Chapter 14

Harry was left to endure the words Nemzo had to throw at him. Nemzo was taking his chance. If only the Granger child had worked, but Harry didn't even know what he was doing. Had it counted, I would be walking on the earth today. Was the mantra Nemzo kept on repeating to himself while he said nasty things to Harry, who was alone, no Snape to save him.

"If your magic is this out of control, what will happen next? The rest of Hogwarts? Why would you let this continue? Trust me, the true extent of your powers hasn't been found. End it Harry, so more don't die by the magic within…."

Nemzo berated Harry. Harry couldn't run away, and couldn't block out Nemzo's voice.

After Harry had listened to Nemzo for a whole half an hour, Harry had had enough. Harry conjured a razor blade, not really caring if it wasn't the one that used to be in Harry's underwear's waistband. It just didn't matter. Harry slashed at his arm, not making a design, but just letting the life that Harry was sick of out. Harry's arm was full of fresh cuts. Then Harry turned over his arm so he was looking at the tender underside of his arm, but more specifically at the vein bump. Harry hesitated and Nemzo almost had a fit. Harry looked up at Nemzo and saw his pain and anger and guilt all over again. Harry looked back to the razor hovering over his vein. Harry dragged the razor over the vein bump and exposed the vein. Harry looked at it and could see his pulse going through the vein. Harry brought the razor up to the vein and gently grazed the surface. It felt weird to touch the vein. Harry did it again only with a bit more pressure. Harry was amazed at how strong the vein really was. Harry began to cry. Harry cried as he cut right through the vein. Not because it hurt or anything, but that the pain was finally over. Harry watched as his life escaped him, and ran free over the tiles. Harry slumped to the ground.

Namzo was standing rigid. He was beginning to see. Nemzo began to watch his life play before his very eyes.

Nemzo watched himself be born. He got a good look at his mother. She had brown hair, and brown eyes to match. Her face was screwed up in pain, so he didn't try to remember those details. Then he watched as the doctor used magic to clean him off and perform a few spells to ensure that he was in good health. When that was over the doctor wrapped Nemzo in a towel and handed him to his mother. She was staring fondly down at him. She would never let any harm come to him if she could help it. Nemzo waited intensely for her to say his name, but she didn't. Then a man appeared, and placed one hand on the woman's head and another on the babe's.

Nemzo was suddenly watching himself play with his mother and his father. They all looked really happy, but Nemzo was still to young to know any better, he was no more then one. Nemzo watched as he rolled around happily.

Then Nemzo was watching himself blow out the candles on his third birthday. He received a brand new broom, his very first. Nemzo watched as he zoomed around everywhere on the toy. A boy had come to his birthday, and Nemzo gave him a few turns on the toy broomstick. Nemzo had a friend! Nemzo longed to know his name. The kid looked very much like himself.

The boy appeared more and more often. It was only then that he couldn't hear anything. Nemzo would have to wait until he saw names written on paper or something.

His life jumped ahead a lot and showed him looking down at a letter with green writing, and the Hogwarts seal. Nemzo didn't catch the name printed on the front. He did however catch the name of his friend's letter, Sirius Black. They were going to Hogwarts together.

Nemzo was at the Sorting Ceremony. He watched as he was sorted into Gryffindor, along with Sirius. At the Table they met two more boys, but Nemzo was to busy looking at the unmistakable Severus Snape as he was sorted into Slytherin, I went to school with him? But all other thoughts were stopped because right then, a girl with flaming hair and brilliant green eyes was sorted into Gryffindor. She was the most beautiful girl Nemzo had ever seen, he wanted her to be his. He looked at his young self and was pleased to see him looking the very same way. The boys noticed his attention was elsewhere so they looked around and saw the girl. Sirius smirked and beckoned her towards him and the gang. She came, grateful to see a friendly face.

Then he was watching one of the other boys being taken to the Whomping Willow with the school nurse. Nemzo could feel the curiosity of wondering where the boy went, but was swiftly distracted by Sirius showing him the cartoon he had drawn. It was of Snape, there was a potion in his hand, but Sirius never elaborated on what the potion was. The caption on the picture was 'How long do you think it will take us to convince Snivillus that poison in the best way to go?'

Then he was riding a broom, chasing the snitch. Nemzo watched as the younger self caught the snitch with ease. Over and over again he caught it. McGonagall came over and introduced him to the current Gryffindor Quidditch team. All those who had been watching pleaded with the captain to take him on.

Then he was playing pranks everywhere. No one was safe, not even his friends. Everyone became to know Nemzo's former self as the prankster. Sirius quickly joined in planning out the pranks and then the taller boy with the sandy hair. The chubby kid seemed reluctant, but went along with everything. Now they were moving their targets to the teachers. Most of the people accepted this behavior because they knew they couldn't change it. The ones who got truly angry or peeved were the ones pranked more often because they reacted. One of the subjects was none other then Snape. Nemzo was pleased to see the man get teased and tormented relentlessly.

