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Kagome woke up with the sun hitting her eyes. She squinted against the light, and slowly blinked her eyes open. Looking around in the small hut, she noticed the strange positions that everyone was in. Donald had fallen asleep on top of Goofy's stomach with his tail near Goofy's mouth, Goofy had sprawled out like a star and with every snore, Goofy inhaled and exhaled Donald's tail. Miroku had fallen asleep sitting up, but his hand stuck on Sango's backside, Sango had fallen asleep with her head in Miroku's lap with a line of drool coming out of her mouth. Shippo had fallen asleep curled in a ball in Kagome's side, Kilala sitting on top of his head. Sora had somehow moved his body so that his legs were propped up against the wall, his butt at the bottom, and his head was on the floor. Kairi was lying sprawled on the ground with her head next to Sora's.

Suddenly, Kagome noticed a large amount of warmth next to her body and turned to look. Kagome felt a blush creeping up to her cheeks and couldn't help but stare. Curled up right next to her, looking the most peaceful that she has ever seen him, was Riku. Some of his fringe had fallen in front of his eyes and Kagome felt the urge to gently brush it away from his face. When he was sleeping, all the harsh lines on his face melted away and allowed Riku to actually look his age.

Kagome blinked rapidly and shook her head. 'What am I thinking? Stop it Kagome! Riku does not look adorable like that, nor does his hair look soft enough to run your fingers through, or his chest…look so….inviting….BAD Kagome!'

While all that was going on in Kagome's head, Riku happened to wake up and watch the emotions rapidly play across Kagome's face; curiosity, shock, frustration, dreamy, and then frustration again. Riku couldn't help himself, he started smiling. He didn't know what it was about Kagome, but she was truly fascinating; the way she seemed to make friends wherever she went, her insane mood swings, her life story, and how cute she looked when she was embarrassed.

Kagome noticed a slight spike in an aura, indicating that someone was waking up. She looked down, and saw Riku smiling at her. Once again, that familiar warmth was creeping into Kagome's cheeks. The moment was ruined when Goofy shot up yelling.

"Ack!" He looked around and stared at Donald. "Donald! I choked on your tail!" Said duck was rubbing his head and glared back at Goofy.

"How is that my fault!" Donald picked himself off of the floor and waddled outside grumbling under his breath about stupid dogs and needing sleep.

Thankful for that interruption, Kagome pulled herself off the ground and looked down at Riku. "How are we feeling today?"

Riku rolled his eyes, "Well, I am just fine Dr. Kagome, do I get a lollipop?" Kagome shoved him over with her foot. "Ow, I am wounded!"

"While I am thoroughly enjoying you two play fighting, must you do it so early in the morning?" Kairi complained rolling over to her feet. Because of all the noise, everyone was waking up. Kagome sputtered, flustered. Kairi waved her hand before running it through her bed head. "Hush Kagome, you can only make the situation worse by trying to defend it."

Kagome huffed, and pulled out her compact. She pushed a few buttons and her outfit changed. She was wearing a bright blue short sleeved crop top, and a pair of black shorts that were shredded at the edge. She had fingerless gloves on, knee high lace up boots, and her hair had been braided into two pigtails.

Kairi changed her outfit too; she was wearing a white tank top and black shorts, lace up ankle boots, white fingerless gloves, and her hair had been pulled into two short pigtails.

All of a sudden they heard a loud crash outside, and a squawk that was Donald frightened. "HELP!" Kagome's eyes widened as she felt a familiar aura in the area and she rushed outside, followed by the rest of the group.

Right outside the hut, there was a huge crater, and a large cloud of dust hung in the air. They all looked around for the duck but the dust was too thick. All they could hear was the sound of something heavy repeatedly hitting an object. "Donald!" Sango started spinning her Hiraikotsu above her head, cutting through the dust. As soon as the dust had cleared a little, Kagome sprinted forward before anyone could react, her keyblade poised to strike.

"Kagome!" Not a few seconds later, they hers another squawk, a female grunt, and then an animalistic growl. They dust had settled enough that the group rushed forward but froze in shock at the sight in front of them. Kagome was standing in front of Donald, keyblade poised in defense, Donald crouched low, covering his head with a protect spell surrounding him. Then, the lone figure clad in red clutching a giant sword in front of him, fangs bared and growling ferociously.

"Who's that?" Sora whispered. He noticed that the group from the feudal era had all tensed and was moving into fighting stance.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome snarled, gripping the keyblade tighter. "Why are you here? Where is your clay whore?" At that statement, a purified arrow shot at Kagome who put up a shield just in time. "Never mind…"

Kikyou walked out of the trees, bow still poised from the shot. "Hello, reincarnation." She glanced at Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, who are all these other people? You didn't tell me about them."

Inuyasha cracked his neck and smirked, "probably Kagome's new conquests," He looked at Kairi, "and another whore." He jumped back and growled. "Bitch!"

Kagome had rushed forward to strike Inuyasha, but he jumped back in time. She glared at him coldly. "You will not insult my friends. Take your whore and leave us be!"

"You have some things that belong to us, copy" Kikyou sneered. "Give me my soul, and the jewel, for Naraku."

"Like hell!" Kagome yelled running towards her. She was thrown down and rolled in the crater stopping in front of Donald. Inuyasha had leapt forward and shoved Kagome away, and now stood above her.

"Kagome!" The group cried. Riku materialized his dragon blade, and jumped into the crater. Kagome was struggling from the shock of the blow, and was still lying on the ground. Before Inuyasha could deliver another blow, Riku rushed forward and cut downward. Inuyasha did not have time to move, so all he could do was block it.

Kagome in this small time had gathered her bearings and pulled herself off the ground. Before anyone could react, multiple tornadoes appeared and moved rapidly towards the group.

"Move!" Kagome yelled, jumping out of the crater not seconds before the tornado drilled into the ground where she just stood. The Kingdom Hearts group and the Inu-tachi all jumped in different directions before the tornadoes barreled into the spots where they had been. "Kagura!"

Said demoness floated into sight, sitting on her feather. She smirked, behind her, Naraku's poisonous bugs appeared, as well as her undead army on the ground. She waved her hand, and then utter chaos.

"Let's go everyone!" The two groups rushed towards each other….

To Be Continued…..