Chapter 1: Arrival


The Uncanny R-Man

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It was an unusually quiet and warm night in Bayville. It was almost as if there was something sinister hanging in the air. The streets were practically empty as most of the population of Bayville decided to stay inside away form the sweltering heat. However, for those that chose to stay inside, there were also those that were out for a quick buck. A gang of looters were doing their thing in the near deserted streets of Bayville.

'Man, I can't believe how easy this is, man.' One looter said as he removed a TV from an already smashed shop window. 'There's no cops about or nothin'.'

'Shut up.' Another looter hissed. 'You're gonna jinx it, yo.'

'Aww stow it, ya too superstitious.' The first looter snorted as he dumped the TV in the back of their black van. 'Now c'mon, we got plenty more shoppin' to do.'

The second looter was about to join his associate when he felt the wind start to pick up.

'There's something in that alley, man. I can feel it.' The First looter said.

'You're just imaginin' stuff.' The second looter replied.

'I'm gonna check it out.' The first looter said as he headed into the alley.

His associate just groaned reluctantly and followed him. As soon as they stepped into the alley, the wind began to get worse; they could hardly keep their footing. Then, without another word, a woman appeared in a flash of light. The two looters stared at the woman in amazement. She had short red hair and was as naked as the day she was born.

'Heh, looks like we got us a bonus.' The first looter snickered as he bent down to get a closer look at the naked woman.

'You make me sick, ya know that?' His associate sighed.

'What, you sayin' that you don't want a taste?'

'I didn't say that…' He replied. 'She's fine enough to share.'

The two looters just chuckled evilly. The first looter put out his hand to turn the woman around. However, as soon as he laid his hand on her, the woman's eyes snapped open and she stared at the two looters fearfully.

'Ooh, she looks like a live on alright.' The first looter snickered. 'Hey baby, you looking for a good time?'

'No I can't…' The woman replied. 'No time…'

The woman struggled to escape but the two looters were holding her too tightly.

'Let me go, I have to find them…'

'Looks like you already found somebody sweetness.'

'No, I have to go!' The woman hissed.

The two looters tried to tighten their hold but they felt their hand s began to burn.

'What the hell? She's a frickin' mutie!'

'Damn muties, ya not worth living!'

One of the looters took out a knife and was about to stab the woman when her eyes began to glow red. Before the looters could even make one move to hurt her, they were incinerated in a blast of flame.

Xavier's, half an hour earlier-

Kurt Wagner was hanging out in the rec room with Kitty Pryde and Bobby Drake.

'Man, vhy is it so hot in here?' Kurt groaned. 'It's almost Christmas…'

'I think you mean Hanukkah Kurt.' Kitty replied cheekily. 'Some of us are Jewish y'know.'

'Vell it should be snowing anyway.' Kurt sighed. 'At least some of us are alright.' He added as he shot a glare at the X-Man known as Iceman.

'Hey, I can't help it if I've got sweet powers.' Bobby replied with a proud grin. 'I'm just that cool.'

Kurt and Kitty both groaned at Bobby's bad joke.

'I bet all this freaky weather's because of global warming.' Kitty said. 'It's all those like, pollutants you guys use.'

'Oh here we go.' Bobby groaned. 'You're not exactly innocent yourself Kitty. You use all that hairspray, right? You're as guilty as we are.'

Kitty just stuck her tongue out and went back to fanning herself with her book. Unfortunately, their relative peace was cut short by a telepathic shout out.

'All X-Men report to the war room immediately.'

'So much for a quiet night in.' Kitty sighed as she went to get suited up.

The war room-

Kitty, Kurt and Bobby were gathered with the rest of the X-Men in the room that they used for briefing missions, informally knows as the War Room.

Professor Xavier was holding court while Logan, Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Bobby and Rogue stood by.

'I have called you all hear because earlier Cerebro sensed an alarming spike of psionic energy emanating from downtown Bayville.'

'You think we got another mutant on our hands, Chuck?' Logan asked.

'I am certain of it Logan.' Xavier replied. 'One thing worries me though, I haven't sensed this much psionic energy since Jean lost control of her powers a year or two ago.'

'Does that mean that the new mutant is a telepath?' Scott asked.

'I am not certain yet Scott.' Xavier replied. 'But it is more than likely that our new mutant is one of the most powerful we have ever come across.'

'You heard the Prof.' Logan said as he directed the X-Men towards the X-Jet bay. 'Let's go already.'

'And Logan, be careful.' Xavier said. 'I can sense a great amount of fear. We don't know how powerful this new mutant could be.'

'Hey, as long as it ain't Magneto, we're gonna swim through it.' Logan replied.

Downtown Bayville-

The mysterious redheaded mutant woman was still in downtown Bayville. She was surrounded by a squad of police officers with riot gear.

'I don't see how all this stuff is gonna work.' One of the officers said. 'She's a mutant. She could most probably melt our brains without even thinking of it.'

'Let's make sure that she doesn't get the chance.' The commanding officer replied. 'Get ready to fire on my mark…'

As the officers lay their fingers on the triggers of their guns, the naked mutant woman spun to look at them.


Then, with one mere gesture the police officers as well as their patrol vehicles were sent flying.

'Open fire!' The commanding officer yelled. 'Let's take this mutant down!'

There was the sound of repeated gunfire as the police officers opened fire. They needn't have bothered as the mutant woman erected a telekinetic field around herself and the bullets bounced harmlessly off. She waved her hand again and several of the patrol cars lifted up into the air.

'Please, I don't wish to hurt you…' The woman begged as she levitated up into the air.

All that answered her was more gunfire from the police officers below. The mutant woman sighed reluctantly and let the cars drop. The police officers dived out of the way to avoid being crushed.

Then, as the officers looked up, they saw the X-Jet fly overhead.

Onboard, Bobby pressed his face up against the window.

'Dude, there's a naked mutant chick smashing up the cops down below!'

Kurt soon joined him and leered out of the window too.

'Wow, get a load of zat hottie!'

Jean and Kitty just rolled their eyes at the guys' drooling.

'Eyes front everybody.' Scott said. 'We've got to control this woman before she kills anybody!'

Kurt and Bobby joined the others, albeit reluctantly, in getting ready to face the new mutant.

Down below, the police had fled and decided to leave the X-Men to deal with the naked mutant woman.

'Must find them…' She muttered to herself as she looked around at her unfamiliar surroundings. Then she sensed the X-Jet approaching. 'No, they're here to get me!'

Then, with another wave of her hand, she knocked the X-Jet out of the sky.

Fortunately, the X-Men had already bailed out and leapt to attack.

'Stand down, we don't want to hurt you!' Scott said a she got ready to blast the woman.

'Leave me alone…' The woman begged as she swatted at him with her telekinesis, sending him flying.

Then Kurt and Kitty leapt in to try and subdue the woman. Unfortunately, she was ready for them and swatted them away with a telekinetic wave, sending them crashing against an upside-down police car.

'Okay, now yer goin' down!' Logan snarled as he leapt to attack. Once again, the mysterious redhead was ready as she held Logan at bay with her telekinesis.

The woman studied Logan for a while as he hovered in the air before her.

'Logan…' She said in a childish tone. Then she snapped out of it and threw him through a wall. 'No, you're dead. You're all dead!'

That just left Jean as she swatted at the woman with her own telekinesis, throwing her against another police car.

'Leave my friends alone!' Jean commanded.

The mysterious redhead got up and looked at Jean with wide child-like eyes.

'Mommie…?' She whispered before here eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed.


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