Chapter 15: Rise of the Juggernaut- Part 3


The Uncanny R-Man

Disclaimer- All familiar characters belong to Marvel.

The Grand Canyon-

Two figures appeared in a flash of light and fell to the ground nearby the Grand Canyon. They were Illyana Rasputin and Cain Marko, the young mutant known as Magik, and the muscle-bound supervillain known as the Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut had originally been assigned to kill Magik, but the young Russian mutant wasn't as much of a pushover as she seemed.

'Heh. That's some nifty power you got there, kid.' Cain commented with a smirk as he got up off the ground and dusted himself off. 'You'd make a pretty good criminal, just teleportin' out o' bank vaults an' all.'

'I like to think that I know better than that.' Illyana retorted. 'Some of us like to live on the straight and narrow.'

'An' that's why you X-Men are nuthin' but a bunch o' pansies.' Cain snorted.

'So says the grown man taking on a teenage girl.' Illyana shot back. 'So, are we gonna stand around talking like women, or are we gonna start fighting?'

'I thought you'd never ask.' Cain smirked as he pulled back his hand to take a punch at Illyana.

Illyana easily blocked the punch with her Soul Sword, however. Cain pulled back his fist with a yell of pain. It was bleeding!

'You cut me...' Cain mumbled in disbelief. 'I can't believe... you cut me. Nobody's ever cut me before. Not even that little runt Wolverine!'

'Magic sword, baby!' Illyana grinned as she tapped the flat of her sword against her palm.

'Rrrr. It don't matter if you even got a magic bulldozer, you ain't gonna beat me!' Cain sneered. 'Now, gimmie yer best shot!'

Back in Bayville-

Back in Bayville, the remaining X-Men were deciding what to do next.

'We have to find Illyana!' Piotr demanded. 'Who knows what the Juggernaut could be doing to her!'

'Shouldn't we be more afraid of what Illyana is doing to the Juggernaut?' Rachel replied. 'I doubt that her Soul Sword is just for show.'

'If we were to go in search of Illyana, how could we possibly find her?' Bobby groaned.

'Duh!' Kitty snorted. 'We've got Cerebro, right? Let's like, use that to find her!'

Bobby scratched the back of his neck nervously.

'Yeah... Let's do that.'

'C'mon then everybody...' Logan ushered everybody back onboard the X-Jet. 'Let's go find Illyana before she does somethin' that the Juggernaut'll regret.'

'Don't you mean something that she would regret, mon ami?' Remy asked.

'You ain't been smacked upside the head by her Soul Sword, have ya, Gumbo?' Logan pointed out.

'An' dat's somet'in' dat I don' intend to find out anytime soon.' Remy winced as he followed everybody back onboard the X-Jet.

Kitty put a comforting hand on Piotr's shoulder.

'I'm sure that Illyana is doing just fine on her own, Peter.' Kitty reassured him. 'She's like, the best at what she does!'

'Hey!' Logan shouted from the front of the X-Jet. 'Standin' right here!'

The Grand Canyon-

The fight between Illyana and Cain was in full swing as both combatants attempted to attack their opponent. But neither of them managed to land one single punch. Illyana was too fast for Cain to take out with a punch, and Cain was too strong for Illyana to simply run him through with her Soul Sword.

'You tired yet, big guy?' Illyana teased him with a cheeky smirk. 'Cuz I'm only getting started.'

'Same here, kid.' Cain retorted. 'Ya bit off more than you could chew, don'cha think? You ain't got any chance against me!'

'That's only because I'm holding back.' Illyana pointed out. 'If I was using the full extent of my powers, I would have beaten you as soon as we teleported here.'

Cain picked up a boulder and hefted it up in the air.

'Yeah, you would say that.' Cain grunted. 'Even if you do cut loose, you ain't gonna be able to beat me!'

Cain tossed the boulder at Illyana, aiming to crush her underneath. But the Russian mutant was ready for such an attack, and opened a stepping disc. The boulder fell through the stepping disc and was transported above Cain's head. The supervillain yelled in pain as the boulder landed on his head, denting his thought-proof helmet.

'Ahh! You're gonna pay for that!' Cain growled in anger. 'Nobody humiliates the Juggernaut!'

'Oh really?' Illyana smirked as she teleported herself behind Cain and pulled down his pants. 'Hmm, tighty-whities. Nice.'

'Rraaagh! I'll crush you!' Cain roared as he pulled his pants back up.

This distraction gave Illyana enough time to teleport herself onto Cain's back and unlatch his helmet.

'Rraaagh! Get offa me!' Cain roared again as he swatted at Illyana, to no avail. 'Gonna crush you!'

'How're you gonna do that without your thought-proof helmet?' Illyana countered as she yanked off Cain's helmet and tossed it over her shoulder.

Cain then clutched his head and yelled in pain as he was struck by a psychic blast.

Illyana turned to see the X-Jet approaching.

'It's about time you guys got here.' Illyana muttered to herself. 'Although, I could've taken Cain on myself without a psychic blast.'

'Don't thank us all at once.' Jean commented as she and the other X-men disembarked from the X-Jet.

Piotr ran out to grab Illyana in a huge hug.

'Oh, Illyana! I have been so worried about you!'

'Piotr...' Illyana winced at her brother's strong grip. 'You're hurting me.'

'No I'm not.' Piotr replied.

'Piotr...' Illyana warned him.

Piotr made the wise decision and let go of his sister.

'Illyana. Little Snowflake... Are you all right? The Juggernaut has not hurt you, has he?'

'Piotr...' Illyana sighed. 'Don't call me Little Snowflake. I'm not a little girl any more. I can take care of myself.'

'As we can see, p'tite.' Remy nodded as he noticed the unconscious Juggernaut lying nearby. 'Dat's some good work dere.'

'You should not have teleported yourself away like that.' Piotr admonished his sister. 'You could have been seriously hurt.'

'But I wasn't.' Illyana pointed out. 'The Juggernaut was the one that ended up being hurt.'

'Piotr, you have to stop worrying about Illyana so much.' Kitty said as she gave the Russian's hand a gentle squeeze. 'Illyana is a big girl now, she like, can look after herself now.'

'Illyana will always be my Little Snowflake.' Piotr sighed heavily. 'I do not know what I would do if something happened to her.'

'I don't see anyzhing like zhat happening anytime soon.' Kurt pointed out. 'You have to stop worrying about her, mein freund.'

Piotr sighed heavily.

'I suppose... Illyana is no longer a little girl. It is time that I stopped being so protective.'

'About damn time too.' Illyana rolled her eyes. 'How am I supposed to get with cute guys if you never leave me be?'

Piotr's mouth fell open at the merest thought of his younger sister being passionate with a boy.

'Heh.' Kitty chuckled. 'I think you, like broke him, 'Yana.'