V, A, Liam POV

Once again, there was a Taelon scheme that Renee and I could only set back.
Once again, the fallout from this means humanity is being slowly murdered by our so-called Companions as they drag us down with them.
And once again, I am damned ashamed to be the son of Ronald Philip Sandoval. Honestly, I think Boone would have reached his limit of putting up with the man's scheming several months ago when innocent people got killed. He probably would have strangled Sandoval for what was done to Lili. After all, Boone did kill DeDe, from what I can recall - and don't tell me that his wife's murder at Sandoval's hands had nothing to do with it. The look on his face haunts my nightmare. All I did was wave my gun at him and didn't have the guts to actually pull the trigger.
I heard a lot about what Boone was like, what he stood for. He would not have stood for it. Frankly, I'm not much compared to the great Will Boone. I fill his former job, but I'm imitation. Boone was not a man to piss off. He was patient, something I'm not. He was trying to understand this whole mess, and I commend him for making the attempt. All I can do is swagger and try not to let people ask too many questions about me while I ask all the questions and try to cope with the answers.
I'm no Will Boone.
Mother? Oh, I know my mother would not have stood for this, especially the killing of pregnant women (even though they were altered to be automatons), and anything that hurt babies. I can see things as she saw them, and it hurts. Goddess, does it hurt. If she were alive, if Boone were alive...If I were never born, maybe Sandoval would not be as much of the soulless villain he is now.
Had I known, I never would have given him the two pints of my blood to keep him living and doing these things. No, I still would have. Gods, I feel weak. I can't stop my father. If putting him to death were the only option - I don't think I could pull the trigger.
The scary part is that my mother loved him. And I know she could pull that trigger, especially now. She took on the CVI that killed her because she wanted to protect the babies - the babies of Ireland, the babies of the world, and the babies she hoped to have herself. Sandoval stealing embryos, implanting them with CNIs, killing all trace of his involvement? Oh, my mother would have considered it her mission to protect those babies.
And I need to save them. If Dr. Curzon was right, then they are in some ways my brothers and sisters yet to be. Would saving my siblings be worth my father's life?
I know what Sibohan Beckett's call would be. Mother, I'll need your strength. We need to stop him together. We may love him, but it's gone too far.