Light The Peace
By Shirogami

Day before Arrival

Sitting at his open balcony as always, the long, spiked hair guitarist is strumming his guitar, humming his song entitled 'My Soul For You'.

'Omae ga, kaze ni haru nara...'

Since the war between Battle 7 and Protodevlin is over and now the only thing left he can do is sing, sing and sing.
Looking at his red Valkyrie, Basara is speechless, but still, his finger keep strumming the music he had played for many times, looking at the sun in the middle of the sky, his face doesn't feel happy and energetic like others.
"Bored..." first word from his mind, he cannot help himself but keep popping this word in mind and sighs, eventually, it also stops his mood for strumming more guitar chord, it is because even though he keeps playing more, he still plays the usual music.

Environment had become silent, which makes it unlike the usual practice studio for the Fire Bomber. It cannot be blamed: Vifidas is not here to hit her drums; Rei is out for shopping daily products; and Mylene is.
"Ne... Basara! Are you home?" Speaking of who, the pink-colored haired bass player is knocking his room door below. Like always, he does not answer at all; only change his finger into writing chord on the paper instead of playing his guitar.
"Come on, I know you're in there! Open the door!" Mylene asks more.
Still, no respond from the guitarist.
"Okay, I come in myself then..." then Mylene opens the door and looks for Basara on the floor above. But her hairy pet, Gubaba, rushes towards Basara before she does.
Without any asking, Gubaba happily jumps onto his shoulder and observes what is Basara busy with. Unfortunately, it found nothing but lots of cross mark on the chord that Basara tries to compose, at the same time, it notice Basara's hard expression as well. Its eye reacts from happy to sad by staring with its eyebrow slightly slanted down towards both side.

"Ne... Basara, you got any new songs ready? Our concert will be few days later, and Ms. Akiko is looking forward for our masterpiece, you know?" Speaking to the quiet Basara, Mylene states that there will be a concert held few days from now and their manager is hoping that Fire Bomber will bring them surprise this time, new song is one of the requirements. Basara does not reply Mylene but concentrate more onto writing the chord and strumming his guitar, not to mention that Mylene notices Gubaba as it turns watching Mylene with its sad expression and swinging its head to left and right, she knows that Basara's mind is blocked as he failed to produce a song.
"Ne... Basara, how about a walk on the park? May be you can find something there?" Mylene offers him a choice to get inspiration. Unfortunately, Basara does not respond at all, as he knows it is useless. Without talking more, Mylene knows that it might be good to just leave him alone, rather than keeps distracting him with just talking by herself.
"We... well, I better go home, I still got a song to practice its chord. See you later then." Mylene walks out from the room and pass by Rei who is just comes back from grocery.

"Good afternoon, Mylene. How are you?" Rei greets as he still holds his goodies.
"Good afternoon, Rei. I am okay. But not for Basara, it seems like he is in trouble of making new song"
"Ah, I know. He has been keeping himself in the room since morning, just try to get the new song done. Unfortunately..." Putting his goodies on the floor, Rei reaches his apartment's key and opens the door.
"But the concert is few days away from now! If the audience starts to get bored with our normal songs, what do we have to surprise them then?" Showing her face in concern, Mylene states the importance of getting new song for the concert.
"Let it be, even we do not have new song, but we still have to perform too." Start to get in his house, Rei says, "and leave it to Basara, it is he we are talking about, okay?" Then he closes the door.
"Rei got his point, but we still need a new song." Mumbling to herself, Mylene walks down to the stairs. "And I hope he is right about leaving everything to you, Basara..."

Plucking one of his guitar strings, Basara sighs. "Inspiration! Inspiration! Inspiration!" The words keep echoing in his head and still he gets no answer from the sky. Looking back again at his Valkyrie, which stands in its Bomber form, Basara starts to get an idea.
Mylene stares at the apartment, besides her car, and hope that it will nothing unexpected happens. Suddenly, she hears the sound of engines right from the ground next to his apartment, and she recognized it. "Could it be"
Her question is answered as the rise up of the red Valkyrie. It changes into Fighter form, then it takes off out from the apartment. "Basara"
As he flies out from the City 7, Basara wonders wildly around, try to search for what he hopes for. Suddenly he sees something around not far from the colony ship, a white colored hole in twirl form. "What could it be..." Wondering by his mind, Basara flies slowly towards the white hole.

Meanwhile, in the Battle 7's Bridge.
"Captain, we spotted an unnatural phenomenon not far in front of us!" Sally talks to Captain Max.
"Show it on the screen." A picture of the white hole appears on the screen as Max ordered.
Afraid it might be has the ability as Black Hole, Max orders the whole colony moves to somewhere far from it. However, the operator gives him shocking news. "Captain! That is..." Looking at the projected screen, Max sees a jet fighter is around the white hole area, and he recognized it through its color. "It's Basara! Order him to come back at once"
"We can't, the communication signal is blocked, captain"
"How could it be"
"Ah everyone look"
"What the..." everyone look at the screen as they see some wave twirled around the White Hole.

Back to Basara's Valkyrie "Hmm... What could it be?" Change his jet into Bomber form, Basara moves to the hole slowly.
Suddenly, a force of energy starts to gather around the white hole, and it sucks everything into it like Black Hole, include the nearest Basara.
"What the... must get out!" Surprised by the incident, Basara's Valkyrie quickly changes back to Fighter and turns around to escape. But the force is too strong and it pulls back the jet into itself. As a result, the red Valkyrie lost its control and devoured by the White Hole.
"Argh..." Basara yelled as his vision is blurring. The white hole disappears as it devoured the red Valkyrie and its pilot.

Battle 7's Bridge "Everyone, search for Reiki Basara's coordinate, now!" Max orders his crew to start the searching.
"Negative, sir. His Valkyrie's signal is lost form the screen. I am afraid... we just lost him, sir"
"Damn..." Sitting on the back of his seat, Max holds his hand to his forehead, "How am I going to tell Mylene about this?"

End of Day before Arrival

Author's note Hello everyone, Shirogami here and thanks for reading this fan-fiction.
I tried so hard to think this storyline as I want to write something different and I challenge myself writing Macross 7, one of my favorite anime as well.
I don't owe any character of Macross 7 in this fan fiction, but I hope you enjoy the story.
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