No, not to the end, Always

Chapter 1: The Horrible Truth

It started out as a quiet morning in the small village of Bevelle. The sun was yet to rise and the rooftops of this homeland were still dark. There was not a sound in this small land. No one was awake, except for a beautiful young girl, who was sitting on her rooftop with her left foot hanging lazily over the edge, as she gazed out across her countryside. Almost as if she was waiting for something. She rested on the palm of her hands, which were supporting her whole body as they rested against the green tiles of her roof, which made her chest stick out towards the sky.

She sighed as she pulled out the small sphere from her garment. There he was. Looking at her lovingly, giving her a final smile before he faded away again. The sun suddenly reflected off the sphere as it started to rise from behind a mountain in the distance. Another day was beginning. Another day without 'him'. She crawled down off the roof, with the sphere in her right hand, like she had done every other morning for the last two years since…

She landed silently on the ground below barefooted and took one last look across the miles of green land, hoping that if she waited a few minutes longer then maybe 'he' would come running over the hill and call out her name. Then she would run towards 'him' and they would meet halfway and embrace in a long awaited hug. Never to let each other go again.

No. There was only the sun that greeted her bi-coloured green emerald and sky-blue eyes, and it kept rising until it had finally rested in its usual position right above the mountain.

Finally she turned around and walked serenely back inside her large house, which she shared with her very close friends (practically her brother and sister) Wakka and Lulu. She heard their new baby crying and decided to comfort him until Wakka and Lulu awoke. They were very magnanimous for letting Yuna stay with them. They had after all just married and started a family.

Yuna was so grateful that they had been so generous. She couldn't bear to be alone, especially after everything that had happened. She now entered the baby's room, walked calmly over to the baby's cradle and put down the sphere on a table next to the baby's cradle. Yuna then picked him up lovingly in her soft warm arms.

"There there. It's all right. Aunty Yuna is here." She said softly.

The baby immediately quietened at the sound of Yuna's soothing voice.

She let his tiny little head rest against her shoulder as she gently patted his back and rocked him back to sleep.

After a while she heard Lulu and Wakka starting to wake up after a sleepless night of caring for the newborn. She heard them mumbling to each other whose turn it was to get up and attend to the baby.

Lulu was the first to enter the baby's room. She was tying her dressing gown around her rather tiny waist, which still should have been quiet large after only having the baby only two months ago. Her hair was messy which looked quite funny on her when it was always so neat. She hardly ever let anyone see her with bad hair. She looked up sleepily with her scarlet eyes, which looked even more red then usual from getting hardly any sleep. Lulu noticed that her baby was no longer in the cradle and that he was no longer crying. She started to feel a little panicky but became calm again when she spotted Yuna standing in the corner of the room, nursing the child while looking out of the window on the other side of the room.

Lulu started to walk over to Yuna but stopped at the baby's cradle when she saw something shine in the corner of her eye. She picked it up in her right hand and didn't realise until she squinted through the blurriness of her sleepy eyes what it was. When she realised what it was she shook her head sadly realising who was in the sphere. Oh why does she do this to herself all the time? Lulu thought feeling sorry for Yuna.

Usually Lulu was quite composed but ever since she became a mother she had become a big softie and much more capable of letting her feelings be known to others. Whereas before she was always so restrained. She slipped the sphere into her right pocket of her dressing gown.

Lulu walked up behind Yuna and whispered yawning, "Yuna you didn't have to trouble yourself with the baby."

Yuna was startled by this and jumped away from the window to look at Lulu.

"Oh you scared me Lulu." She whispered trying to catch her breath.

"Sorry." She whispered keeping her voice low so that she didn't wake the child.

"No it's okay. I was already awake." Yuna said handing the baby over to Lulu carefully.

When he was resting comfortably in Lulu's arms, Yuna smiled at him and stroked his left cheek with the back of her fingers.

Lulu looked at Yuna with concern and whispered, "Yuna you really need to stop getting up so early. Especially when you go to bed so late. You always look so tired."

Yuna gazed up at Lulu, " Lulu, I'm fine. Really I am." She said reassuring Lulu who was wearing an expression of disbelief.

Lulu laid her baby back into his cradle and walked over to Yuna with her arms folded.

She now wore a serious expression.

She then said calmly, "Yuna I want you to tell me the truth when I ask you this. Now tell me, do you still have any of the spheres which we got rid of last year?"

Yuna couldn't lie to Lulu. But if she told Lulu that she still had one of the spheres that she was supposed to get rid of, it would break her heart. Last year Lulu and Wakka had told Yuna to move on and that she just had to dispose of the spheres before she ruined her life.

She decided to lie. Figuring what Lulu didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

"Lulu I don't have any of the spheres anymore. They were destroyed by Wakka last year remember?"

