Kagome ran through forest dodging fallen logs and debris. Her bow and arrows were clutched tightly in her hands turning her knuckles whites.

'Got…to…get,' Kagome thought gasping for breath. "Away…" Branches sticking out and twigs scratched and cut her skin causing blood to come up. She ignored the stinging pain and kept going.

"Get back here Kagome!" A strong voice behind her bellowed. It was the hanyou Inuyasha in his full demon form chasing after her. "Get back here so I can get back Kikyou's soul!"

"It's not her soul Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed. She was losing her energy fast and Inuyasha was gaining on her. Kagome almost lost her balance hurting her ankle on a rock. She ignored the throbbing and kept going.

Just when she thought it was the end, a swirling vortex appeared in front of her and she tumbled in. She could hear Inuyasha yelling behind her but she blocked out and tried to figure out where the portal was taking. Something glowed to the side of her o she turned her head and looked. Her bow was glowing an eerie red color and changing shape. It was now blood red with a swirl of shimmering black spiraling around it. She saw a light below and saw that the portal was dropping her into the light. She was blinded but managed to flip and land on her feet. Once her feet touched the ground the light disappeared.

What she saw made her think she was crazy. There in front of her were thousands of little black things attacking two guys and a girl.

'Okay…what the hell happened to me?' She thought.