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Dare You To Jump


Kenshin had three other people living in his head with him. He really didn't know how the hell they got there, but pretty soon, he had a bunch of voices arguing in his head about the strangest things, from clothes to hairstyles to what to watch on TV. He didn't mind it really, gladly letting the voices have their say in his life, because more than anything, Kenshin didn't want to be alone.

Sure, the voices ground on his nerves a bit. After all, the fights between Rurouni and Battousai tended to be spectacular and rather loud. But at those times, Shinta and Kenshin would watch them with something akin to amusement. It was in the nature of the two to go at it like anything and it provided hours of soap opera like entertainment.

Pretty soon, Kenshin began to put the voices with images. Battousai was the closest in age to Kenshin himself. They were both eighteen, but the red head couldn't remember if he'd ever been as frigid as Battousai was on a regular basis. The hitokiri, or what Kenshin classified him as, was an entity unto himself.

Battousai had been a killer.

He had the faintest smell of leather and metal and blood about him, mixed in with a wisp of smoke from the fires burning high and hot. (Kenshin had no idea how he got stuck with him) The other voices were slightly afraid of him, even Rurouni. His clear, empty eyes were chilling, the purest shade of amber that Kenshin had ever seen.

Rurouni was even more unpredictable than Battousai. While the hitokiri was generally an ass, Rurouni could switch moods like a menstrual girl. One minute he was a gentle as lamb and the next he was deliberately picking a fight with Battousai. That was okay though, because both Kenshin and Shinta loved him anyway. And Rurouni, on his part, protected the both of them when Battousai's moods became steadily fouler and more irate.

Shinta was approximately five years old and everybody loved him, even Battousai in his odd way. He was the only one who could calm the rest of them down. However, he was still a child and often cried whenever anybody mentioned their dead parents.

That only left Kenshin. Himura Kenshin was average, except for what he began to think was MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder. He was Japanese, though his flame bright hair made most think he was Irish instead of Asian. He was eighteen and had a strange fascination with his sakabatou. At school he was rather average, except that he excelled at Math. Numbers were simple to him. He had friends, fun, and an uncle who really couldn't care what he did as long as he didn't kill himself.

No one knew about his other personalities, and he never planned on telling anyone. Problems in the head stayed firmly in the head, no ifs, ands, or buts. Or so he thought. That is, until a certain Kamiya Kaoru showed up in his life.


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