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Summary: Yuki is attacked and turned into a vampire. What will Shuichi do when he finds out the truth?

The Vampire's Kiss: Chapter 1.

It was night and there was hardly anybody in the backstreets of Tokyo. The few people there were hurrying home. Except that one man who seemed to wait for somebody. He was tall and handsome. His pale complexion contrasted with his waist-long dark hair floating in the wind. His light green eyes made him even more attractive. He was wearing a black tee-shirt and tight leather trousers.

Samuel was hunting. Three gorgeous young women walked past him. They made him feel even more thirsty, but he was cautious and never attacked more than one person at a time. Making three people fall into a trance would have needed too much concentration.

Then Samuel saw him. The most beautiful person he had ever seen in his whole and very long life. Such a beauty had to be preserved. He would make him his own and they would become companions. Thus he could admire this wonderful sight forever. He had felt so lonely lately. He had sired several other vampires, but, each time, they had left him after a few years. It was high time to try again.

When the blond man drew level with him, Samuel asked innocently: "Excuse me, what time is it?"

Before checking his watch, Yuki looked the man in the eye. But then, he couldn't do anything else. He felt entrapped by those pools of green. He couldn't even move. Little by little, he lost consciousness.

Samuel smiled with satisfaction. The man was now under his power. He looked around him, the street was desert. He pulled out his fangs and bit into the man's throat. The blood flowed into his mouth. Its coppery taste made him feel powerful and immortal. He drank more than he did with a normal prey, since he later had to give his own blood. When he had finished, he licked the wounds and his saliva made them heal at once.

Then Samuel bit into his own wrist and blood began to trickle. He put his wrist on the man's mouth and let the blood flow. After a few seconds, the man began drinking instinctively. The more he had, the more he wanted. He grabbed Samuel's arm and started to drink hungrily. Despite the pain, Samuel let him drink for some time, but finally he had to make him stop. The man growled, and then passed out again. The cut in Samuel's arm healed within a few seconds.

The vampire felt exhausted, but he was happy. Everything had happened as he had planned it. He took the man in his arms and carried him to his flat.


Shuichi woke up. He looked beside him, but Yuki wasn't there. Where could he have slept? Shuichi got up and ran around the flat. He looked everywhere, but it soon became obvious that Yuki hadn't come back the previous night. Shuichi felt tears coming to his eyes. Yuki had left him once more! But why? Everything had gone smoothly between them lately. Maybe Yuki had gotten tired of living with him.

Anyway, Shuichi had to go to work. He reluctantly got ready. Things were different when Yuki wasn't there. Shuichi lost most of his motivation.

When he arrived at the studio, Hiro soon noticed that his friend was out of sorts. He drew him aside: "What's wrong, Shuichi?"


"Come on, I can see something's wrong. What did Yuki-san do?"

"How do you know it's Yuki?"

Hiro giggled. "It's always Yuki. Are you going to tell me, now?"

"He didn't come back yesterday. I'm afraid he left me."

"Did you have a fight?"

"No, everything was okay."

"Well, don't worry! Maybe he wanted some calm to write his next novel. He'll probably come home today."

"What if he doesn't come back?"

"Then you'll go find him and you'll drag him home! That's what you usually do. You should be used to it by now."

Shuichi laughed, relieved. "You're right. I shouldn't get depressed so easily. Yuki is mine and I won't let him go! Mwahaha! Let's go back to work!"

Hiro smiled. He had managed to cheer up his friend. However, he wondered what Yuki-san was up to. The man should really pay more attention to Shuichi!


Yuki felt groggy. He wanted to keep on sleeping. And yet, he knew he couldn't get back to sleep, because he was hungry, terribly hungry, more hungry than he had ever been so far. He slowly opened his eyes.

"Good evening, Eiri!"

Yuki started. It was the man who had asked him for the time. Why was this man in Yuki's bedroom? Wait a minute! It wasn't Yuki's flat. So where was he? And what had happened?

"I looked in your wallet while you were sleeping. That's how I know your name. I'm Samuel. Now, that's going to seem strange to you, but I'm a vampire. And you're a vampire too, since I sired you last night."

Yuki was at a loss. It was obvious that he was still sleeping and having a particularly original nightmare. Now he had understood that, why hadn't he woken up? Maybe Shuichi was going to be noisy and snap him out of sleep. But nothing of the sort happened.

Samuel smiled: "I know you're confused right now. But don't worry, you'll get accustomed to your new condition in no time. Vampires have a great capacity of adaptation. That's part of our nature. And we're basically immortal and invulnerable, unless we don't drink blood regularly. So don't worry about all the old wives' tales: coffins, sunlight, mirrors, crucifix, garlic… They're nothing more than that: tales. Well, of course, beheading you or staking you right into your heart would kill you. But, in fact, that would kill any creature, even a demon. Fortunately, such things don't occur on a daily basis."

