Okay, here is the basic summery. Cyborg, BB, and Robin are obessesed with the WarLord game and they don't think that girls can play. Raven proves them wrong.


"So are you three going to play that game again?" Raven asked Robin, BB and Cyborg as they finished eating, "Challenge any girls latley?"

"No," Cyborg said thoughtfully, "But there is the one guy, Ruler of Chaos, that is getting on my nerves."

"Yeah!" BB said angryly, "Here Cyborg, Robin and I are, a team, and he comes and beats us with out even losing one life point!"

Raven looked at Robin and he just shrugged.

Cyborg looked at the clock on the wall above them. It was 10:00am.

"Time to go play," he announced happly, "You and Star want to watch?"

"No," Raven said getting up, 'I have to medatate."

With those parting words she left the room.


In her room, Raven was sitting on her bed with her labtop.

She had a slight smirk on her face and was getting into the Warlords website.

Too bad they don't know I am Ruler of Chaos, she thought evily, But I am having too much fun to quit now.

When she got into the log on screan she typed her user name and password.

Boys, Raven thought pushing back her lavender hair and turning down the heat, Time to die again.


"Oh man!" BB said as he, Cyborg and Robin were in the dark forest, "Ruler of Chaos is back again."

Morpher(BB), TinMan(Cyborg) and BirdBrain(Robin) were waiting.

On the chat screen that the game had Ruler of Chaos had left a message.

Are you ready to lose again?

"This Chaos Ruler seems awful cocky," StarFire said grinning, "Are you sure that you can beat him?"

"No," Robin said bluntly, "Everytime we try, we get our butts kicked."

StarFire said, "I will go get Friend Raven and maybe she can help you with your quest."

All the guys sweat-dropped.

"Girls can't play," Cyborg said meanly, "This is a guys game."

They didn't see StarFire's face fall and see her float off in sadness.


A knock jolted Raven out of her thoughts.

What the? she wondered going to the door and openeing it.

She saw StarFire sitting there.

"Hello friend," StarFire said sadly, "I was wondering if you want to journey to the mall of shopping with me?"

Raven sighed.

"No," she said soflty, "But come in, I have something to show you."

StarFire walked in and looked at the computer that Raven was pointing too. As she looked it dawned on her.

"You are Ruler of Chaos!!" she screamed happly, "This is so cool!!"

"Hush," Raven hissed, "Don't let them hear you."

StarFire nodded and watched Raven continue the game.


Tin Man was trying to cut Ruler of Chaos's head off.

Ruler of Chaos retalated with Sonic Blast.

Tin Man has no more life points left.

Morpher turns into dog and attacks.

Ruler of Chaos summens Dog Catcher.

Morpher runs off screaming in fear.

BirdBrain summens bird staff and hits Ruler of Chaos.

Ruler of Chaos loses one life point.

Ruler of Chaos shots fire at BirdBrain and he loses all life points.


"You defeted them!"StarFire squealed in delight, "Lets go see how they are taking it."

With a smile, Raven and StarFire went to the living room.

So do you like it? should I continue?