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The Vampire's Kiss: Chapter 5.

"Yuki, Samuel left us a message."

The taller vampire scowled: "I don't care."

"Yuki!" Shuichi protested.

"Okay. So, what did he say?"

"He and Takeshi are thinking about moving out from Kyoto. They've already spent several years there and they don't want to look suspicious. Maybe they're going to come to the US."

"What?" Yuki exclaimed. "I hope he doesn't intend to stalk me again."

Shuichi giggled: "Baka! You know he's in love with Takeshi. They've been together for ages. Besides, they mentioned Los Angeles, not New York."

"That's still too close for my liking!"

"Yuki, stop being grumpy."

"Maybe I'm getting old."

"No, you're not. You're a vampire, and a very sexy vampire at that."

"Really? So… we could do something instead of talking," Yuki suggested.

"I'd like that very much," Shuichi answered with a mischievous smile.

He came closer to Yuki and kissed him passionately. Their vampire senses heightened the sensations and made them want much more than a simple kiss. Yuki dragged Shuichi to their bedroom and took off his lover's clothes, at first slowly, then more feverishly. Afterwards, he let Shuichi do the same for him. They kissed wildly, and then began to make love. Their sharpened senses were driving them mad and were awakening their thirst. When Shuichi couldn't take it any more, he bit into Yuki's neck and savoured his rich blood. The pleasure was overwhelming and Shuichi came at once. While Yuki's neck was healing, he too bit his lover and revelled in the coppery taste of his blood. The sensations grew inside him until he finally reached his climax.

Later, as they were resting on the bed, Shuichi whispered: "I love you, Yuki."

"I love you too," Yuki answered softly. Shuichi smiled. Yuki had needed years to utter those words, and even now, he didn't say them very often. But Shuichi always loved hearing them, even though he didn't really need them to know Yuki's true feelings. So Shuichi kissed his lover tenderly, in order to thank him for those wonderful words.

"Do you want to go hunting?" Yuki asked.

"Yes, I'm hungry now." As time went by, they needed less and less blood. But they hadn't hunted for almost a week, so the hunger was beginning to gnaw at them.

They quickly got dressed and made their way out of the building. It was night, but there was so much artificial light that it almost looked like daylight. Fortunately, all the neighbourhoods weren't that modern, and the two vampires knew all the good places to hunt. On that evening, the traffic seemed to be heavy, even though it was now divided in ten levels.

Yuki frowned: "I don't feel like driving the flying car tonight. What do you think of walking?"

"I'm fine with that," Shuichi replied. "Let's go!" He smiled, as he was looking at his handsome lover. Sometimes, he couldn't believe he had already spent a whole century with Yuki.

The end.

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