Yuki wondered why he was dreaming about that. He hadn't read anything about vampires lately. And what if it wasn't a dream? No, that was impossible.

Samuel continued: "Actually, the sunlight thing is based on reality. The rest is pure folklore. Humans think we can't live in the daylight because we always hunt during the night. Vampires are nocturnal beings. Our biological clocks make us live preferably by night. That's the time when we're stronger and our powers are more efficient. Besides, it's more discreet to hunt during the night. Thanks to our sharpened senses, we can hunt easily, but without being noticed by the humans. On the negative side, our heightened eyesight makes the sunlight painful to us. That's why we avoid going outside during summer days. But winters are okay. Besides, I must say that sunglasses are a very useful invention."

Everything looked so real. Maybe it was. And Yuki felt extremely hungry. But it wasn't an ordinary hunger. What if he craved for blood?

"I think I'm going to stop my explanation here, because you must be starving by now. Let's go hunting!"

"No!" Yuki had killed once, but he didn't intend to do it again, never. "I won't kill anybody!"

"Of course not! If vampires killed humans, don't you think that everybody would be aware of our existence? It must remain absolutely secret. That's the best way to protect ourselves. Anyway, you must drink blood, especially at the beginning. Later, you'll need less blood. But, right now, you're very thirsty, aren't you?"

Yuki didn't know what to do. He had no choice but to trust this man. "Yes, I need something, but I'm not sure what."

"You'll know it very soon."

Samuel led Yuki out of the flat and into the backstreets. Yuki felt disorientated because of the hunger.

Samuel resumed his explanation: "Don't hunt too close to where you live and try to hunt in different places. That's more cautious." Samuel stopped. "This street seems to be a good place: it's almost desert, but there are a few passers-by."

"What am I supposed to do?" Yuki asked.

"For your first prey, I'm going to show you what to do. This person must be alone, since it's very difficult to hypnotize several people at a time. All you have to do is to make eye contact with your victim and to concentrate. They'll fall into a trance and they won't remember anything. Then, you pull out your fangs, bite into their throats and drink blood. You mustn't drink too much blood, because that would be dangerous for them. It's the same thing when you give your own blood to turn your victim into a vampire. If you give too much blood, it's dangerous for you. When you have finished drinking, you lick the wounds and your saliva will make them heal at once. Thus, there will be no evidence of what you've just done. Then, you can let them sleep or wake them up pretending they've just fainted. They won't realize the truth, especially because they're all convinced that vampires do not exist."

"I too am convinced that vampires don't exist," Yuki replied.

"That won't last."

A young woman with a low-cut dress arrived. Samuel whispered to Yuki: "Such dresses are very practical because you won't stain them with blood." Then he approached the woman: "Excuse me!"

"Yes." She looked at Samuel in the eye. He hypnotized her at once and told Yuki to come. "You can drink now."

Yuki wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. But his fangs pulled out automatically. He bit her and drank her blood. It felt so good and invigorating. As a human, he had never realized that. When Samuel told him to stop, he was still thirsty and didn't listen to him. But Samuel forced them apart.

"That's enough! Heal her and we'll hunt somebody else. It's your first night, I know that one prey won't be sufficient."

When the woman snapped out of her trance, she apologized and staggered away. She looked weak, but rather fine.

A few minutes later, a man arrived. Yuki called him and wondered how he was going to hypnotize him.

"What do you want?" the man asked suspiciously.

Yuki had no idea what to say, so he used Samuel's trick: "What time is it?"

"It's half past eleven."

Yuki looked at the man and felt a sudden wave of hunger. He concentrated and the man soon was immobile. Yuki didn't even know how he had done that.

"You're a quick learner," Samuel commented.

Yuki didn't answer, he was already drinking.

The next victim was for Samuel, because he needed to restore his blood after siring Yuki. Then, Yuki attacked two other people and finally felt sated.

"Well, it's time to go home now," Samuel commented.

Yuki didn't know what he was going to do. According to Samuel's explanations, he could live a rather normal life in spite of his condition. But that wasn't going to be easy. Stupid vampire! Why did he have to turn him into a vampire?

"Good bye!" Yuki mumbled.


"I'm going home."

"But you can't, you're a vampire now, you can't live like a normal human."

"I've never been a normal human in the first place!"

"That's why you should come with me."

Great! Another freak stalking him! As if Shuichi wasn't enough of a nuisance! "Leave me alone!" Yuki groaned. He left without looking at Samuel and proceeded to his flat.

To be continued.

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