Chapter one

Inuyasha's POV

I placed myself soft on the frosty bench, checking my butt before I sat down, making sure I wasn't going to sit on anything. I placed my backpack on my thigh, feeling it freeze up against my silky, red pants. Shuffling through the junk I had piled into my folders, I pulled out my elementary picture book called, Looking at Shapes: Advanced. I felt good for some reason, like, grown up since today was the first day of 1st grade and I just turned six years old yesterday! I finally relaxed my stiff back against the hard surface of the bench and flipped opened to the first page and started reading. As I studied the strange shape that looked like a lamp, I heard other students laughing, seeming to enjoy themselves. I looked over my book, focusing on the students as they teased a little girl by passing her necklace back and forth, avoiding her. "Hey, give it back!" The girl whined her long, silky brunette braid firmly fitted on the top of her head, waving back and forth as she tried to get her necklace. She crouched down as deep as she could then popping up into a big leap, reaching out for her necklace. She finally got a hold of it but then one of the boys jolted his foot, hitting her in the shin and making her trip, her necklace breaking into two. She skidded on the rough cement grounds, droplets of blood falling out of her elbows and knees. Then, she started to cry.

"Awww, poor baby gonna cry now?" The boy harassed the girl as the others laughed in the background. He placed his greasy palms on the side of his stomach, lifting a smart eyebrow. "Get up you twat! Stop being a whimp!" As he said that, he lifted up his foot again, ready to hit the helpless girl.

I couldn't believe what was happening before my eyes and nobody was doing anything about it! "Stop!" I finally shouted, jumping off the bench and squinted my eyes furiously at the boy, "Lay one foot or hand on her and you will get it from me!" I crackled my knuckles as loud as I could, the boy seeming to be fairly frightened now. The girl lifted her weak head and focused her cerulean eyes upon my golden ones, looking quite confused.

"W-what are ya gonna do about it? Tell the teacher?" He stuttered slightly, still trying to sound tough. The others behind him gasped slightly as they got a feeling I really would tell the teacher.

I smirked slyly, "What a great idea!" I giggled as I searched for a random teacher. The boy's grin vanished before my eyes, his eyes shinning full with tears now. "N-No! Don't do that, I'll stop, I promise!" He sweared and he tightened his eyes, the hot tears draining out of gray mysteries. I smiled gracefully and walked past the boy, holding my hand out for the girl about my age to grasp. She finally placed her hand in mine and I pulled her up to her safety. Now I really felt grown up, no, not just a grown up, but a super hero!

As we sat down inside, the girl lowered her head, her long shinny bangs hiding her cheeks full with redness. I noticed she was injured on her joints and gasped, "Are you okay? You're scratched up everywhere!" She finally noticed she was and started cleaning herself up. She looked down at me as I damped her knees with warm water, water drops slithering out of the cloth, onto her leg, "I'm sorry about all this trouble." She said, bowing her head, "You really don't have to do this…"

I shrugged to myself, still trying to cover the ashy skin of the wound, "It's okay, I really don't mind." I blushed slightly, trying to not look so suspicious since she was probably watching me. I didn't feel anything about this girl, she was just… sweet, that's all! Besides, me, falling into 'like like'? Yuck!

I stood up and nodded my head, "All done!" I whipped my hands clean and stood proud of myself. She started to giggled and hopped away, her shorts blowing after her. Whoops, I forgot to get her name… oh well, maybe next time.

Finally, I stepped into my classroom and sat down in a random seat that was empty. The teacher didn't seemed to mind that I was fifteen minutes late because if was the first day. As she started introducing herself, I looked around the large classroom to see if the braid-headed girl was there but she seemed not to be. I focused myself back on the adult and listened to her announce her name. Ms. Kamisori. Well that was kind of scary!

We talked about ourselves the whole period and of course I was one of the first people to be picked on since my last name starts with a 'C'. Camuri. I have always thought my last name never fit me because Camuri Inuyasha just doesn't sound okay!

The period finally ended and my next was gym which I personally loved! Skipping down the hall, I knew exactly where the room was since I have been admiring it all my school life. Turning into the classroom, I saw her! The pale cheeked, braid-headed girl. But this time she didn't have her hair in a braid, it was left alone, long and wavy brunette hair running wildly. It was oddly enough that she happened to be my age, but also we didn't have to wear gym uniforms, like the ones my brother, Sesshoumaru wears.

Camuri Sesshoumaru. My older brother who was 13 now. His birthday is a month and three days before mine which makes me a little jealous sometimes. He's always bringing home friends, especially girls. What does he have in them anyway? He always told me to wait until I was older… whatever that meant. Picking on me was his hobby everyday as I walk home from school and his friends would laugh at my dog-ears, which made it worse.

As I came back into the real world, I creased my fingers into my silver hair, my bangs falling away from my face. I was so happy when Pa-pa cut my hair because now I can finally feel the breeze on the back of my neck.

I sat down and started stretching as the teacher commanded. I studied the girl that I met early as she also stretched, totally ignoring me. I didn't mind much since I was on the other side of the room and she probably could see me. I finished exercising and stood up and watched the girl turn around and notice me. She smiled gracefully and I waved, also smiling. She jogged over to me, "Hello there!" she stated excitedly as I bowed my head in a respond.

We had to run today so the girl and I jogged beside each other, talking about our day so far.

"Hey, by the way, before I forget anyway… what's your name?" I asked, a tiny strip of red spreading across my face and hoped she didn't notice. "Mine is Camuri Inuyasha."

She smiled gently and tilted her head to the side, "Kiragi Kouga!"

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