Author's note: Well, Drake was my favorite character in Blade Trinity, and my muse finally got an idea for a little drabble from his perspective. The different spelling of Dracula is not a typo, in the novelization, it's said that Dracula is a misspelling, and also, Gilgamesh was another historical/mythological figure Drake had once been, according to the novelization.

Disclaimer: I don't own, please don't sue. Savvy?


Drake stared at them, listening to them squabble, listening to Danica's petulant shouts. He felt like rolling his eyes and tossing them all out the window. This was why he had gone to sleep in the first place. To avoid the bickering and the meaningless banter and discussion of incompetence.

He no longer cared if the vampires were halfbreeds or purebloods. Either way, they were disgusting, pathetic beings, all searching for the best means to further their kind and make them like him, their creator, their father.

They would never be like him though. The problem was not only in their physical weakness, but also in their mental weakness. They did not have the intellect, or the capacity to hold all the knowledge he held.

Not even the pureblood were mentally or physically close to him anymore. They were lost to the aging, they suffered the effects of time, and they died old and decrepit, never seeing the sun or feeling its warmth.

Drake smirked as he remembered at the fate of Damaskinos. Killed by his own creation. When had Drake heard that before? Was that not the problem every man, human or vampire, suffered in some way or another, when striving to find the key to eternity?

Man tried to become God, vampires tried to become Drake.

It was useless in the end. The species would intermingle, tainting the bloodlines. It was the same story, over and over. It would never end.

That was why he had left them, the bickering between purebloods and halfbreeds, the useless and mindless antics of both tiring and grating. He hadn't held the desire to kill them all and start anew, like God and Noah.

So he had slept. Peacefully enshrouded in total darkness, a creature that was reduced to the monster in the fairy tale told to make children behave. He had no idea what he was looked on as now, but it appeared it would not be what he had hoped.

After all, what he had hoped for with the vampire nation had not taken place.

It was a good thing Danica had awoken him. Because he saw that the world needed to realize who he was again, what he was. Both worlds - human and vampire.

He was Dagon, Gilgamesh, Draculea. Drake. And he would bring the world to its knees.