Me:Hi Peoples! What's up! (waves to people)

Horohoro: I know the answer (ahem) Its the SKY!!!!!


Ren: You idoit...

Me: ... Do I even want to know?

Me: Nooo,I don't think so!

Yoh:(walks into the room) Hey guys, what's up!

Horohoro:I know!! I know!! Its the SKY! Right?!

Ren: I'm leaving. I'm afriad this stupidity might be contagious.

Me: No wait Ren...oh yeah Yoh can you do the disclaimer please?

Yoh: Why me?!

Me: I am a little busy at the moment.(holding Ren by his jacket)

Yoh: I don't wanna do some dumb disclamier!

Me: ANNA!!!

Anna: Yes.( appears out of no where)

Me: Please make Yoh do the disclamier!(gives up on holding Ren who leaves)

Anna: Sure(grabs Yoh and shoves in a closet...5 min. later..)

Yoh(black and blue): GothicPrincess does not own Shaman King or any of its charaters.

Anna: AND?!!!

Yoh: But does own this story and Tessa! Don't hurt me!

Anna: Am I debt free now? (oh just a card game gone so so wrong)

Me,sigh: Yes, Anna.

Anna death glare

Me: I mean...uh...yes Miss Anna.

Anna: Better, Lets go Yoh!(drags Yoh off)(Yoh waves)

Me&Horohoro left alone in the little room

Horohoro: Its the SKY right?!

Me: Your such an idiot but so cute at the same time.(pats head)

FIN...HAHA! Just kidding!How did ya like my little ditty.Well now on with the real fic its really angisty in the first part so you have been warned!

"Hey Ren! Wait up guys"! yelled Horohoro after his friends who were in the process of boarding a bus. "Well, look who's up"? Teased Rio. Well someone didn't wake me up!Horo retaliated glaring at Ren. "Your a horrible roommate Ren" "So, I tried to you were out cold and I dought you could hear me as loud as you snore",Ren said glaring back.

"Well you almost made me miss Yoh's inaguration (a/n:spelling?) as Shaman King "Horo said sitting down next to the chinese boy(a/n: I haven't finshed the sereis yet sorry). After a few minutes of uneasy silence Ren spoke "So look i'm sorry I didn't wake you up, we're still friends right"? asked Ren all out of charater. "Of course man, best friends till the day I die"laughed Horohoro with his trademark smile.Both boys were smiling, when Rio had to go and ruin the moment. "Oh how cute the two friends have made up" Rio laughed, when suddenly the bus jolted and sorta flipped on to its side.

All the Shaman's were out of the bus prepared to fight if they had to. There in front of them stood three assantions (A/N:spelling?) "We are here for your life, Tao Ren!"said the tall man in the middle. "Most people are. So which one of my Relitives hired you this time" asked Ren ready to fight if he must. While above them on a hill a young girl prepared her snipper gun and got into posistion. "Prepare to die,Tao Ren." "I don't like this Ren. This attack is just to forward, don't you think, sorta like a trap?" stated Horohoro. "Well we don't really have time to think that way right now, even if it is, what can we do about it" Ren said. We have to get going or were going to be late." Rio reminded the two (a/n: God I hate him!!!). "So lets finsh this"! yelled Ren attacked in spirit form as the other two fused with there own spirits or Grardian Ghost.

The Three men fought well but the boys were winning. As Horo was fighting he saw a glimmer in the bushes on top the hill above them, it was a snipper riffle and now he relized there true intention.

It had been a trap right from the start. The bait were those three men to lure Ren out into the open and be the perfect target. He turned to the man he was currently fighting and knocked him flat on his ass and ran toward his best friend. He felt like he was going in slow motion and in his mind memories of all his friends were flashing through his mind. REN!!!!!!!! He felt the first bullet go into his back penatrating his flesh.

Ren had been winning this fight and then from behind he heard Horo calling his name REN!!!!! and a gunshot. His back was to Horohoro as he turned Horo was standing in front of him." What is it?"he asked as he suddenly saw the trickle of blood escaping the corner of his smiling face. "Are you alright Ren?" asked Horo. That was when Ren saw a girl stand on the hill above them and fire thebullets aimed at him as he closed his eyes and prepared himself as he felt two arms wrap around him and felt the impact of the bullets into the person sheilding him. Horohoro. He felt the tears coming but would not let them fall. . "Well, are you alright Ren?" asked Horo his voice a whisper. Ren looked up into the dulling eyes of Horohoro and answered in complete shock. "Hai, Horo ." "Good" Horo's grip loosened and he fell back but before he could hit the ground Ren caught him grasping his friends hand.

"Why",Ren asked. Why, Horohoro(a/n:um Rio's chasing the bad guys right now!kay)

"Best friends till the day I die"Horo whispered smiling." Thats not funny" "Hey, Ren tell Yoh and Anna congrads for me and tell everyone I said good bye". "NO! Tell them yourself" cried Ren as the tears were threatening to fall. Horo began speaking to the little spirit"Hey Kororo thank you for the gift. I'll enjoy the power to control ice" Horo whispered to the little munshin patting her on her head as she faded away tears streamed the little face. He turned back to Ren who was pressing on his wounds trying to stop the bleeding. He was still fighting the tears. How much longer he could hold them back Ren did not know but he heard Horo calling his name, "Hey Ren your gonna be a great conusil member to Yoh after all you have to make up for me and this was not your fault" a tear slid down his face as he closed his eyes and Ren felt the grip on his friends hand loosen."Good Bye Ren maybe we'll meet again". Ren heard him and let all the tears fall they came in a flood."HOROHORO!" He yelled His best friend was dead because of him how was he gonna tell the others and more importantly how was he gonna live with himself. He just sat there holding his friend crying.

After he had stopped crying Rio ran up "They got away Ren, I'm sorry". Then he saw Horohoro and fell to his knee's.Ren stood up and looked at his hands they were covered in blood."Ren" said Rio. "I am going to see Yoh, I have to tell him what has happened.

He began to walk away when he saw a figure in the distance.Rio had seen it to and squnited "Is that master?" It was Yoh and Anna was with him.As he approached Ren began to speak" Yoh, Horohoro is-" "I know, I know Ren"Yoh said. Ren noticed his face.It was sad and tear stained as he imaganed his must be. "He may be gone ,said Anna breaking the uneasy silence. But would he really want all of you to be so sad?So lets go back and continue the cermony. They all went back sad as ever.

From the sky the young blue haired shaman boy watched them tears streaming down his face."I don't want to go. Not yet." he cried. "I can help you with that" came a mysyterious voice. Horo horo looked up and around searching for the speaker. "Give me something and I'll send you back as a ghost." "What can I give,I have nothing?"Horo said quiteitly. "Yes you do, give me what you hold dear,give me your memories!" came the voice softly.

Then you can then tell that person how you feel if i decide to give those memories back. But I get to play a game first, Well what do you say?"Horohoro thought for a moment and answered "I agree." "Good boy" it said as a brillant light surrounded him and ....


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