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Serenity looked at herself in the mirror and sighed heavily. She had no idea why the men in her life took such a great interest in her. She didn't see herself as anything that spectacular; still her attention was fought for on a constant basis. It was quite insane that Tristan and Duke fought with such tenacity over her affections.

She slowly applied a bit of lipstick, followed by gloss. She looked tired, she sarcastically wondered why. Why would she be tired when day and night she was bombarded with calls, letters, flowers and candy? The boys begged to escort her to her job, to her home, to the park. She wondered when they would try to lead her to the bathroom. It was so pathetic she honestly wanted to cry. She ran a brush through her long auburn locks. Tonight she would end all of the harassment and regain her independence. She would set up a challenge for the men who vied for her attention. She smiled as she fluffed her hair and rose from the chair.

The Christmas party was the perfect setting to initiate the challenge. Both men would be there and both would be tripping over themselves to sit next to her, walk with her, dance with her, she smirked, wondering if either would attempt to feed her. Maybe they could take turns carrying her from one location to the other. She giggled as she imagined that picture.

"Are you almost ready?" Joey called in as he knocked on her bedroom door.

"I'll be down in a minute." She called to him. He was so lucky to be with Mai. She knew the feisty blonde would simply crush any woman who approached her big brother. She wanted just one man in her life with no fights or annoyances. She wanted to simply be in love.

She grabbed her purse as she left her room.

The instant she arrived at the party she noticed Duke and Tristan talking. No doubt arguing who would dance with her first and she softly rolled her eyes at the frustration the two would cause. She had to quickly explain that soon it would be one man getting all of her attention.

Seto Kaiba stood there listening to the garbled business talk of his companions. Just once he wanted to discuss something other than stock reports and finances. It was a party for pity's sake, not that he was very sociable or eager for fluffy talk but this was down right boring. He needed a distraction from the damn computer and this was making him miss his beloved laptop.

Mokuba was having fun trying all of the food on the different trays that the servers were presenting. He shook his head knowing that tonight would be spent administering to his little brother's sick tummy. He silently wished that he could find the enjoyment that his little brother was having.

"What do you think Mr. Kaiba?" He heard one of his associates ask.

"Whatever," Kaiba bit out as he disjoined the group. He started walking towards the staircase that would lead to a breath of cold air.

That was when he saw her. She had to be the most breath-taking woman he had ever seen and here she was walking down the stairs with the grace of a swan. His protesting screams within his head came to a screeching halt. He no longer longed to leave the confines of the dull room he was in. He no longer cared about the business talk or the pretentious air of the partygoers. His eyes were fixed on the beauty who was fast approaching.

He stared, because he couldn't do anything else. She looked like the perfect fairy princess from one of Mokuba's storybooks. He never imagined such beauty could exist outside the confines of a book. She smiled shyly at the impending crowd. He was clutched by a desire so primal that it curled his toes. He tried so hard to see a flaw or hint that he was wrong about her, but he couldn't find any. Truth be told, the longer he looked at her face the fairer she became. She looked delicate with a heart wrenchingly innocent smile, a soft flush appeared across her creamy white skin at the attention she was receiving from the partiers. Her gown, which was a deep emerald green had laces up each side which were pulled tight to show off her soft curves.

He had not anticipated seeing anyone even remotely interesting here tonight, especially not this vision. He told himself that she had to have a wicked sense of herself. A woman who looked like this wouldn't be sweet or gentle. She was probably demanding and made whatever stupid ignorant jerk who fell for her buy her things and take her places. She had to be spoiled rotten. She was probably selfish, indulgent and slow witted. What the hell was wrong with him? It must have been the food here, he was probably experiencing the first stages of salmonella poisoning. That was it, hallucinations from a food borne illness.

Another thought ripped through him. She was probably meeting someone here. Could she, conceivably be alone? Someone here must have a claim on her. The thought brought him up short, how could these senseless thoughts invade his mind? Kaiba's lips thinned grimly as he looked back at her. Something stirred in him for the very first time.

He folded his arms across his chest and glared at her as she reached the bottom of the steps, it was her fault his feelings were being screwed up.

She glanced at him and a jolt ripped through him as their eyes met. Her full lips parted so slightly and Kaiba had the distinct sense that they were the only two people in the hall. Then she smiled slowly and he could not force himself to look away. It was suddenly very warm.

Before he could think clearly two men were standing beside him. Had they been there all along or did they just arrive? He couldn't be sure. She looked at the other two, but then her gaze fell on him alone.

"Hello," she finally managed. "I'm sorry I've arrived so late, but I was a bit distracted." Her voice was a bit higher pitched then he had expected but it was quite pleasant and he thought he detected a bit of cleverness as well.

"I know you thought tonight would be full of tripping over yourselves to impress me, but I will have none of that. Instead I've thought of something else." She smiled at Kaiba then switched her attention to Tristan and Duke. "I want you to perform a task that will prove yourself to me. I want to test your suitability for my heart." She smiled softly. Her eyes focused on Kaiba. His mouth went dry.

"I'm going to challenge you to go and find a gift for me to show the honor of your intent. Then, on Christmas Eve I'll let your gifts decide who I'll give my heart to." She giggled as she looked from Kaiba to Tristan and then to Duke.

Kaiba knew it; she was a spoiled woman who would base her choice on the riches of a gift. All theories of her being amazing were just scattered on the wind. All women were the same. The way to their heart was through a man's wallet.

"One more thing. The gift has to make me laugh. The longest and loudest laugh producer is the one I will devote my time and heart to."

"What about tonight Serenity?" Tristan asked expectantly, "Can I have the first dance?"

She shook her head and smiled. "I'm going to spend my time alone tonight, no distractions. In fact, annoying me tonight is grounds for immediate suspension in the game." She walked past them, giving Kaiba one last heated look before she disappeared into the crowd.

So, Kaiba thought with amusement, she wants to play. He was always up for a challenge and what he wanted he always received. He'd play her game and on Christmas Eve he would claim his gift. He just wondered what colored bow he would want her to wear.

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