The World's Best Kept Secret?

By: Apocalyptic Muse and Tsugi

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One: The Brilliant Idea

She was not your normal teenager, in fact she was very far from it. She was so strange that even her classmates had begun to take notice of her peculiarities. Which was saying a lot because she was one of those quiet types that never attracted much attention. She was an average student, not at the top of her class but not at the bottom either. However, this was just a cover for the truth of her identity.

Elizabeth Dominic was a hacker.

So far she had been extremely lucky to not get caught, but then again she did small things. Every now and then she messed with the commercial line-up on cable television or fuzzed out a football game she didn't want to watch. For a small amount of money she would sometimes go in and change some grades for her unfortunate peers. Nothing big, nothing that could get her into too much trouble.

Until now…

Lynn Krueger leaned over her friend's shoulder, gazing at the line of code Liz was typing. "What are you doing?"

"Don't really know." Liz replied, not taking her eyes off the screen of her laptop. "Just looking for some encrypted files." It wasn't too much of a lie. In truth she really did not know what she was doing, but she knew her aim. For the last couple years activity at the Air Force base under Cheyenne Mountain had drastically increased. For the first time Elizabeth started asking herself the big question: what were they doing there?

"Not again." Lynn cried. "How many times have I told you not to do that stuff - - especially when I'm around. You're going to get arrested or something."

Liz rolled her eyes at this. Pause. "Check this out."

Lynn sighed. She wasn't going to get anywhere with Elizabeth today. She had that look in her eyes. "That's the air force symbol… but what's that?" Lynn pointed to a spinning shape in the center of the screen. The letters SGC were superimposed over an odd looking triangle. "Where are you at?"

"Don't end a sentence with at." Liz said, and then added without missing a beat, "it just came up… I was typing some code out and bam! here it is."

"Well, you better get out of whatever it is. It looks government."

Precisely. A mischievous smirk crossed Elizabeth's lips. "All the more reason to delve deeper." She kept typing, even more furiously that she had before. With the aid of one of her home-make programs to find the appropriate password to continue on into that particular area of cyber space. "Got it!" She cried in victory.

Then everything Liz had believed was shattered.

An Hour Later

Stargate… Big round ring made from some alien material. Travels through space. Aliens. Evil aliens. Goa'uld. Elizabeth couldn't stop pouring through the hidden documents. One after the other she searched through the information available. "This can't be real…" She whispered.

Lynn was sitting beside her quietly. She had long given up on trying to stop Liz. Instead she had begun to look with her. They had found what seemed to be the world's best kept secret. "Apparently it is real." She said simply. Liz frowned at her. "Umm… Liz. I got a question. Don't government sites like this usually have programs to detect people like you?"

Shit… In her excitement Liz had completely forgotten about anything like that. Not ver professional. She thought, IDIOT.

She quickly exited.

Cheyenne Mountain - - 7:19 P.M.

Dr. Daniel Jackson frowned at the monitor. Someone had been in the system. He knew they had, but just as he had become aware of that fact they had left. He didn't like ghost operators, and apparently that's what the person was because they seemed to be working behind the system - - or around it. He sighed to himself as he stood. They probably already knew about it, but it wouldn't hurt to go tell somebody in charge.

"Hey… did you just - -" He ran into Carter in the corridor.

"The virtual intruder?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah." Sam said, "I was just going up to tell Hammond."

"Tell Hammond what?" Jack O'Neill had a habit of showing up at just the right time -- at the end of what was being said.

"There was someone hacking into the Stargate Command files." Carter replied, turning to her superior officer.

"That's…not good." Jack observed.

"You're right. It's not." Daniel said, agreeing with the obvious. "Could it have been a glitch in the system?"

"It's a possibility, but we shouldn't take any chances."

And so the trio made their way up to talk to General Hammond.

Elizabeth Dominic's House - - 11:38 P.M.

Liz kept staring at her computer, wondering if she had made the wrong choice. For the first time ever she was reeling about something she had done. Usually the computer - - and anything electronic - - was the one place where she didn't screw up. Was that over? Would this mistake come back to haunt her?

Of course it would. She had just learned some things that most people would probably never know about. Yeah, she could probably make copies, show it to some media jockeys, but where would that leave her? No where was the answer. She knew better than to spread the secrets she found. She knew things that would make most people's toe's curl.

But whoever was in charge of that base didn't know that.

What if they found her?

What if…

"Stop it, Liz." She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She was being paranoid. Being paranoid actually sometimes helped when doing things that she did. Here, however, it wasn't going to do anything, but make her jumpy and stupid. She just had to be careful next time.

Next time…

No matter how many times she told herself it was stupid to go back she wouldn't be able to stop it. She had started something irrevocable. She couldn't stop until she knew the complete truth…

Cheyenne Mountain - - 1:28 A.M.

Samantha Carter was just beginning to work on one of her many projects when she noticed something odd in the computer system. It was happening again. The intruder was back, and they weren't going to get away this time. Without any delay she picked up a phone. "Our guest is back…"

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