Then memories began to fly by. Harry had almost finished dying. Nemzo saw himself and the three others in their many classes, playing more pranks, himself catching the snitch. Nemzo also noticed how much more the girl with the red hair appeared in his memories.

Nemzo was watching as he floated Snape in the air and exposed him, for everyone with an open eye to see. Then the girl came and hexed him. Nemzo wasn't hesitant to curse her at all, if only he had is wand…

Then sitting in a room with Sirius and the two other boys. They had just finished the Marauder's Map. Nemzo read the headline, if you want to call it that. "Messers Moony, Wormatail, Padfoot, and Prongs Proudly present the Marauder's Map" Nemzo thought his heart was going to burst. When he had read the name Prongs, disjointed memories came. Felt the changes his body had made in those years at Hogwarts. Going down to the whopming willow with the werewolf, Moony. Nemzo felt the agility in which he moved in his animal form. Accompanying the werewolf and himself was a grim looking dog, and a mangy rat.. The four Marauders.

Then Nemzo saw Snape going towards the Whomping Willow, and knew what Sirius had done, and raced forward to prevent him from encountering the werewolf at the end of the tunnel.

Then Nemzo saw himself giving the girl some flowers and a ring. She accepted. She was his.

Nemzo was watching the wedding. Sirius was standing beside him as his right hand man. Then Nemzo watched as himself and the girl kissed. They were together until death do them part.

Nemzo watched as he made the chubby man now their secret keeper.

Nemzo watched as his son was born, and read in horror the name they gave him. Harry James Potter. Along with that he saw the names of the parent. Nemzo's mind was reeling. He couldn't believe that this could be true.

Nemzo knew what was coming. He watched Harry for the last year. Harry was a very happy baby. He and his wife were happy as well. They were the picture of a happy family.

Then Nemzo watched in horror as the man robed in black came through their front door.

The sound came back, And Nemzo was hearing himself scream at Lily to get out and save their son, his son. As he turned to face the Dark Lord. Nemzo knew who had betrayed him. The Dark Lord killed him seemingly without effort. Nemzo knew he had gone down with a fight.

There was blackness, but he still heard the his wife screaming "No, take me, let him live!" That was the last sounds he heard before the darkness faded.

Nemzo was then standing over Harry Potter, looking on as the child's last hint of life faded away.

James Potter had killed his own son to live.

James wept.

That was when Snape came barreling into his home. When he looked upon the sight of Harry body in a very big puddle of blood, and James Potter standing over him weeping, Snape rushed over and then Snape sank to his knees in the blood around Harry. Snape picked up Harry's head, and looked into the lifeless eyes. Then Snape actually began to cry, as Harry's outraged words came whipping back 'THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS HELPED ME IS NOT HERE! THE ONLY MAN WHO EVER TREATED ME LIKE A NORMAL PERSON, IS THE ONE THAT EVERYONE TRIES TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM! THE ONLY MAN WHO HAS EVER SHOWED ME ANY FORM OF LOVE AFTER MY PARENTS DIED WAS SEVERUS SNAPE'

Then it clicked in Snape's head. Snape looked up at James "You were Nemzo?"

James nodded yes. "Did you know it was your son?" James shook his head no.

Snape didn't know what to do. He looked down at Harry's corpse and cringed away from it. Harry's blood was dripping from his robes. Snape made the rational decision of going to the Headmaster.

Snape stood up and gathered Harry in his arms. Snape's flesh did not burn when it came into contact of Harry's. Snape looked over at James and told him to follow. James did.

They arrived in Snape chambers once again. Snape led the way out and up to Dumbledore's office. Unfortunately it was a Saturday, so the students were mingling in the hallways. Everyone stared as the solemn party walked through the halls. No one stepped in there way. Except for Ron Weasley, who had come because of the rumors.

When he looked at Snape caring Harry through the hallways, he to began to cry, remembering the look he had given him for killing Hermione.

Snape caught his eye, but Ron said nothing. Snape had the premonition that Weasley would soon be run to the Infirmary. As McGonagall came forward also to see if the rumors were true, she stopped in her tracks as she saw James walking just behind Snape. "You didn't die?"

"Yes I did"

"Minerva, you may want to go and help a few of the students who left him on bad terms. Mr. Weasley for example" McGonagall looked around in the crowd and found Ron. She went over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder and they watched Snape, James walk up the stairs.

Dumbledore was waiting outside of his office. He brought them swiftly past the gargoyle and into the office beyond.

They all remained standing. They were all silent.

The first thing that happened was Snape put Harry down on Dumbledore's sofa. Harry had no more blood left to bleed onto the fabric.

Snape then turned back to Dumbledore and James, the tears visible in his eyes. Snape had grown to care about Harry, and right now was not afraid to show it.

Dumbledore spoke up in his all too calm voice, "What happened?"

Snape went first. "When Potter was with me in the chamber he told me about the demons, and Potter conjured him probably three times. I could feel the darkness in him. He was seemingly made out of Potters emotions, and therefore he was very powerful. Potter told me his name was Nemzo. It should have made sense, but I never remembered the name. When my father talked about his father, his sire, he always said Nemzo. Nemzo means sire in Hungarian, which is only part of my heritage. I assume that he went to you everytime he was hurt, or couldn't find someone to talk to?"


