Chapter One ---A girl, four boys and Beverly High

"Sammy!!!" Clover came running over to her friend, who was deeply engrossed in a book and none-to-happy to be disturbed.

"Come quick! You've got to see what the cat dragged in!" The drool on Clover's face made Sam shake her head. A boy no doubt. One that Mandy would still from Clover and induce yet another war.

"Clover I don't think--" Sam's sentence was cut short. There by the fountain, sat the world's most gorgeous boys, and the school's population of girl's were close, drooling even more then Clover. The jealous stares were directed towards the raven haired beauty that sat next to the boys, talking animatedly with one of them.

"Wow. You weren't kidding Clover. I wonder where they came from." Suddenly, the taller of the three boys came over, smiling at Sam and Clover.

"Samantha and Clover right? I'm Cale. I've heard a lot about you from Jerry. He's really found of you two. Come on, come sit with us and I'll introduce you." Cale smiled again and both girl's nearly melted in their shoes as they attempted to walk with him.

"Sam! Clover!" The elbowed the boy who'd spoken in his ribs. He shrugged and smiled sheepishly.

"That's Shaine and the girl next to him is Noa. She can be a bit frosty at times but she'll warm up. We hope." Sam giggled and continued to stand as Clover sat next to Noa

"Hey Clover, Sam. Who invited you losers over?" Mandy's triumphant smile shone rather annoyingly in the girl's sights. Obviously, she was confident in the boys fawning over her as all the others had done. She was wrong.

"We did. Who invited you over? And who gave you the helium?" One of the boys spoke up, glaring at Mandy with evident dislike. Said witch gasped her surprise and stalked off fuming.

"Wow, for once she didn't kick us to the curb. Thanks, you guys are our heroes!" Sam rolled her eyes.

"I'm Kai." Said the blue haired dream boat who'd defended them. A dazzling smile was granted them and Sam kept her wits about her enough to introduce herself.

"It's nice to meet you , I'm Samantha. That's Clover and that's…what, Clover where's Alex?"

"I'm right here Sammy. I want you guys to meet Jade…am I interrupting something?" Alex raised a brow and placed a hand on a hip.

"No, actually we were just getting introduced to the new guys…and girl. Where were you?" Alex scratched the back of her head and sweat dropped.

" I had a little trouble in shop class and Jade was my knight in greasy coveralls." Jade blushed and sat beside Noa, ignoring her devilish grin.

"You should have seen the way Kai kicked Mandy to the curb!" Clover said punching the air happily.

"It was great!" Samantha added laughing along with Cale and the others.

"Hey--" Whatever Cale had been about to say was cut off by the sound of a WHOOP portal opening through the fountain.


"Hello girls. I've see you've meet the rest of the team. How nice." Clover stared at their new friends.

"They're WHOOP spies?!" Sam rolled her eyes. Clover had been to busy drooling to notice that Cale had mentioned Jerry.

"Of course. I'm glad you've all meet because the world needs you again."

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