Light The Peace
By Shirogami

Day 6

As he is lying on the cell bed and staring to the dull ceiling above him, Reiki Basara cannot hold himself from feeling angry for the meeting between him and Grenaldo.
"Damn it, why can't everyone just stop himself from fighting each other? Don't they even know the better way to reach peace or union at all instead of war?" Turns to his right side, Basara looks at another dull wall. "And they are always the same – take my Valkyrie, then force me to follow their words."

While Basara is still thinking, someone unlocks the cell door and enters.
"Mr. Basara, I hope I can get the answer from you today. It's been two days and I wish you to cooperate with us this time." Actually, it is the female officer with the code 119394 tries to persuade him to join forces with the Modarms.
"How many times do I have to tell you? NO! And I won't change it when it takes my music to kill people!" Basara bends up his body and answers her angrily.
"Then what do you want from us to make you agree? Just name it." 119394 continues.
"Not a chance! Now leave me alone!" Basara lies back on his bed and ignores 119394's persuasion.

"Fine then, suit yourself." Finally 119394 gives up and starts leaving the cell.
After she stepped out from the door, she orders the men to guard him. But it seems like they are afraid to follow. "What is it, soldier? You dare not to follow my orders!" 119394 shouts at the guards.
"Totally not, Madam! But we cannot afford to hear his… noise anymore. He always makes so much of them and it really hurts our head." The guard answers his officer about his problem.
"Stop complaining and guard him, you idiot!" she demands her order by pointing a gun on his head.
"Y… Yes madam!" the guard starts sweating and follows her word. Before she leaves far enough, the guard starts to hold his head.
"No! He is starting it again, Argh!" As the guard is yelling in pain and 119394 is wondering for his reaction, she hears their source of pain.

Koko ni kuru to omoidasu, Mada yume bakari miteita koro o
Hoshi kara tanabiku kaze ga, Ore o kinou e tosaratteku

Hade na blue no sora, Egao o utsusu kimi

Futari de kaita sennen saki no mirai

Actually, even being locked in the cell, but it cannot stop Basara from singing as he like. As a result, his music makes the guard suffer.
"Strange?" 119394 tries to cover her ears from listening to Basara's songs, but it is useless for her to do so. No matter how hard she tries, she can still hear his song.
"Wait a minute, why do I… not feeling pain at all? I suppose to suffer like they did, but I am not now! How?" Just when 119394 wonders for her 'abnormal' response, she also feels that she is likely enjoying Basara's singing instead of suffering like the guards right now.

Mada wasureta wake ja nain da ze
Ano toki no yakusoku o

Onaji tsuyosa de onaji supiido de

Yume no tochuu, Remember sixteen

When she is listening, 119394 starts thinking about her past, something that she had forgotten for a long time ago, even long enough before she joined the army. She starts to miss her old days, and also someone who once gave her the reason to live when she was demoralized. Her tears fall even more even she is trying harder to hold them, she does not know that something that might hurts her could makes her remembers the warmth of her beloved and the time they shared together.

"STOP IT! YOU JERK!" Finally, the guard tries his best to stand against the music and opens a shot in the air. The loud bang successfully covers Basara's voice and it eases down the guard's pain. He aims at Basara through the door's bar and warns, "Stop making noise again or I am going to kill you for that."
After 119394 noticed the music stopped, she wipes away her tears, then starts to walk out from the prison. But, she cannot help herself thinking of the reason she can resist the pain from the Basara's music. In fact, it even helps her to remember her forgotten days. "How can I… I mean… why…"

Macross 7

"Mylene, what is happening to you today? You missed the same key again!" Akiko, the manager of Fire Bomber asks the pink-haired Bass player. "Since Basara is not around, you have the responsibility to sing with more concentration, right?"
"I am sorry, Miss Akiko." Mylene responds and asks for forgiveness.
"Whatever, I just hope you shall be more careful on stage later." Akiko says as she touches Mylene's head. "Even Basara is absent, you still need to sing as he is here and for his sake, do your best, okay?"

Mylene looks at her manager and thinks for what she just said, finally she nods and says, "Yes, Mylene will do her best!" She turns to her member and says, "Rei! Vifidas! Let's do it one more time okay?" Rei points up his thumb and Vifidas simply replies by hitting her drum.
"Right, let's rock. Niju-u yoji kan ugomeku machiwo, TONIGHT TONIGHT kake nukeru…"
"That's it, Mylene. Keep your spirit high, or you will never grow up as Basara always said." Akiko wears back her sunglasses and walks away to meet the stage crew.

Basara's dimension

Night falls on the same day after 119394's visit, and Basara is still staring at the dull ceiling and humming some chords he thought for his new song. Suddenly he hears someone breaks the night by walking towards his room from far because her boots loudly acknowledge him about her present.
"Good evening, madam. Anything we can do for you?" The guard asks.
"Open the door, soldier. I want to speak with him." 119394 orders, and she brings something on her back.
"Yes madam." The guard opens the door as ordered.
"And stay away from the room as far as you can. I want to ask him about his noise." 119394 orders again and states out her purpose of her visit at the night.
"Y… Yes madam." The guard locks back the door, stays away from the room and covers his ears.

"Good evening, Mr. Basara." 119394 looks at the spiked haired man and says.
As he is looking back at the woman, Basara replies in his bad mood. "What is it? Another persuasion?"
"Yes…" before she finishes, Basara immediately says, "And I still give the same answer."
"Not this time, I am not here to persuade you to join the army…" 119394 says as she opens the bag on her back and passes him the item inside.