As Yuna was watching Wakka destroy the spheres last year with tears in her eyes (not letting them fall though), she had seen that on top of the pile 'his' face had suddenly appeared in one of the spheres and started smiling at her. She had decided to rescue it, thinking that it was a sign that maybe one day 'he' would return. So she told Wakka that Lulu needed him and after he was out of sight she ran to the pile and saved the sphere.

Lulu now only shook her head and looked away. She then reached into her right pocket with her right hand and pulled out a shining sphere, which showed 'his' face.

Yuna's eyes widened with horror and her left hand flew to her garment naturally to find the sphere. Oh no! Why didn't I put it back into my garment like I always do? Yuna thought, now panicking.

"Lulu I – I couldn't help it. It was only one sphere. It didn't do any harm. I was afraid I would forget – and…"Yuna started to hyperventilate uncontrollably and Lulu told her to calm down and breath in deep breaths.

Yuna fell into Lulu's arms upset but didn't cry. Lulu stroked Yuna's honey brown hair and then started to talk to Yuna in a regretful tone as if she knew her words would cut deep.

"Maybe if you moved on and let 'him' rest in the past. Then maybe you could get some proper sleep and be happy."

Yuna removed herself from Lulu's embrace.

"How can you say that? What makes you think 'he' won't come back?" Yuna said with hurt in her voice.

Lulu placed her hands on Yuna's exposed shoulders and said quietly, "Yuna you are not happy and you haven't moved on. It's not good for you to dwell on fantasy's."

Yuna still kept her tears far away from her eyes. She hadn't cried since 'he' left. Now was no time to start.

"Why can't you believe me when I tell you that I'm fine?" Yuna asked with so much sadness in her voice that it tore Lulu up inside.

"Oh Yuna, I want to believe that you're fine. But Wakka and I both know that you're not. We know that you still think that 'he's' coming back. But 'he's' not. 'He' was never real. 'He' was always a dream." Lulu said trying to make her voice sound as comforting as possible as Yuna listened to the worst words she could ever imagined.

She shook Lulu's hands of her shoulders and said, "Lulu how would you feel if I said that Wakka or your child were never real? That they were never coming back?"

Yuna watched Lulu's pained reaction as she turned to look at her child in the cradle. She then turned back to Yuna and nodded understandingly. Yuna continued.

"'He' is as real to me as they are to you. Even though 'he' may have lived in my life for a short amount of time, 'he' still lived. That is what makes 'him' real." Yuna said angrily.

Lulu touched Yuna's left cheek and whispered, "It's okay to cry Yuna. You can't be strong forever."

At that moment Yuna ran out of the room and almost knocked Wakka over on the way. He held onto her arms to keep his balance and said, "Hey Yuna. Up early again this morning I see ya?" he said happily.

She pushed past him and ran towards the front entrance.

He watched her disappear outside and turned to Lulu with his shoulders shrugged and said, "Was it something I said?"

Lulu just rested her face in her left hand, rubbed her eyes stressfully and held out the sphere in her outstretched hand towards him.

He saw what it was and who was in it and said, "Oh no."

Wakka then left the room and ran after Yuna. He called out for her once he stepped out onto the dirt path outside his house. He looked for her everywhere and when he couldn't find her after searching everywhere possible, he decided to head back inside to tell Lulu. She would probably show up sooner or later anyway. She was just upset and needed some time to herself most likely. He headed back inside and closed the door behind him. He leant up against the door and couldn't help but feel something bad would come out of this.

Yuna was running breathlessly. She wasn't running from anyone physically, she was trying to run from everyone mentally. She was just running. Trying to escape herself and everyone around her. Her bare feet pounded against the dirt road and flicked up dust as she ran to nowhere in particular. Just away from the place she had called home for so long. Away from the painful reality that she still wasn't ready to face, even though it had been so long since the hurtful events took place.

She was so tired by now after the lack of sleep, which strangely never showed on her beautiful young face, and could feel herself starting to slow down. It felt like she had been running forever, and the sun seemed to agree with her, as it's heat beat down on her soft skin right above her, signalling that it was getting close to midday. She had woken up around 5.00 am and left the house around 5.30 am. She must have been running for some time.

Yuna felt that she couldn't continue any further and decided to rest and catch her breath. She hadn't been taking any notice of where she had been running to, and so she was very surprised when she looked up to where she had stopped. It was the place that she had shared one of the happiest moments in her life, even though it had lasted for less then a few short minutes.

"Macalania Woods." Said Yuna speaking ever so softly.

She looked to the lake that was centred in the middle of the beautiful forest. She felt her tired feet starting to make their way to the cool lake. With each step she took, she became both happy and scared at the same time. She was happy that she was able to rest her eyes upon the loving spot where she and 'him' had first shared their true feelings with just one kiss. But she was also scared that she would be heartbroken once again by just reminiscing on the wonderful moment, and now that she was here she couldn't block away the past because everywhere she looked was only a reminder of it.

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