This is the sequel to 'When the Time Comes' please read it first.

A/N: This was going to be titled Forever Broken, but I found that a bit morbid and so changed it! I guess I got this story up faster than I thought I would! What can I say, I have had some free time since the horse show season ended, but that shouldn't last long since finals are starting next week! Anyways, this story is going to be a little bit depressing the first few chapters… so just hang in there! It may take a while to pick up steam, but I promise it will!

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Olivia was sound asleep on Elliot's lap. He rubbed her back gently, only half watching the news. As he watched her breathe slowly and steadily he felt a pang of guilt as his eyes trailed to her seven month belly. This pregnancy had been a hard one on her. When she wasn't at the doctors, she was home sleeping, and when she wasn't doing that she was trying to work way too hard for her own good. Elliot was extremely worried about her and thought about her constantly. He knew it was his fault that this had occurred. She had told him that night she had run out of the Pill, but he had insisted. And then, too make matters worse; he hadn't been very happy when he found out about the baby. He sighed and kissed her cheek tenderly. "I love you, Liv."

"Daddy?" came a small voice.

He turned and smiled in spite of himself. "Riley Justice Stabler what are you doing out of bed?"

"Not tired." Riley answered, walking over and climbing up beside him. "Is mom still sick?"

"Yes, I am afraid so."

"She will get better though, right?" Riley questioned, looking up at him with the same icy blue eyes as his own.

"Of course." Elliot answered, putting one arm around his daughter. Riley snuggled up against his side. Elliot loved all his children to pieces, but there was something very special about Riley. She was an angel child, well behaved and very bright, and already exhibiting signs of the kind, sensitive nature of her mother. Though Riley had her father's eyes, her porcelain skin, dark hair, and fine bone structure were all Olivia's. She was four now. A lot had changed in the past four years. Maureen had graduated college with a degree in psychology and was now looking into graduate school to become a forensic psychologist like Huang. Kathleen had just graduated high school and was enrolled in the Police Academy. Lizzie and Dickie were still living with their mother as they were only in middle school, and were constantly complaining about how irritating their new half brothers were. Kathy had married the doctor she had had an affair with and had had two children with him.

Pretty much the only things that hadn't changed were work and his feelings for Olivia. They were still a tremendously good partnership that got great results and were highly respected throughout the precinct. And he still loved Olivia more than anything else in the world, and she him.

He watched he hurry off to her bedroom and smiled. Suddenly he felt Olivia stir on his lap. She stretched and looked up at him with her gorgeous chocolate eyes. "How are you feeling?" Elliot questioned, laying a hand on her stomach.

"Not too bad." answered Olivia, obviously still exhausted. She glanced over and saw Riley sitting next to her father, looking at her worriedly. "Hey baby. How are you?"

Riley smiled and answered, "Good. Are you feeling better?"

"A little bit." answered Olivia, stroking her daughter's cheek. "You should be in bed. It's a school night."

"I know. Night. Love you." Riley said, kissing her forehead. Olivia smiled and watched as Riley stood and hugged her father's neck. Elliot kissed her and lifted her gently off the couch. Riley waved to him and then stumbled sleepily off to her bedroom.

"Come on, let's go too bed." Elliot said, gently taking Olivia in his arms and carrying her into their bedroom like he had done many times in the past few months.

He lay her down gently and then crawled in next to her, pulling the covers over them both. She had already fallen asleep. Elliot put his arms around her and dozed off.

He woke up the next morning and got ready for work, helping Riley get ready for preschool while he was at it. Olivia was still asleep and Elliot made the executive decision to tell Cragen she was too sick to come in that day. While Riley finished eating her pancakes Elliot padded over to their bedroom and knelt down beside Olivia. He felt her forehead, finding it to be a little bit warm. "Liv…" he said gently, and she opened her eyes. "I am going to go to work, but you just stay home and get some rest, okay?"

Olivia nodded and shut her eyes murmuring, "I love you Elliot."

"I love you too, sweetheart." He replied, kissing her gently. She kissed him back softly.

