branches at the top of the tree. With a tiny smile of satisfaction and a knowing glance between the suspiciously close Star and Robin, Raven glided into the kitchen, claiming one of the three remaining plates of waffles and taking a dainty bite.

Cyborg and Beast Boy were not losing interest quite as easily as Raven had. Stockings forgotten, they were both observing Robin and Star through narrowed eyes.

"Robin…" Cyborg began. "About last night... in Star's room… well, it's not what I think it is, right?"

"No, definitely not." He was looking highly amused that Cyborg could even think such a thing. Starfire, of course, didn't quite understand what was being implied, so she was giggling at the apprehensive look on Beast Boy's face instead.

Cyborg went on, visibly relieved. "But… you and Star…"

"Yeah. Me and Star." He glanced at her adoringly, and she giggled and rumpled his hair. Beast Boy uttered a shocked, wordless sound, and thereafter was rendered speechless.

"So…" Cyborg continued, smiling slightly now. "You gonna tell me what actually happened?"

Robin and Starfire looked at each other, smiling softly. "No," answered Robin.

Cyborg chuckled. "Guess it doesn't matter, does it? It was bound to happen… Raven always said you guys were preordained."

Rather than being embarrassed, they both looked rather pleased at the news.

"In fact," said Cyborg, "she always said it was so inevitable, that one morning we would wake up and find you already together…" he trailed off, bemused. "Guess I never figured she meant literally…" Shaking his head in amusement, he took his plate of waffles to the kitchen and set them at the counter next to Raven's, opening the fridge to get the orange juice.

Beast Boy, who had yet to utter a word since his initial shock, got shakily to his feet, eyeing Robin and Star with fascination. He seemed to be fighting an inner battle, trying to decide between prying into this new development and answering the call of his waffles from the kitchen. Soon, his stomach won out over his curiosity. He bolted to the kitchen, seized a plate, and downed half a waffle in one bite.

Robin chuckled and looped his arms around Starfire, who placed her breakfast plate on the coffee table and leaned backwards against him. "So," she sighed dreamily, "You and I… we were 'inevitable,' yes?"

"Yeah," agreed Robin. "Inescapable. And so is this," he added with a mischievous grin as he shifted his hands to her stomach and tickled her ribs. She squealed and tackled him to the floor. Neither one heard Beast Boy's anguished cry from the kitchen:

"DUDES! Who ate all the coffee cake!"


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