Chapter Five---Secrets in the Dark

All was still. Alex tried to comphrehend was Noa was telling her. Kidnapped...raped...

Sure, the girls had had their share of being kidnapped by psychos with bad breath bent on world domination, but hey; it came with the job description. But long had it taken Shaine and the other's to find her? Who found her? And in what condition?

"Noa...I'm..." Noa stopped her, shaking her head. Of all things, Noa did not want sympathy. It was her job, it was an accident and she was more or less alright. If Kai or the others had been included in this conversation, however, they would not say she was alright.

The shine in her eyes had vanished. She hardly laughed anymore. They would have called her behavior self-destructive. Isolating herself, avoiding discussion of what happened, refusing to see a therapist.Refusing to even admit it happened.The boys worried about her now, constantly(especially Kai)and it only made her relationships with them extremely violitile. Of course, her verbal and sometimes physical abuse of the boys was harsh, but the moment any of the boys raised their voice at her, Noa's attitude changed horribly. From confident and rather violent, to skittish and paranoid. Alwayswatching themfrom the corner of her eye, expecting them to hit her at anymoment. Noa, who was not afraid of anything, was afraid of her own teammates.

"I understand if you don't want to tell me the whole thing just yet. But I'm always here if you want to talk...I won't even say anything! I promise, I'll just sit here and listen! Scouts honor!" Alex smiled broadly and held up two fingers in the victory sign. Noa smiled.

"I'll bet you weren't even a girl scout." Alex's smile fell.

"Ya, well...I coulda been!" Noa felt like some weight had been lifted. Not all of it...but some...

It was a start and Noa was thankful.

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