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Midnight smiled as she looked around her old room for the last time. It wasn't much to look at, everything was boxed up, getting ready to move into her mothers old room. She was moving from the spare rooms that had been built to the main rooms one level above her old one.

She was now 16 and old enough to become a Teen Titan which meant the old Titans had to leave. Today had been dubbed 'Moving day' by her father. It was the day the other Titans moved to regular homes. Though they wouldn't be living in them very much considering they had been asked to join the Justice League.

She turned to her full length mirror that leaned against the wall. Her reflection stared back at her. Now at a surprising height of 5'8, she was rather slim and held the figure of her mother yet still reflected her fathers prized features. Her stunning emerald green eyes and dark green hair that had grown and was now cascading down her back with bangs framing her face. She no longer wore a dark green cloak and leotard but rather favored tank tops and a comfortable pair of jeans.

A knock came at her door and she hurriedly opened it. Her mother stood smiling with her younger brother at her side.

"Excited?" Raven asked as she looked around the room, remembering all the times when Midnight was little that she had to comfort her daughter. That was about 9 years ago that had seemed to past by very quickly.

"Very. It's going to be strange not having you and dad near by though." Midnight replied, ruffling her brothers dark purple hair.

"Knock it off!" he said, pushing her hand away and flattening it again though to not much avail as it sprang back up in the front.

"What's wrong Fayt?" she asked him.

Fayt said nothing, only turned from his sister with his arms crossed. Raven laughed slightly. "He's mad because he can't be a Titan like his older sister."

Midnight smiled and bent to his level. "Hey, you'll get your turn. Your only 9, enjoy life before your stuck following some pointy haired leader." she gave a small giggle before sweeping her brother tight in her arms. "I'm going to miss ya squirt." Fayt was silent but hugged his sister back just as tightly.

Raven smiled sadly at the scene. Midnight and Fayt hadn't been separated not once since Fayt was born. They always looked after one another even if they fought occasionally and Midnight was always carefull that he was never mad or scared, seeing as they trigered his powers and sent them haywire.

Fayt pulled away when he saw his mother looking. She smiled and turned back to Midnight. "Ready to meet up with the others."

Midnight's eyes lit up. "They're here? Why didn't you tell me?" She took off at a run down the hall with Raven and Fayt following behind her at a normal pace. Midnight had made many friends since she started living on earth and some even had powers similar to her own.

Midnight ran through the doors as they opened and crashed into someone. Rubbing her head, she sat up and looked around wildly for the person she ran into. From below her, there was a small cough and a smooth, almost liquid voice followed.

"Would you mind getting off of me?"

She glanced down and jumped up immediately. "Demoyon! (Day-moy-on) I'm so sorry!" she blushed as she held out her hand to help him up.

He said nothing as he ignored her hand and stood up, brushing himself off. Midnight couldn't help but stare at him. His pale skin reflected her own while his long, jet black hair made him look almost like a vampire in the many books she had read. The one thing that stood out most to her was his dark sapphire blue eyes.

He was wearing his favored skin tight, black shirt that showed off his growing muscles and black jeans under a black cloak that her mother had given him as a present for joining the Titans. "It's alright." he replied simply.

Midnight had found, after meeting him, that he wasn't one for socializing with people, reminding her forcefully of the stories her father had told her about her mother before they started going out.

A larger blush grew on her cheeks when Jem hollered to her from the couch. "Are you going to stand there all day looking at his bod or are you going to get over here and give me a hug?" Midnight took that as an escape from Demoyon's presence as she rushed over and gave her best friend a hug.

"You do know your going to die for that comment." she hissed in her ear.

"I'll be waiting." Jem replied in the same low voice.

It was Jem's upbeat attitude that had attracted Midnights attention to becoming her friend. That and the fact of her control over the water and wind. Always wearing an aqua blue shirt and (often enough) bluish grey skirt that stopped before her knees. She pushed her blue and silver streaked hair out of her face as she set her hands on her hips. "We've been waiting for you for a while."

"We" consisted of Arishma A.K.A. Silver wings, Surge, and Delmund who where all sitting on the couch. Arishma and Surge were battling it out on the new Game Station Beta version XL3 that had yet to be released in stores.

Arishma was the tech wiz that helped design the XL3 for Game Co. She had gotten her nick name because of the metallic mechanical wings she built to aid her in battle along with her other 'toys' she had been making in the past 6 years. She had been taking lessons from Gizmo and Victor for the past 2 years which had boosted her intelligence in machines.

Surge was racing against her, his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth in concentration. Surge was the son of Virgil Hawkins, better known as Static to the residents of Dakota City, and inherited his fathers electrical powers. He often helped Arishma in bringing her creations to life.

Last but certainly not least, was Delmund. Midnight found him easy to talk to and a great friend. She had once come across the perfect thing to define him in one of her books. Something called a crystal aura, which meant that he adapted to the person around him. As he was sitting on the couch, he was quiet and reserved, not breaking his friends concentrations on the game but when one of the won, he would be dancing with the victor as if he had won himself.

Midnight knew for a fact that Jem had a crush on Delmund since they had met but she refused to admit it and always turned the conversation on Midnights obvious crush on Demon, the nick name the others had given Demoyon after they had difficulty pronouncing it.