"What the…" at first Basara is surprised to find out that 119394 gives him something that he never thought before – his guitar detached from the sound energy charging suit! Basara holds it as he is really missing it. Then he asks, "Why are you giving me this?"
"Actually…" 119394 says as she is sitting by his side, looking at him tenderly and continues, "I want to hear your… music."

"Huh?" Basara gets another shockwave when he hears it, after all, almost everyone in this world will suffer when they are listening to his songs. And yet, the woman in front of him right now is willing to hear his song after Wind Warsong. But, Basara still have no problem to refuse if there is anyone who wants to hear his song, it is the most enjoyable and satisfying request for any musician to have someone appreciate his work. Without thinking more, Basara holds his guitar and adjust it by plucking the strings to check the sound. "Here we go." Plucking the guitar strings slow enough, he starts to sing for his second listener.

Koko ni kuru to omoidasu, Mada yume bakari miteita koro o
Hoshi kara tanabiku kaze ga, Ore o kinou e tosaratteku

Hade na blue no sora, Egao o utsusu kimi

Futari de kaita sennen saki no mirai

Mada wasureta wake ja nain da ze
Ano toki no yakusoku o

Onaji tsuyosa de onaji supiido de

Yume no tochuu, Remember sixteen

Sukuriin ni shizumi yuu hi, Sayonara to te o futta kimi wa
Ammonite no sasayaki ni, Biru no sukima ni kieteyuku

Moeru kusa no nioi, Hajimete no kiss

Futari no kiita, kaminari no you na kodou

Mada nakushita wake ja nain da ze
Hitamuki na ano ai o

Ochikonda toki wa kokoro no naka de

Itsumo omou, Remember sixteen

While Basara is playing the solo, the slow and soft melody makes 119394 feels comfortable, but then, her expression is telling another story when she is listening and understanding the meaning behind the lyrics. She closes her eyes, thinks for her beloved while she is still listening to 'Remember Sixteen'.

Hokori darake no gin-iro no Giitaa
Nandomo nandomo, "Yume wa kanau" to

Nakinagara sakeneta hibi…

Mada wasureta wake ja nai n da ze
Ano toki no yakusoku o

Onaji tsuyosa de onaji speed de

Yume no tochuu…

Mada nakushite wake ja nai n da ze
Hitamuki na ano yume o

Ochikonda toki wa kokoro no naka de

Itsumo omou. Remember sixteen…

After Basara finished his song, he holds his guitar again so that he can ensure that this is reality and the fact that he just sang with his guitar in his hand, as he had not done it for two days ago. Slowly, Basara looks at the woman that is sobbing in front of him right now. "Hey, are you okay?"
119394 finally opens her eyes and wipes away her tears. "I am sorry."
"No, I shall apologize if I makes you feel down, after all, I owe you one for giving me this to me." Basara finally smiles at the person he hated not long time ago.
"Please don't mind me, your music makes me feel good and no doubt of it, I am not suffering at all." 119394 says to Basara.

"I really want to ask this a long time ago. Why is everyone suffering when they are listening to my songs?" Basara wants to know the truth.
"I am not sure. Everyone, I mean everyone in this city never hears or listen to the music you just did. In fact, the word 'music' is like a new thing for us when you spoke it out that day." 119394 replies.
"Huh? But I see there are speakers around the city, isn't it for broadcasting things like news and music?" Basara feels even more curious.

"We do spread news and warning through the speakers you mentioned, but not the music. As I mentioned before, there is no such thing like music before you came here."
"I see." Basara finally gets one conclusion. No matter where he goes in this dimension, there is no such thing like 'music' appears in it. "But that does not explain the reason for the suffering after all."
"Me neither. But I can ensure that your music is good to be heard and doesn't hurt at all." 119394 says.
"I will appreciate it very much, Ms. 119394" Basara says.
"Call me Yukiko, my name is Kazebana Yukiko, Mr. Basara" 119394 finally introduces herself.
"Just call me Basara, Yukiko. It sounds more friendly." Basara replies.

In the mean time, In the Warsong Village

"Miss Warsong, we can't just sit here and do nothing now. It's been 3 days and we still get nothing about the God Messenger." One of the villagers says.
"Calm down, everyone of you. Basara had warned us to not fight to rescue him, he said that he can find his way out." Wind Warsong says.
"But, Miss Warsong. We are talking about 3 days, not 3 minutes or 3 seconds but 3 days. If he is strong enough, he can be right here with us right now!"

"Do you think that he finally join forces with those soldiers in stead of helping us?" Another villager states out his opinion that makes the villagers even more eager to take action for the rescue.
"No! Basara is not such person! He loves nature and peace even more than anyone of us here. Please believe in him." Wind Warsong tries her best to deny the words she just heard.
"But, Miss Warong. We still cannot maintain silent and do nothing. What if they attack us again? Our men have not fully recovered yet. Not to mention if the God Messenger really helps them as we guessed" The doctor of the village says.

"I… I…" Wind Warsong does not what she can say anymore.
"Okay then, we will wait for another 2 days. If there is still no news from Him, we will go to that city and rescue Him. Any objection?" Lonewolf Warsong finally talks and he successfully convince everyone not to argue anymore.
"But… but dad…" Wind Warsong tries to persuade her father not to fight.
"My dear, they got the point and we cannot take the risk anymore. Please understand our situation."
After everyone left, Wind Warsong looks at the starry night and thinks, "Basara, I hope I can see you right now."

End of Day 6

Author's note
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The song 'Remember Sixteen' I used here is played as the 'acoustic version' with is recorded within the album 'Fire Bomber's Best Collection'.
By the way, the name Kazebana Yukiko I used here is written as 'wind-flower snow-kid' in kanji.

I don't owe any character or songs of Macross 7 in this fan fiction, but I hope you enjoy the story.
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