A/N: A gift for Alucard's Familiar, and inspired in part by reading And Shine Heaven Now, a doujinshi found at hellsing . keenspace . com

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"Master, may I have a moment?"

Integral Hellsing turned, seeing the red-clad form of the resident vampire stepping through the wall, a serious look on his face.

That was her first sign of trouble. Alucard never had a serious look on his face when it came to serious business. He usually had that damnable smirk on his face.

"What is it, Alucard?" she asked, eager to be out of his presence. It was Christmas time, and while for most people it meant a time of togetherness, for her it meant an increased workload since chipped vampires usually took it upon themselves to turn the family gatherings into all-you-can-drink buffets, despite her releasing Alucard's leash to dispose of them.

The Nosferatu leaned against the edge of her desk, tilting his hat back. "I was just wondering what you wanted for Christmas, Master."

That threw her back a pace. "Since when have you been the gift giving type, monster?"

The familiar smirk appeared. "I understand that it is a custom to give gifts to those close to you on the twenty-fifth of December. Since you hold the 'leash' that binds me, as you thought so eloquently a moment ago, there is not a person closer to me than you."

She shook her head. "There is no reason for you to get me a gift, Alucard. I neither require one nor desire one. It's just another day of the year."

"Ebenezer Scrooge thought the same as you, Master," the vampire clicked his tongue against his teeth. "Look what happened to him."

"I am neither a miser nor a business owner, Alucard. I have a job to do. However," she said as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "I suppose if you must insist on this foolishness, I will think on what I will accept from you."

The No-Life King stood, smoothing his red frockcoat. "That is all I wished," he said as he faded from view. "Though I do have some ideas already."

Integra hung her head and shook it from side to side as images of what she thought he would consider 'appropriate gifts' flashed through her mind.

And again the wish for a normal childhood flashed through her mind.

Followed by the realization that if she was to receive gifts, it would only be proper to return the gesture.


Seras Victoria looked up from her list, trying to think of the best store to go to acquire the next item. She had already gotten gifts for the other people she interacted with.

The new book on George S. Patton and the Kenneth Branagh versions of Walter's favourite Shakespeare works were nestled in one bag already gift wrapped for the elderly butler.

For Pip she had gotten a silk dress shirt in a muted blue that matched his eye and the latest release by Do As Infinity, Live in Japan. Who would have thought the vulgar mercenary would have liked a group like that?

For herself, she had gotten a new pair of slacks and a pair of Seville by Clarks of England boots. And a loose fitting gown that she intended to wear to dinner with Pip, but that was more of a joint gift.

For Master she had found a book about Vlad the Impaler, thinking he would get a good laugh over histories view of his human life as well as, after much searching and haggling, a signed copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

But now she had to shop for Sir Integra. All she had on her list was her name, not knowing what to get her.

Her cigars were picked up by Walter on a weekly basis.

Her suits were handmade by a shop on Seville Row.

She didn't (to Seras' knowledge) have any hobbies.

So what was there to get her?

She was still thinking about this when she walked by a sandwich board sign sitting on the sidewalk. After seeing what it proffered, she grinned, careful not to show her fangs.

Pip lounged in his chair, feet up on his desk as he scanned over the particulars of the webpage he was looking at.

"Vicky'd love zat," he said as he scrolled down to the order link with a grin.

On the screen was the advance ticket order form for a band that she was a huge fan of, Sonata Arctica. Their next tour was about to start and they had two dates in England. He purchased two for the center row about midway back. It cost him more than he had planned to spend on her gift, but he figured it would be worth it.

"Now what to get ze others," he murmured, flipping his braid behind his back.

Walter tied the bow on the last of the packages. Finished at last. He cleaned the lens of his monocle before picking up the gifts and carrying them to his closet to wait until Christmas day.

As usual, Sir Integra had been the most difficult to shop for, despite his knowledge of her. He had, in the end, merely purchased a book by Ann Rice, knowing that Sir Integra would enjoy the writing as well as getting a good laugh over some of the supposed traits of vampires.

Miss Seras was almost insanely easy to shop for. A brightly coloured sweater and a warm greatcoat to replace the battered blazer she usually wore sat in their respective boxes, waiting for her enthusiastic opening. She was like a little girl on Christmas.

For Lord Alucard he had acquired several pints of Type O blood and had completed a complete overhaul plan for the Joshua and the Jackal, which would make them both more powerful than before.

Captain Bernadette had posed a bit of a problem, but in the end he found a pair of books by an American author named R.A. Salvatore focusing on a Dark Elf. Knowing Pip's interest in the fantasy/adventure genre, he thought that they might fit.

Now all he had to do was make sure that the dinner was prepared and his work for the year's end celebration would be over.

As he walked to the kitchen to discuss some details with the cook, he couldn't help but feel a slight warm sensation as he thought of his surrogate family.

Author: I just want to say that this story, unlike my other Hellsing fics, will be outside the standard continuum of my writing. Meaning, in other words, that things that happen in this story will not affect the storyline or history of the other stories. This is simply a gift that will be able to stand on its own two feet.

Sides, I want to build suspense over the gifts that were mentioned but not named. After this three chapter ficlet is done, I'll be finishing the other ficlets I have ready to go, like Landfall for Thess and Me, Myself, and Yumie for all you MPD nun lovers out there.