"Sorry guys, my mother didn't tell me you were here." Midnight's eyes scanned the room and saw many boxes lined against the wall, waiting to be carried into their new homes.

Raven walked into the lounge for the last time and gave a small sigh. Beside her, Garfield reached for her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Seems just like yesterday when we were recruited doesn't it? Now were moving up a League." he said, laughing slightly.

Raven rolled her eyes and punched his arm lightly. "You never change. Your still the same old goof off I first met."

Garfield smiled and wrapped an arm around his wife's waist. "Sometimes." She smiled and jumped slightly when the doors whooshed from behind them and Dick and Kory walked into the lounge with Sigma and Nightfire right behind them playing tag with Mira and Stella.

"Your it!" Sigma, the youngest son of Koriand'r and Dick said, tapping his older sister on the back and running away. Sigma was 8 years old and resembled his mother greatly with his spiky red hair and vibrant green eyes. Although he couldn't fly, he still held her great strength and agility of his father as well as his own red 'starbolts.'

However, Nightfire seemed to be following in her fathers footsteps. At the age of 9, she was getting close to besting her dad in martial arts. Her sky blue eyes and long black hair made her seem much like a daddy's girl.

Mira was the daughter of Terra and Garth (also known as Aqualad). Her long blond hair that sported black steaks supported this fact as well as her abilities to talk to fish and move rocks. Though she was only 7, she had learned to control her abilities on the most part.

Stella Stone was daughter to Victor and Jinx. She was the oldest of the Titan's children after Midnight, being 10 yrs old. Her light brown skin tone and steely blue eyes made a strange but pretty combination. Her hair was short and her long, black bangs were often brushed from her eyes. She had some of her mothers powers as well as part of her fathers mechanical genius.

Victor and Jinx had just walked in after carrying the last of their boxes to the waiting T-car.

Victor smiled at his friends that were grouped around the door. "It's going to be a big change, not living in the same place as the rest of ya guys." he said with a small laugh.

Dick nodded. "Still, were all living in the same are, not as if we can't visit or anything."

"It still will not be the same." Kory said sadly.

Midnight couldn't help but smile. "Cheer up guys, you'll still be fighting the bad guys, just on a bigger scale. It's no longer a city, it's the world."

Dick nodded and smiled at her. "Have you guys chosen a leader yet?"

Arishma and Surge had stopped playing games and Demon, who had been reading, was now paying attention to the conversation.

Midnight shook her head. "We haven't really thought about it." she said slowly, looking at her friends who nodded.

"I nominate Mid!" Jem said from the kitchen.

"W..why me!" Midnight asked.

"It's only logical." Demon said calmly in his silky voice. "You've lived with the former Titans and know how things operate. If you don't wish to take the job permanently, at least be leader for a short period until the adjustment's been made."

Midnight felt her heart skip a beat when Demoyon agreed with Jem. She looked at Arishma, Surge, and Delmund who all nodded.

"Demon's got a point." Surge said, turning back to the game.

"Al..alright. Just for a little while." she said, shooting a glance at Jem who grinned.

Dick smiled. "Well, a word of wisdom to the new Teen Titans before we depart."

"Always stick together, you'll work best as a team." Kory said, wrapping an arm around Dick's waist.

"Never be afraid to admit that you need help." chimed in Victor. "And eat loads of waffles."

"And don't be afraid to call us if you need it." Jinx added.

"Don't hide from your friends." Raven said in her calm voice. She looked at Garfield with a smile gracing her lips. "You might just miss something important."

"Always use condoms if yo..." Garfield started to say but stopped short when Raven jabbed an elbow into his side. He grinned and rubbed the spot that she hit while correcting himself. "Always have a good time. Saving the city may be tough and make you want to work through the night to get rid of the crime but don't let it take over your entire life. Stop and smell the pizza once in a while." he looked a Dick who grinned sheepishly.

"And remember, never take a life if you can help it." Dick smiled slightly. "Unless the person is a psycho path trying to utterly destroy all humanity."

The group of teens laughed slightly at this comment. It was silent for a moment before Victor bellowed out. "Group photo! Get on in here y'all!"

He set up a camera as the older Titans lined up against the wall with the new Titans in the front. Demon stayed glued to his spot on the chair until Midnight grabbed his hand and, blushing, pulled him over. "As leader, I'm not letting you miss this." she stated.
The younger children that would become Titans after the new group stood in front of the others.

Victor set the timer and raced over to Jinx's side and wrapped and arm around her waist. Kory leaned her head on Dick's shoulder slightly and Raven stood close to Garfield. Midnight stood with her arm draped around Demoyon's neck, holding him in place so he would run off and the other arm around Jem. Delmund stood on Jem's other side while Surge and Arishma stood back to back, making peace signs at the camera while the kids in the front stood smiling, waiting for the flash.

The timer hit zero and took the picture. "Now just one of the new Titans!" Victor said. As the others left, he focused it down to fit just them but before he could take the picture, the alarm went off.

Raven smiled and nodded to Midnight who turned to her friends and team mates.

"Titans, Go!"

The End

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