"Dad, you ready?" questioned Riley, sipping up her jacket and grabbing her backpack.

"Let's go, Riley." replied Elliot with a smile as he opened the door. Riley trotted out in front of him, eager as always to get going.

"Suburban?" questioned Riley hopefully as they walked outside. It was by far her favorite of the two cars, though Elliot didn't really know why. He supposed that it was because Olivia liked it, and Riley had picked up on it. Elliot liked the big SUV, but it definitely had surprised him when it was the car Olivia picked. He hadn't exactly pegged her as a Suburban driving person. Smilingly slightly he knew she would never cease to surprise him, and he liked it that way.

"Nope. The suburban is your mothers." He responded, picking Riley up and putting her in the car seat in the back of his Malibu.

After he dropped her off he headed down to the precinct.

Olivia slept until about noon, whereupon she decided she had to get up and do something productive. After she had showered and eaten a little, she put on her warm clothes and headed outside. As she climbed into the suburban she picked up her cell and called Elliot. "Hey El. It's me. I am going to stop by the courthouse and bring you by those papers you need for the Yeager case." She said as she started the ignition.

"Liv! You need to stay home! You are too sick to be out and about." Elliot scolded on the other end of the phone.

"I will be fine. See you in a half hour." She replied, hanging up.

Elliot sighed in frustration as he hung up his cell. "What's up?" questioned Munch as he sipped at coffee.

"Liv's coming by in a half hour with the papers we need. I told her to stay home. She is so sick. Honestly she has gotten so many infections over the past few months it's incredible. Her immune system is just failing her right now." Elliot said, trying to not show how upset he was.

"She'll pull through Elliot. Feisty, that one." Munch said with a laugh. Elliot smiled in agreement.

Olivia ran into Alex at the courthouse, finding her to be just leaving an arraignment. "Olivia! What are you doing up?" Alex exclaimed, running over to her.

Olivia raised her eyebrow and said, "I don't just sleep. I can actually do things."

"Yes, I know that. But you should still be taking it easy." Alex told her as they walked down the hall, "What do you need from the courthouse?"

"Those papers for the Yeager case." Olivia said.

"Right. Well, you just sit right here and I will run and get them." Alex said firmly, practically shoving her into the bench. When Alex returned with the papers she handed them over to Olivia. "Next time ask me if you need something, and I will do my best to go and get it."

"Alex…" Olivia began, but Alex shook her head.

"You must get better. Come on Olivia, you have two months left. Then you can go back to chasing perps and interrogating and all the fun stuff." Alex said with a smile.

"Thanks." Olivia answered as she came to her feet.

"So how many medications are you taking these days?" questioned Alex as they walked back out to her Suburban.

"I don't know. Like six?" answered Olivia, waving her hand dismissively, "Better than the ten I was taking. Why?"

"No reason. Just wondering how you were doing."

"Well better than I was. I don't understand what's wrong with me. I have had one child, and now it's like I am totally ruined goods."

"Olivia! Don't you even think that! God knows its difficult carrying a child, even without complications."

"Yes well… I still feel bad about it. Elliot's so worried about me, and I just think that these problems are my fault."

"No they aren't. I miscarried twice. Was that my fault?" questioned Alex, looking at her sternly.

"Of course not!" exclaimed Olivia, flushing slightly.

"That's right. And this isn't your fault either. Remember that, okay?"

"I will."

"Drive safe." Alex told her as Olivia climbed up into the SUV.

"Of course. See you later Alex."

Alex bit her lip as she watched Olivia leave. She had really an awful feeling about this whole situation. Ever since the doctors had recommended an abortion Olivia had been even more determined to prove herself. Alex was very concerned she was taking this as a personal mission, and in doing so, would take it as a personal failure if something happened.

Olivia changed lanes and thought about what Alex had said. Everyone was so worried about her. Honestly, she wasn't even forty yet, why did she have to be having all these problems? Sure, this pregnancy hadn't exactly been planned, as she and Elliot had only intended on one child. Still, she thought as she braked for the red light.

