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Knock knock knock! "Yes yes hold on i'm coming" said an elderly man as he opened the door. "Hello I heard this is an Inn and I was wondering if there was any vaccant rooms avalible" said the boy at the door. "Yes..yes we do please come in" said the old man as the boy entered. "Normaly we only get vistors during the festival time, oh my name is Richard but everyone calls me doc" he said leading the boy upstairs. "What would your name be?" Doc asked.

Snapping out of the daze he was in "It Ren, Tao Ren" he answered as the old man opened the door to Rens room. "Enjoy your stay and if there's anything you need let me or my wife know" "Thank you"said Ren as the old man walked back to his room. "Now"said Ren to Bason, "Time to sleep and did Jun finsh sending those transfer papers to the high school in this town" "Yes master, tomarrow will be your first day as a student in RiverBend High School" answered Bason. "Good, good night Bason' said Ren swicthing off the light.

Nai walked slowly up the hill her thoughts all mixed up. She was totally and completely confuzed. Soon her feet found themselves at her front door. Quietly Nai opened the door and slipped in she smiled as she saw Kay,Tessa and Sari all asleep on the floor. Glancing to her left Trey was snoring away on the couch, Father was nowhere to be seen. Nai set her keys on the table in the kichten and went into her room and changed into her pj's.

She looked at her bed but decided to sit by the window instead gazing at the moon she began to try and orangize her thoughts again but a voice inturpted her "That was one hell of a long walk, Nai You didn't even go see doc did you?" Hikaru asked. "What the hell are you my mother? As you can see I'm fine no one has looked after me in all long time so don't you start trying to!"Yelled Nai turning to glare at Hikaru, for a moment Hikaru felt fear those eyes were so full of hate and anger. With a shaking voice Hikaru asked softly "Nai whats happened to you, Tell me whats wrong maybe I can help you?"

Nai smirked and her glare disappeared but the cold look remained Hikaru had never seen Nai this way before "Who the fuck do you think you are? You can't help me even if I did need help so fuck off Hikaru and get the hell out of my room" with that she turned and looked back at the moon. Hikari turned and left the room with tears flowing down her cheecks. Nai lost all the coldness her eyes had held and she fell asleep. And that night Nai made a choice that would change everything in her life forever. She was going to giveup everything and the saddest part of it was she didn't care.

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