"Would you take over then, James?"

James told them everything about the demons. About the promise, and how it was rarely ever fulfilled. He told them how they needed their hosts to kill themselves in order for them to live. James also went on to tell them about Harry. He talked for a good two hours and by the end Snape and Dumbledore knew everything. Most of the knowledge came as a shock to Dumbledore, but Snape who knew most of what happen at the Dursleys. Snape listened more, trying to capture the conversation so he could write it doe later.

"I have no idea what to do with you"

Snape had a few ideas, like give James to the Dementors, like kill him right here and now for killing Harry Potter, or make him go back to being a demon, and Snape can prevent it so none of them will ever get a life again. Snape was planning on writing about this anyway and sending it to the Daily Prophet.

The word Prophet brought up many questions. "Headmaster, what about the Prophecy? If the boy is dead, how can he save us?" Snape had wanted to say you, but refrained.

"It seems to be that since there is no one stopping his way, He will reign again."

Snape had never expected Dumbledore to say this.

"We must do what we can, but know that the end will come, and it will not be to our advantage"

"How many are still in the Order?" said James.

"Not enough" was Dumbledore's grave reply.

After many moments of silence, all three of them sighed defeat. They knew they could crate obstacles for the Dark Lord, but they could never stop him.

Dumbledore sighed again. "It seems James that since you are alive and well again, we might as well put you to work again. Come over here." James complied. "Do you remember the Headquarters?" James nodded. "Good, step into the fire please"

As James did, Dumbledore threw a handful in and James disappeared in the now green flames.

Snape and Dumbledore turned to face each other. "Headmaster, when word gets out on why James Potter is back from the dead, and how, people are going to panic, and become angry. He killed his son Dumbledore, how can you not see that?"

Dumbledore knew he made yet another mistake. "Dumbledore, it seems you have lost something along the road that is vital to your journey," Dumbledore just stared at Snape, but he knew what he had lost. "but you can't go and do things without thinking first. Don't mess this up for the rest of us, you are not the only one who has lost something'

Snape had had enough of the Headmaster. Snape went to leave, just as he reached the door, Snape went to the rigid Harry Potter and picked him up. He was so light. Snape walked. Dumbledore just stared.

Snape didn't go to his quarters. Instead he went down to the Quidditch Field where Harry had had many victories. Snape placed Harry on the cool grass. Snape took out the center of the field with magic. Snape made a perfect hole appear, almost six feet deep. Snape carefully magiked Harry down to the bottom. Snape then just stood there, staring down at the boy. Then Snape remembers the drawings Harry was doing the night he found out he was expelled from Hogwarts. Snape placed a quick spell so that anyone looking down on the Quidditch Field would see nothing wrong. Snape then went as fast as he could to his classroom, went to the door and opened it, raced down the stairs and said the password for the second door. Snape found Harry's room as fast as he could and got Harry's trunk and shrink it and placed it in his pocket. Snape looked at the paper littered around him. Snape cast the repairing spell and fixed all the drawings Harry drew. Snape the gathered them all and noticed two things immediately afterwards. Harry's wand and Harry's pet basilisk Valen. Snape bent and picked up Harry's wand then went over to the basilisk. "Do you want to come with me, or stay in here? Your master has died, you're free to choose for yourself"

Valen seemed to hear him, because he started slithering over to Snape, who picked him up. "Have you made your choice then?" The snake curled around his wrist. Snape walked back up the stairs and resealed the door behind him. Snape made his way back the Quidditch field and uncast the spell. When Snape reached Harry's grave, he put the shrunken trunk beside Harry, then just let the papers drop. They covered his small body. Snape did not throw in Harry's wand.

Snape replaced the earth so it was seamless. Snape then cast a spell so that Harry Potter's grave could never be upturned.

Snape then went to his quarters and thought. Then he had an idea. Snape went back to Harry's grave and placed a permanent, lightning bolt mark across the center circle above where Harry now slept.

Snape then sat on the field. Snape went over everything about Harry Potter he had ever learned. Snape sat a really long time when he learned about Harry Potter. Snape heard a ringing in his ears. It was Harry's voice again.


Then, all that could be heard repeating like a mantra in Snape's head was

'The only man who has ever shown me any form of love after my parents died was Severus Snape'

"Harry Potter" Snape said to no one, "You were like the son I lost. He was strong, and had the same fire that burned in your soul. You were both bright young men. If there was a problem opposing you, you would have found a way around it. You both had the lion's courage. I'm sorry I could not give you both the life you both deserved to live. I'm sorry"

Snape didn't leave the field for many hours. He was pouring his heart out to the two boys who had ever looked to him for safety.

Snape then took an absence of leave for a week. He had gone to clean the blood from his floors. When Snape returned to school, he was back to his old greasy-bastard self.

Only those who felt the pain could know what he was hiding.


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Harry's wand resides in Snape's classroom, just over the secret door to the Chamber of Secrets.