When the light turned green she immediately accelerated. As she reached the middle of the intersection, loud honking made her glance to her left and saw a red truck coming to the cross street way too fast. He didn't stop for the light. Her eyes widened and in a blinding flash she knew the dire reality of the situation.

The sickening crunch of metal on metal seemed to be in slow motion as the truck slammed into her driver's side door. The suburban spun out to the side, smashing into the car next to it. Then all was quite still. Olivia felt a ripping pain tear through her and she took a wavering breath. That didn't help and she bent forward, her hands clutching her stomach. Tears streamed down her face as another sharp pain streaked through her. Desperately she tried to keep her eyes open, but it was too difficult. Fragments of metal lay all around her and she felt blood running down her arms and legs. She fumbled with her seatbelt and unbuckled it. Reaching for the door handle she jerked on it. It didn't budge and the effort made her exhausted. She could feel life draining out of her and she stopped fighting. Instantly she slipped into a sleep.

Loud noises awoke her. A pair of hands gripped her from the side and she screamed. "It's okay baby. You're going to be fine." came a gentle voice. She opened her eyes and found herself being carried from the suburban by two paramedics. They lowered her onto a stretcher and she felt her lungs seize up. A ragged breath escaped her and she felt an oxygen mask being pressed to her face. "You hold on okay? You just hold on." said the one paramedic, stroking her forehead with one hand and holding the mask on with the other. She nodded, though her vision was getting blurry. "Oh no honey, don't you quit on me!" he exclaimed, shaking her shoulder gently. "Don't you quit! I am losing her!" he screamed to his colleague, who came sprinting over. "Don't you dare die on me! Come on honey, keep fighting!"

Elliot looked at his watch. "She should be here." He said, throwing down his pen and standing.

Fin looked over at him and asked, "What is it?"

"Olivia should have been here a half hour ago." Elliot said, pulling on his coat.

"Maybe she's stuck in traffic?" Fin offered, but looked skeptical.

Elliot shook his head. Then his phone rang. Munch and Fin both watched as he picked it up, "Stabler."

Fin watched as Elliot's face paled and his eyes widened.

Elliot just about dropped the phone as he hung up. "I have to go! She was in a car accident." He told Munch and Fin, sprinting out the doors.

It wasn't as though the hospital was an unfamiliar place to him these days, so he found his way in quite easily. He ran up to the nurse's station and said, "I am Elliot Stabler. My wife's in surgery… car accident."

The nurse gave him a pitying look and said, "Yes, Olivia Stabler. She is getting a c section right now. I will let you know as soon as she is out of surgery. They have her in stable condition, so that's comforting. She had a close call with the paramedics."

Elliot waited anxiously and attempted to keep from crying. After he had been there for less than an hour he heard his name called. "Detective Stabler?" He looked up and saw two cops standing there, along with a Detective from homicide. "There's something you need to see."

"Why? My wife was in a car accident for God's sake." Elliot exclaimed.

"Detective Stabler, it wasn't an accident. They hit her on purpose."

Elliot's jaw dropped and he leapt to his feet violently. He started to shout something in response but a doctor suddenly sprinted over to him. "Mr. Stabler! Thank goodness I found you! Your wife is almost through surgery. However, Doctor Swanson told to come out and warn you."

"Warn me?"

"We have to perform a hysterectomy. She has sustained too much trauma in that region, and it's the only safe thing to do." the doctor said, looking at him in sorrow.

They made their way down to the scene, and Elliot had to work very hard to keep his composure. A small black Mercedes was sitting off to the side, the front end crushed in. The Suburban's driver's side was utterly destroyed. The red truck that had smashed into it was off to the side slightly, as they had had to pull the cars apart to get to Olivia. Elliot glanced over by the open drivers door and saw blood all over the seat, dashboard, and smeared over the steering wheel and windows. She had lost a great deal. Elliot turned away, unable to stop a tear from falling down his cheek.

