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Battle on . com that was the website. No not too gushy, just funny.


This sounds exactly like an episode of Danny Phantom I watched a couple of days ago.

Thats where I got the idea. But don't worry, I am not copying. From now on, the plot is going to be from my twisted mind.


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Shadow Pheonix




Beast Boy dropped his controler in shock.

Ruler of Chaos was a girl? How could this be? Why? And how did she know him and the others?

Was Chaos someone in the tower?


Well that didn't happen the way I wanted it too, Raven thought as she waited for Morpher's reply, But it is slightly funny.

She turned back to her computer in scilence.


"But how?" Morpher sputtered in shock, "How did you beat us?"

"Through medatation," Ruler of Chaos said with a shrug.

As Chaos started to walk off, Morpher started to peice it all together.

First, The Ruler of Chaos knowing who they were, picking them out to attack from all others, medation, it was RAVEN!

"Are you Raven" Morpher asked Chaos before she left.

"Yes," Chaos said smiling, "is that a problem?"

Chaos then exited the bar, leaving Morpher alone to think.


"Its Raven?" Cyborg asked looking at Beast Boy, "why has she been picking us off then?"

"I don't know," Beast Boy said softly, "Lets go talk to her."

They walked to Raven's room in confusion.


Knock, Knock.

The knocking sound was runining Raven's concetration.

For god's sake, she was trying to medatate!

"Raven!" Cyborg's voice called, "Can we talk to you?"

"Or," Beast Boy added in fear, "We can wait."

Raven got up, opened her door and looked at the two boys infront of her.

"You want to know why I've been attacking your characters," Raven said, "Am I correct?"

"Yes," Beast Boy said, "Could you tell us?"

"Come in," Raven said moving aside, "I will explain everything."


"So you started playing because you were tired of us bragging about how good we were?" Cyborg asked looking at Raven's face.

Raven nodded solemly.

"So you had fun trying to kill us?" Beast Boy asked, "Why didn't you just finish us off?"

"I had no reason too," Raven said with a shrug, "Now can you leave so I can medatate."

"One more thing," Cyborg said, "On the game, do you want to join our allience? Be a part of the defence squad?"

"The defence squad?"Raven asked smirking, "Nice name."

Cyborg saw her blush slightly but then she said, "Sure, why not."

"Yay!" Beast Boy yelled, "We can now totaly kick butt!"

Beast Boy turned into a bird and flew out of her room.

"Thanks Rae," Cyborg said with a smile, "We really need your help."

"I noticed," Raven said dryly, "You think you could beat a newbie, but no, you lose every freaking time."

Cyborg said, "Shut up."

"Don't tell Robin," Raven said, "I don't want him to know."

Cyborg nodded, then laughed and left Raven alone in her room.


Well,Raven thought as she started medatating again, That was fun.

End of chapter.

Sorry Raven seems OOC but chapter is spossed to be that way.

And the action starts later.

Do you people want Slade in the story as a person that beats Raven or not?