"When we first got here, a witness said that the truck was weaving in and out of traffic and ran the red light. We had our analysts figure it out and they found he was going at least 70." said one of the cops after a moment, walking around the backside of the red truck. Elliot followed him to the driver's side. A particularly pernicious looking shard of metal was slathered in blood and was laying on the ground just outside the door. "The driver of this car pulled that out of him and tried to grab these. But he was too badly injured." The cop said, and handed Elliot some latex gloves before a manila folder. Elliot glanced at the folder with all sorts of bloodstains on it; the driver had obviously groped desperately for it. "Those are how we know it wasn't an accident." The cop told him.

Elliot barely stifled a gasp. He had never seen so many pictures of Olivia. There were ones from every one of her newspaper appearances and tons more of her that were taken using the zoom feature. He noticed that she was the only one in every photo- except one. Elliot examined it, seeing it was a picture of him and Olivia bringing in a suspect. Someone had been stalking her.

"And there is something else you should see, Detective." said the other cop gently.

Elliot followed them over to the sidewalk. A body was covered in a white sheet, blood already seeping through it. The cop pulled it back, revealing the body of a young man. He had been stabbed multiple times but was gripping something in his hands. Elliot's eyes then trailed to the badge clipped to his belt. "A firefighter." sighed Elliot.

"Witnesses say this guy saw the perp get out of the truck and then got out of his car and ran after him. They said he was screaming at him that he had hit her on purpose. They wrestled and… well you see what happened." The detective said.

"What's he got in his hand?" questioned Elliot.

"I don't know." answered the detective, leaning closer.

Elliot knelt down and gently pried it from his fingers. Another picture. This time it was of Riley.

"Who's that?" questioned the Detective, taking the picture from him.

"My daughter." exclaimed Elliot, immediately picking up his phone. "Casey! It's Elliot. Could you pick up Riley from school right away? Olivia's been in a car crash."

"Detective?" came a questioning voice. As Elliot hung up the phone he glanced over and saw a man standing a little off to the side. Elliot could tell from the burns on his arms that he had been in the Mercedes. "I just wanted to talk to you."

"Sure. You were in the other car?"

"Yes. I am okay though, the airbags went off right away." said the man, indicating to his arms. "It wasn't her fault. I could see that truck coming and it happened so fast. And he hit her so hard I knew that I was going to be hit as well."

"I am sorry." Elliot told him, and the man shook his head.

"I am more worried about the lady. I watched them take her out of the suburban. But what I wanted to tell you was that I got out of my car as fast as I could and I saw that firefighter go running after the guy who hit her. He was limping really badly. Bleeding all over the place, but he had that picture in his hands. Seemed desperate to keep it, that's why he attacked the firefighter. I couldn't get over fast enough to help." The man said, biting his lip as his eyes threatened to water.

"You did what you could."

"Yes. I am sorry they didn't catch the guy though."

"Oh, we will." answered Elliot fiercely. "Hold on one second." Elliot reached for his ringing phone and picked it up.

"Mr. Stabler, your wife is out of surgery, she has been begging for you." said the familiar voice of Doctor Swanson. "And your son is in ICU. You might want to come see him."

Doctor Swanson clicked the phone back onto its receiver. He walked over to the window that showed the newborn ICU. Little baby Stabler lay quite still. He was tiny, being only seven months, and he hadn't woken up yet. Doctor Swanson doubted he ever would. It wasn't often he got overly emotional about his patients, after all, you saw it all being a ER doctor in Manhattan, but this case tore him apart. When he had gotten the call from the Homicide Detective saying that Olivia had been struck on purpose, he couldn't believe it. She did not deserve this. The son of a bitch had ruined her life. This baby would unquestionably be her last. And he was hurt so badly that if he lived another couple hours it would be a miracle. Doctor Swanson clenched his fists, staring at the little boy whose life was taken from him before it had begun. His beeper suddenly went off, startling him out of his thoughts. It was flashing and bleeping in emergency mode. He was surprised and took a closer look. Room 342. He glanced down the hall, and sure enough, the light outside it was blinking. That was Olivia's room. "Oh my god. She was in stable condition!" Doctor Swanson exclaimed aloud, sprinting down the hall. He swung open her door and stopped dead. "Oh my God."